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Scott Risan, retires as President and General Manager

Mitchell Lock to succeed him.

After serving for many years as President and General Manager, Scott Risan has chosen to retire. Many of you know Scott best as a ďtech support guyĒ as he continued to answer phone and email questions as well as maintaining his many presidential duties, and as such he will be sorely missed.

As many of you have learned by now, I (Mitchell Lock) have been chosen to succeed Scott as President of Vanís Aircraft. It is very humbling for me to know that Van and the people who built this company into what it is today feel that I am the person to carry it forward. It is an honor and responsibility that I take very seriously and do solemnly promise to them and to the extended Vanís Aircraft family that I will do my very best to uphold the standard of excellence in product development and customer service for which we have come to be known.

Beyond that, I would personally like to thank Scott Risan for his dedication and service for all of these years. His steadfast guidance has kept Vanís Aircraft on course through some trying times for our industry. As a result, we stand here today poised to grow and prosper as finally some of the rules and restrictions placed on general aviation have been eased.

Thank you Scott. We are forever in your debt. So please, enjoy your very well deserved retirement. From me and everyone at Vanís Aircraft, we wish you nothing but blue skies and tailwinds, forever. Mitchell Lock


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