Van's Aircraft Total Performance RV Kit Planes

Plans and Manuals

Plans and building instructions for the RVs have been tested and proven by thousands of RV builders over the years. They are complete and useable.

They come in two formats

RV-3 through RV-9 kits come with construction drawings clearly printed on 24”x36” paper. A separate 8.5”x11” construction manual describes the steps and methods required to build the components shown on the drawings. Plans and construction manuals are included with each kit, and are current on the day the kit ships.

Because it is often desirable to look ahead, the plan sets include Preview Plans. This is a set of complete drawings and construction manuals for the entire airplane and reduced to 11x17”. Several preliminary chapters cover the basics of workspace, tools, nomenclature and accepted practices. They are easy to carry along on trips, or open on a desktop. They are revised only once or twice a year, so they are not the most current version, but they will serve their purpose: giving a new builder the "big picture". Preview Plans are required to start the airplane, and are usually ordered with or before the first kit order. More information on purchasing the Preview Plans Set is available at the Preview Plans Set page located in the catalog.


RV-10 through RV-14 kits are different. The drawings for these airplanes break building down into a step-by-step operation, with virtually every step illustrated. Building instructions and drawings are combined onto 18x24 sheets of paper – lots of them! – making a separate builder’s manual unnecessary. Each subkit ships with current plans.

This combined format has also made Preview Plans unnecessary, so they are neither required nor available.


Sample Construction Manuals
The free Adobe Acrobat Viewer is required to view or print these documents.

Sample Construction Manual - RV-8 Section 6 Emp, Pages 1-3 (90kb)

Sample Construction Manual - RV-10 Section 10 Tailcone, pages 1-4 (2.43MB)


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