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Insurance and Financing Programs


Purchasing liability insurance for a homebuilt airplane is much like purchasing insurance for any production aircraft. Most insurance companies will quote on RVs, with the exact premium depending on the pilot’s total experience, time in type and the other usual considerations.

Historically, hull insurance has been more difficult to obtain, but with the significant numbers of RVs now flying, several companies will readily provide this coverage as well.

Insurance covering the project in the shop, before it reaches flying status, has been quite difficult to find. Almost no homeowner’s insurance policy will cover aircraft or aircraft parts. However, a couple of companies have found it worthwhile to provide this as well.

EAA Insurance Solutions

Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc.
(Formerly NationAir Aviation Insurance)
is the leading broker for Vans RV Aircraft builders and flyers with specialized Vans agents to handle these accounts.

Sky Smith Insurance Agency

Aviation Solutions, LLC Insurance Services

Falcon Insurance Agency - Aviation Insurance



When making inquiries about our kits many people inquire about financing. Some of our builders have used:

National Aircraft Finance Company
3907 Aero Place Suite 1
Lakeland, FL. 33811
Fax 863.646.1671

Joy Thomas
Regional Sales Manager

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