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Consider This: Before you hop in your new RV and slip the surly bonds, ask yourself: am I really ready ?

When your new airplane is ready to fly, it’s time to sit in some quiet spot, put your ego on the shelf and be brutally honest with yourself. You may have spent years in the shop building instead of flying, and although your airplane is ready to fly, you may not be. There is no dishonor here. It’s just a fact of life. But the desire to fly the airplane you’ve spent so much time building is very strong, and it takes very little justification to make the risk seem acceptable. The airplane, however, doesn’t care at all about justifications or excuses or expectations. The laws of physics will not be repealed by wishful thinking.

If you have any reservations at all about your flying skills, experience, or currency, why jump into a high performance airplane that you’ve never flown before and risk all that work and possibly your life? Especially when there is an alternative.

Transition Training

What it is – and isn’t:

Transition training is designed to convey the basic knowledge required to fly an RV safely. According to Federal regulations and insurance requirements, this training is specific to transitioning pilots into the RV. It is not intended to teach every possible skill or nuance of RV flying, nor is it basic flight training, general proficiency training, aerobatic training or tailwheel endorsement training.

In 2015, the FAA issued a new Advisory Circular concerning Transition Training in Experimental aircraft.

FAA AC 90-109A - Airmen Transition to Experimental or Unfamiliar Airplanes.

RV Transition Training Syllabus

Who Qualifies for Transition Training?

Transition training in RVs is available only to pilots who are building or who own RV aircraft. All pilots seeking this transition training must be current in other general aviation aircraft.

Who Provides Transition Training?

The instructors below are participating in the Transition Training Program. They teach a syllabus prepared in cooperation with Van’s Aircraft, Inc. Others around the country also offer some services and have proven acceptable to insurance companies.

Mr. Mike Seager (Vernonia, Oregon)

Mike has built an RV-4 and an RV-6. He is the acknowledged dean of RV instructors and probably has more RV hours than anyone. Those hours include thousands of dual instruction given in the RV-6/6A, RV-7/7A and RV-9/9A. He is based in Vernonia, Oregon, a 10-minute flight or 40 minute drive from Van's. Mike flies the aircraft to major fly-ins two or three times a year, making stops at designated places along the route for a day or more to provide training.

Instruction from Mike is available in the RV-6A, RV-7, RV-9/9A, RV-10, RV-12 and RV-14/14A. (RV-4, RV-8/8A and RV-9/9A pilots train in the RV-6A or RV-7). Contact Mike between 6:30 am and 7:30 am Pacific Time.

Phone: 503-709-4075

Mr. Alex DeDominicis (Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas)

Alex has built an RV-7, RV-7A and an RV-10 and has flown all RV types. He earned his CFIIMulti engine in 1991 and has been instructing ever since. He moved to Ft. Worth Texasfrom Chicago to work as an Air Traffic Controller in 1994 and has been training andassisting RVers on a continual basis since he got the FAA waiver (LODA) in 2001.

Instruction from Alex is available in the RV-7, RV-7A and RV-10. All aircraft are equipped with Constant-Speed propellers.

(RV-4, RV-8/8A and RV-9/9A pilots train in theRV-7A or RV-7)

Phone: 972-775-1896

Mr. Brian Moentenich ( Gresham, Oregon )

Brian has built an RV-6A which has been flying since 1997 and has accumulated over 2,000 of RV time logged. He is a retired mechanical engineer and earned his flight instructor certificate in 2007. Since early 2008, Brian has been providing transition training for RV-6A, RV-7A, RV-8A & RV-9A airplanes. He lives in Gresham, Oregon (15 miles east of Portland), and bases his RV-6A at Troutdale (KTTD). Since he is retired, his training schedule is flexible.

Brian uses his 2-place 160 HP fixed pitch propeller RV-6A (N38155) for training. For scheduling and additional information contact Brian.

Cell: 503-784-5754

Mr. Chris Droege (Boise, Idaho)

Chris has been involved with the building and flying of RV airplanes since 2003. Actively involved with EAA National and Local; he enjoys helping other pilots and builders safely achieve their dreams of RV flight, whether they are building a new aircraft or buying a slightly 'used' model. "RV's are a special airplane, and flying them is an art requiring a bit of extra knowledge, easily attained with proper instruction!".

Chris is based in the Boise, Idaho area and provides transistion training for most of the RV series airplanes, including RV-6A, RV-7A, RV-8A,
RV-9A, and the new RV-12. He is self-employed, allowing for easy, flexible scheduling of dual instruction.

Instruction currently given in N585RV, a 180 hp, IFR, constant speed, fuel-injected RV-7A. It has both, glass and round gauges, modern Garmin radios, and a 430 GPS.

Cell: 208-867-8468


Mr. Tom Berge ( Plymouth, Minnesota )

My path to Certified Flight Instructor started in 1987 with my private certificate. That same year I began building my RV-6, finishing and flying it in 1991.

During the next ten years or so, I involved myself deeper in the RV world by giving numerous first rides to potential RV wannabes, helping out individual builders with questions, and teaching the occasional construction classes. People also started asking for pre-FAA inspections and pre-buy inspections, so those were added to my list of RV activities.

In 1997 I inserted myself into a weather situation that tested the limits of my luck, so I trained for and received my instrument rating the following year. Safety began to take an ever-increasing role in my actions.

2001 brought an RV-7A kit to the workshop and 23 months later it emerged complete. The RV-6 was sold and a new adventure began. My activities continued in the RV world around the local area with the usual inspections, construction training and builder assists, but I wanted to do more. I started the process of getting my Commercial certificate and completed that in early 2009, then took aim at the Flight Instructor certificate. I attended American Flyers, graduated from their structured course in Atlanta , GA and finally finished up September of 2009.

As of the fall of 2011, I have accumulated approximately 2600 hours in RVs, with 1600 in the RV-6 and the balance in either an RV-6A or my current RV-7A. I am also a technical counselor for the Twin Cities RV Builder's Group.

I look forward to expanding my RV activities by transitioning the beginning RV pilot and passing along the experience I have accumulated over the years.

phone: 612-418-9500


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