Garmin has released new ESP-X software (Electronic Stability and Protection) for their G3X system. For a detailed explanation see the following link:

Van's Aircraft is testing ESP-X software on a G3X -equipped RV-12. We have no current ability to test the software on the other models of RV aircraft as we do not have access to one equipped with the G3X system.

We advise that RV-12 customers equipped with G3X systems should not install ESP-X software until Van's Aircraft provides a tested solution in the form of a new configuration/settings file.

For all other RV models the owner should reference the Garmin published documentation. Please contact Garmin with any questions for further guidance on setting up the parameters for your aircraft.

Van's believes that the ESP-X system has promising potential to help with loss of control accidents. We are working with Garmin to help tailor and expand the system for RV's equipped with the G3X system.

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