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From: Ted Sanders
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Sunday, May 08, 2016

On August 13,2016 N184TS took to the air for the first time. The flight lasted for .7 hrs. The plane flew absolutely great. It trimmed hands off in level flight. Initial flight characteristics were such that this is the most enjoyable aircraft I have flown (and it is mine!!!). I may never lose the RV Grin.

The engine is a Lycoming O-360 with Precision Airmotive Eagle System ( a computer controlled dual CDI ignition and electronic fuel injection) and an MT three bladed composite constant speed prop. Avionics are Garmin 430 WASS, 255 Nav/Com, 327 Transponder, PS Engineering 8000BT audio panel, GRT EFIS (HX PFD and MFD and GRT EIS. Additional items are Grove gear, LP Aero Plastics canopy, Oregon AERO seats, Aero LED lights and Earth X battery.

The first flight came in the 30th month of the build. On my birthday, March 16, I received the Airworthiness Certificate making us both have the same birthday. That was the best present ever.

Many of my friends stopped by and lent a hand time to time. My friend A.J. Vilt's help was invaluable. It was in his shop we fitted the wings and painted the plane. He got into the tight places my shoulders wouldn't allow me to fit. His expertise is the reason my fiberglass work turned out so well. Jay Vieux our Chapter Technical Advisor helped catch those little things that get missed. Ralph Padilla helped with many suggestions that kept me thinking.

In 1974 I purchased plans for an RV3 from Van by his plane tied down along runway 18-36 at Oshkosh. Life got in the way of my flying and building. Decades later I have achieved my dream. This aircraft is worth the wait.

Thanks Van I look forward to showing it to you at Oshkosh.

                Ted Sanders
                Check for three in the green.


From: Sylvain Andrieu
Subject: First Flight 74389
Date sent: Saturday, May 07, 2016

Hello ,

I am French and I am happy to annonce my first flight with my RV7 the 5/5/2016.

I built it in one Year of work and 2 200 hours ( Quick build)

Engine is an Aerosport Power IO375 ( 195 HP )

Propeller is a Whirl Wind RV200

I took off from my little private grass runway ( 1800 ft ). I was afraid but the Baby took off in less than 500 ft Incredible machine, easy to fly, precise, speed.

Thank you Mister Van's.

Next step will be the paint in June.

Sorry for my bad english, you can correct it if you want.

Nice day,


                Domaine la Tuilière
                Aérodrome LF0369
                03210 Autry Issards
                Tel : 04 70 46 53 59


From: David john Taylor
Subject: First flight+ ! VH-HOC. B/N 4445 RV4. Dave Taylor
Date sent: Thursday, May 05, 2016

Hello all !

Well after 10 years of very much part time , but hugely educational and rewarding building, my much loved RV4 is really a functional aeroplane .! The first flight occurred on 13/2/16, in the capable hands of local RV guru Dave Wholing. The flight confirmed a very benign and docile airframe. Basic empty weight fully painted with all fairings came in at 933 lbs, not quite the "holy grail" of 906 lbs for the 4 , but I'm very happy. Specs are Aero Sport Power 0-320 D2A, Sensenich 68x84 wood prop, and all old fashioned steam gauges . I have since accumulated 14 hrs, and apart from a heavy left wing ( since corrected ) she flies true and honest. Whilst attempting a 3 point lately , I allowed myself to notice the " relative " speed I was still flying at, and I felt I could have got out and ran faster!. Just simply incredible !

Many other local RV builders commented that the 4 , compared to the later kits seems to be almost scratch built. I disagree as the plans, kit and instructions have left me with the feeling I merely assembled the aeroplane. That is a testament to the quality of the product as well as the vast Vans Community of builders and flyers enthusiastically helping one and other locally and around the world online!

From my somewhat typical early aviating experience of hiring very costly " certified " aeroplanes , to building and now flying my RV 4, I am left with the very grateful acknowledgement of just what a hugely positive difference Vans Aircraft has made in making available to ordinary people, extremely capable aeroplanes.

I cannot best Jay Pratts very appropriate name for one of his RV's, "borrowed horse " , however I truly am a " benefactor " of one of Vans designs !

                Fly SAFE !
                Dave Taylor
                Myrup. Western Australia


From: William Northwall
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, May 3, 2016

After 3 1/2 years of not working too hard, I just flew my RV8A. My first flight was very discombobulating. Nothing seemed right; it was faster than I expected, and it climbed like a rocket. The airspeed and altimeter tapes didn't look right. When I got my wits collected I had over-shot my pattern altitude by 200 feet, not a big problem, but 200 feet higher was Tampa's Class B airspace, and that would be a problem. After getting it leveled, it just kept accelerating, and I kept pulling back on the throttle. I finally wrestled it down for a smooth landing, then did another go around, then called it quits for the day. Time to think everything over, and plan a better second flight.

I've flown over 50 years, though not much in the past 10 years, except for annual 5 hours in a C-172. Up to 10 years ago I had a lot of time in an A-36 Bonanza, and 5 years ago I got 9 hours in an Extra-300, and to get ready for my plane I did 5 hours in an RV-6 for transition training. But every other plane I've ever flown was first with an instructor, and when ready, they got out and I flew solo. Now, it was me alone, all-by-myself for the first time in a new airplane.

Now a word about my build. The plans and first box arrived (quick build) and I started off at a builder's assist shop. I hadn't built anything since a couple of models as a kid. I was over-whelmed. My shop lined me up with a former builder of an RV-9, who also had training as an A&P (though not certified) and who had extensive build knowledge. There is no way I could have ever finished this project on my own, with no help. I'm sure though that if in an active EAA chapter with other builders, a novice could get alone okay, but I didn't have an active chapter to help. Further, I never quite seemed to get the hang of how to research things on Van's Air Force, but my helper looked up all kinds of useful information there. I recommend new builders to get help on how to use this effectively (and YouTube). And Van's was always there when needed.

Now a word about getting ready for first flight. A friend with 500 hours in an RV-8 offered to do the first flight. I read the FAA's circular 90-89B, and perused some other sources. My builder helper and I checked everything out extremely carefully for days. We put the plane in a high nose up attitude and measured fuel flow with the auxiliary fuel pump on. We looked for fuel and oil leaks and did find a bad fitting between the fuel line and the carb. We corrected hydraulic leaks at both brakes. We started the engine and ruled out bad vibrations. The prop governor sensed backward and was corrected. The radio shop did a pitot/static check (and they built up the panel). After we were pretty sure the plane was ready, my friend took off with everything perfect. He flew close to the field for 30 minutes and landed. Then we took off the cowling and checked out everything (no problems).

The EAA's certification package is a must to get ready for the Air Worthiness Inspection. I fly out of the Tampa Bay region of Florida, which is a most complicated air-space, and I'm over a city, surrounded by water. I requested an extremely complicated test flight area, and got it ( a 25 NM circle would have put me flying over Tampa International and MacDill AFB).

My goal was to be educated as to how all the hidden things in the plane work, like the rudder cables and the elevator and aileron push-rods, fuel lines, electrical systems, etc. It's been a great feeling to build this with my own hands (with help), and I am most proud of what I've been able to do. Maybe the best part was the new friends I've made. And thanks to the genius; Van.

RV8A - 180 HP Experimental IO-360, Carbureted, MT Constant Speed Prop, Garmin GTN 650 & G3x Touch

                Comments and questions to
                Bill Northwall
                n888wn at


From: Ray Brunet
Subject: first flight builder rv 9a (91914)
Date sent: Friday, April 29, 2016

I started the RV 9A project in late 2009 and had to put the project on hold for over four years. I then started it back up again in 2014. I worked tirelessly every night and weekend to finish N531RV by March of 2016. The morning of April 19, 2016 I had my airworthy inspection and in the late afternoon we did the first flight. The very next day I added a small trim tab to the rudder and now the plane fly's hands off.

I put the advanced flight system quick build panel in her with dual screens and an avidyne 540 GPS. The engine is a superior IO 320 160 HP built by Aero Sort Power. I used the Whirl Wind C/S RV 200 Propeller and absolutely love it.

I could not have done this without the support of my loving wife sue!

What a feeling to have built your own plane and fly it for the first time. I now know what it's like to finally have the RV GRIN.

                Ray Brunet


From: William Gunn
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Thursday, April 28, 2016

N67VR provided the first flight and the assured "RV Grin" to Jay Carpenter of Austin Texas on April 27, 2016. Jay is in the right seat receiving a checkout from his partner, Bill Gunn. Jay and Bill bought out Seth Hancock of Georgetown, Tx and did the finishing work (avionics, final inspection, etc.)

A tail wheel slider, 67VR is powered by an ECI 0-360 kit engine, Dynon Skyview Touch, Garmin W430, with Dynon D2 backup and tablet running Avair. Minor tweaking for small oil leaks and rolling tendency all sorted out. Jay's remarks included "why didn't I do this sooner?"

Working through phase I and plans to fly to AirVenture - WooHoo!!



From: David Hill
Subject: 1st flight RV-12-0760
Date sent: Monday, April 25, 2016

Dear Van's,

Not quite 3 years ago I decided that I was a builder, not just a pilot. Yesterday I was able to put that decision to the test and flew N76012 for the first time. While she's not painted yet, she is flyable, and it was time to get air under her wings.

First flight was a non-event as far as squawks or problems. Handling was smooth and predictable, and there wasn't even a heavy wing. The plane is licensed as an E-LSA and there are no deviations from the kit, and thus no surprises.

To all at the factory, as well as all my friends and supporters-Thank you.


                Van's RV-12
                KDLZ, Delaware OH


From: Jerry Versteegh
Subject: RV-12 120809 First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2016

After a little more than two years of building, N-235JV (RV-12 #120809) flew for the first time today at Gwinnett County Airport, Lawrenceville, GA.

The plane is equipped with all the usual options including dual screen Garmin G3X Touch screens.

Throughout the build, I've consistently been impressed by the quality of the kit and the support offered by Vans and the community.

I completed the Repairman Course with Carol and Brian Carpenter at Ranbow Aviation Mike Seager provided excellent transition training in the factory RV-12 Vic Syracuse both inspected my plane and took it up for its maiden flight.

I'm now looking forward to many years of adventure with the new plane.

                Jerry Versteegh


From: Paul Winkels
Subject: RV-7 N77PB Kit Number 72638 First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2016

After 10 years of building, my RV-7 flew for the first time on Saturday, April 16th!

N77PB flew perfectly for 42 minutes with no issues. She flew hands off, wings level, with no aileron trim required, and performed very close to published specifications. I downloaded the flight data from the Advanced Flight Systems AF-4500 EFIS/EMS system and all engine temps and other parameters were well within limits. The AeroSport Power IO-360-B1B engine and Hartzell composite constant speed prop and all avionics were basically flawless.

Thanks to my wife, Becky, for her unconditional understanding and support over the years, and help in bucking many rivets. And thanks to Van's Aircraft for a great kit and support!

Here are some pictures:

                Best regards,
                Paul Winkels
                Newnan, GA


From: John Ely
Subject: First flight RV12
Date sent: Monday, April 18, 2016

Obtained my airworthiness certificate this morning from the friendly Dulles FISDO without any problem.

And had my first flight this beautiful evening. Thanks for another great kit.

RV-12 120889 N125JE

                John Ely


From: Robin Charles
Date sent: Friday, April 15, 2016


On 11th April, Dave Silsbury, my test pilot, flew my RV-9A G-CHST for the first time at Dunkeswell, England.

'ST has a rebuilt O-320 E2D, Catto cruise propeller and a relatively simple fit of a Dynon D100 EFIS and VANS engine instruments. I wanted simplicity and redundancy. The aircraft has come out at 1030 lbs empty despite full priming as is usual in the UK, and can carry the full 100 lbs of luggage within the CG envelope with 2 standard men.

All went well. Dave flew for 35 mins . It was a bit bumpy so kept his speed to 130 knots.

Photos of G-CHST after it landed from its first flight.

                Robin Charles
                Customer 90992


From: Christopher Johnson
Subject: First Flight 9A #92132
Date sent: Friday, April 08, 2016


I flew my 9A N313GT yesterday morning at KZPH, Zephyrhills, FL. Serial #92132 was a slow-build kit I started in October 2012. It has a mid-time Lycoming O-320-E3D (150HP) with new ECI cylinders and Sensenich FP prop. Inside is a GRT Sport SX, Dynon D10, GRT EIS4000, Garmin GTR200 Comm radio, and GTX 327 transponder. I did splurge on Oregon Aero seats with upholstery by Flightline. Empty weight without paint or wheel pants/fairings was 1035#, and it certainly flew like it, without any squawks for a 45 minute test flight. Landing was uneventful thanks to excellent transition training by Jan Bussell. Thank you for excellent tech support and a great kit!

                Chris Johnson
                gtchris331 at


From: Ray & Lisa Hollen
Subject: RV-12 120806 First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The day, 2-20-2016, was a special day. After two years of off and on building on RV-12 120806, I couldn't stand the thought of another day going by without taking it to the sky. So, after much waited anticipation and the melting of the snow off of the grass strip, I was finally able to do my first flight. Although the field was a little soft and the winds a little brisk I decided to take it up. It climbed off the grass in a home sick pigeon kind of way. With the winds gusting to 18 mph I wasn't able to do much but go around the patch and land. My photographer was unable to capture the infamous RV grin, but believe me it was from ear to ear.

I want to thank my wife Lisa for all of her support and help when I needed an extra set of hands. My first flight went smooth thanks to the excellent transition training received from John (Jetguy) Asbury. I also want to thank the folks at Vans for their patience with me when I would call with a question or problem.

                Ray Hollen
                av8tors4fun at


From: Jesse Saint
Subject: N955DQ Flies!
Date sent: Monday, March 21, 2016

Today RV-10 N955DQ, built by Chuck Weber and Philip Mull took to the skies for the first time. It is a mostly stock build with a pair if Dynon Skyview touch displays with all the options and a Garmin GTN-650. The engine is a Lycoming IO-540 from Van's and the blended airfoil Hartzell Prop. Final weight will have to wait for the fairings to be finished and installed.

The first flight lasted 30 minutes and consisted of circling over Marion County Airport (X35) in northern Florida and monitoring temperatures. It flew hands off thanks to elevator and aileron trim. The first flight was done by Jesse Saint of Saint Aviation.

There are a few minor bugs so far, mainly a few engine sensors reading strangely, but it is a joy to fly.

Thanks, Van's, for a great kit!

                Jesse Saint
                I-TEC, Inc.
                jesse at


From: Dominique Chantereau
Date sent: Saturday, March 16, 2016

RV8 n° 83124 F- PATY

Engine and propeller

  • Lycoming O-320D2A 160 cv and Gary Hertzler Silver Bullet

Avionics and electricals:

  • Vertical Power VPX sport
  • GRT Sport and EIS 4000
  • Radio Dittel KRT2
  • Transponder Trig TT21 mode S
  • Seats by Flightline Interiors

Empty weight : 1005 lbs

After 5 years of building time my RV8 took off . That was a great moment to me , and I was very surprised by the flight qualities of the bird ... Nothing to say expect a lot of fun to fly an aircraft built by yourself !

Performance :
Weight 1320 lbs Cg 81,6 wheel pants
WOT, 1500' DA ,57 F OAT , 175 KIAS , 181 KTAS .

                Dominique Chantereau


From: Manfred Saulauf
Subject: First Flight RV9A in Austria
Date sent: Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello Vans Team,

On 8th November 2015 a further great Aircraft from the Vans Factory hat its First Flight brought behind. After 24 Months between "First Drive" and First Flight I had build the Plane without big Issues, also because I 've had a great Team behind me! I started my Project after I have heard a Builder in Germany doesn't start his Build, and approx. in the same Time a Certified new Engine is also for Sell in the surrounding Area. After this 2 Years I can say its was a good decision. sure during the Build it comes Moments where you say why you are doing at all ?

But a few times later when a further Section is finished, and they looks exactly same as before in your Head are the most grueling Moments forgotten. A great help was also we already have a few Van's Planes in the Club, so a big Know How was available.

Thank goes to my Colleges in our Club, everyone always had an idea or a help for me during build.

A big special Thanks to Hans and Stefan. Without this Gentleman's I was not sure if I would have ever brought my plane in the air, or whether I would have reached this quality that I have now!

Thank you Friend's again!!!

  • Following Components are in:
  • Engine: Lycoming IO320 D1A
  • Prop: MT 3 Blade CS
  • Avionics: Dynon Sky View + Analog (Vans) Gauges
  • Com/XPDR: Trig Avionics
  • A Pilot: 2 Axes Dynon
  • Interior: Classic Aero Sportsman (Seats Homebuilt)
  • GPS: Garmin 795
  • ADS-B/Flarm: Garrecht TRX2000
  • Weight: 520KG/1146lbs

Now I have a few uneventful Testing Hours and Landings behind my, with normally improvements to do. Thanks Van's Aircraft for a great Designed Airplane.

                Greetings from Austria


Subject: VH-FIO
Date sent: Thursday, March 10, 2016

RV10 # 40389 First flight happened 8th March 2016. empty weight came in at 1639 lbs with all wheel and leg fairings included, standard Vans engine & prop. Four piece VFR panel includes TruTrak EFIS back up MGL mini extreme EFIS, EI MVP50 EMS and two Garmin 695 GPS. Features include, Battery on the firewall, Custom air intake for oil cooler, (DeemsDavis) Screwless Spinner (BrianHolman) Modified elevator Trim (ToddNelson) Thanks to all on the forums, all the local SAAA (SportAircraftAssociationAustralia) guys Especially my TC BrianHolman & AP Bob Hannington.

                Regards Greg McFarlane Albany Western Australia


From: Jason & Chellie Wakelin
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Monday, March 07, 2016

RV 7 # 73910

After 4 years it's done.

First flight on the 2nd March 2016.

Flies great.

  • 0-360
  • Airflow Fuel Injection
  • Hartzell Prop
  • Dual Pmag
  • Dynon Skyview
  • Classic Aero Interior
  • 1100lbs

                Thanks everyone,
                Jason Wakelin
                New Zealand


From: Leon Bornman
Subject: Kit No. 83146
Date sent: Monday, March 07, 2016

I am happy to report that RV8 S\N 83146 is now flying as ZU-FZR!

First Flight was on 17 September 2015 and she has done 30hrs to date.

Standardk kit, 0-360 Lycoming converted to I0-360 & Hartzell constant speed prop.

I tried to keep the weight down and am happy with the 1085lbs final weight.

Thanks to Kevern Brown for the inspections and paperwork.

                Leon Bornman
                South Africa


From: Godo Barrenechea
Subject: First flight report. New RV12 in Spain
Date sent: Sunday, March 06, 2016

Well, new, new... not really!

I´ve been flying the plane since Sept 2014, but "never" found the time to send a note back.

EC-XMG was built in Barcelona (Spain) from kit 120503. Construction was straight forward, easy and fulfilling (as you see progres every single day).

As many, I was also delayed waiting for the upgrade from Dynon 180 to Skyview but certainly was worth the extra months!

It is a real pleasure to fly it, and has the perfect balance between performance and cost.

Great design, great performance... and great fun!

                Godo @ Barcelona


From: Gerardo Urich
Subject: first flight
Date sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Is great to report the first flight last august of RV-6 #24733 slow built kit.

The airplane is registered in Venezuela as the first and only RV under numbers YV104X. It took a total of 18 years to complete an fly this wonderfull machine. It flies really well and true with no bugs or tendencies.

Is powered with new lycoming O-360 and hartzell blended prop.The EFIS is from Levil Technologies serial linked to a GRT EIS for engine monitoring all connected via WIFI to double IPADs using Air Nav Pro and Levil software. Great set up, Great results. Easy work. easy flying.

                Thanks Vans for this great airplane
                Gerardo Urich
                Valencia Venezuela


From: Jan Hanekom RVBits
Subject: Kit #73957
Date sent: Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dear All,

I would like to share my latest RV build with you. I have done the maiden on Friday morning (26 FEB) after just more than a year of building. All went well and ZU-JRV is snag free. Flew straight and fast like a pocket rocket. The four other flights on the day included the mandatory rolls and loops :)>

It is sporting dual Dynon Skyview panels, Superior XP-IO-360 and a Hartzell CS prop.

Please see pictures attached.

Best regards,

Jan Hanekom.

                Multiple RV builder and RV fanatic
                RV7, ZU-JRV flying
                RV10, ZU-JVR flying
                RV7, ZU-LOL flying
                RV10, ZU-RVI flying
                RV7A, ZU-MER flying
                RV7A, ZU-JAD flying
                The Coves
                South Africa
                jan at


From: Kobus Rautenbach
Subject: kit 71260
Date sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This Vans RV7A was originally Purchased and partially build by Jeff Smith in California, I purchased it from him and shipped it far away to South Africa in the hope to complete the build in quick time since it was already 80% complete. Well the saying is true 80% build 80% to go, the quick build turned into many many frustrations but finally joy at last.

On 12 Feb 2016 , two years after importing, ZU-ICW did her maiden voyage trouble free, she flew true without need for any adjustments.

This bird is equipped with a Superior XP 360 hollow crank , cold induction , fuel injected engine swinging a Hartzel blended aerofoil constant speed prop.

Avionics fitted is the MGL 10 inch Glass cockpit, fitted with two 10 inch touch screens , a Sandia transponder and a Garmin 200 com radio.

A special thanks to Pierre at Sport plane builders and to Jan Hanekom for assisting in completing the build and doing the test flight.

                Kobus Rautenbach
                kobus at


From: Ian Byers
Subject: RV-3B first flight
Date sent: Friday, February 19, 2016

On the 15th Feb I flew my newly built RV-3B for 0.3 hours.

It has the following:-

O-320-H2AD overhauled, whirlwind GA200-72 prop, electric flaps and elevator trim Dynon Skyview 10" and lift over canopy weight 367.2 KG.

Thanks to many friends for their help and advice at Serpentine Airfield Perth Western Australia.

Thanks as well to for the QB kit.

Amazing acceleration and climb performance!!

My RV-3B is serial no. 15495 and its RA-AUS (Australian)registration is 19-8684

Here is the famous RV grin.

                Ian Byers
                ian.byers at


From: Kobus Rautenbach
Subject: kit 71260
Date sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This Vans RV7A was originally Purchased and partially build by Jeff Smith in California, I purchased it from him and shipped it far away to South Africa in the hope to complete the build in quick time since it was already 80% complete. Well the saying is true 80% build 80% to go, the quick build turned into many many frustrations but finally joy at last.

On 12 Feb 2016 , two years after importing, ZU-ICW did her maiden voyage trouble free, she flew true without need for any adjustments.

This bird is equipped with a Superior XP 360 hollow crank , cold induction , fuel injected engine swinging a Hartzel blended aerofoil constant speed prop.

Avionics fitted is the MGL 10 inch Glass cockpit, fitted with two 10 inch touch screens , a Sandia transponder and a Garmin 200 com radio.

A special thanks to Pierre at Sport plane builders and to Jan Hanekom for assisting in completing the build and doing the test flight.

                Kobus Rautenbach


From: Bruce Hoppe
Subject: Another RV-10 Flys
Date sent: Monday, February 22, 2016

To the Staff at Vans Aircraft,

Thank you for the great support over the last 2+ years as I moved my RV-10QB from a bunch of parts to a flying aircraft. My RV-10, N720JH (the N number is my wife's birthdate and initials, I'm no fool!) made it's first flight on 2-12-16. A couple of photos just before its airworthiness inspection on 2-2-16 are attached.

My RV-10 has a dual touch screen G3X panel, GTN650, 3-axis Garmin autopilot, and a GRT Mini-B (as backup) built by SteinAir. It also has a full interior by Aerosport Products including their overhead console, exterior door handles, and even their rudder trim. All the carbon fiber parts were clear coated because I liked the look. Barrett Precision Engines built the engine with 9 to 1 pistons, Bendix mags, a backup B&C alternator, and their "go fast" polished intake and chrome valve cover package. My IO-540X made 271 HP on their dyno. I cannot say enough good things about the great support I have received from Barrett, Aerosport Products, and especially from SteinAir.

A friend who is helping with Phase One testing, has 30K+ hours in his logbook, flys pipeline patrol, and built a LongEze, said the RV-10 is an amazing, fast, great flying airplane. Now, I have to complete Phase One and get it painted.

                Thank you,
                Bruce Hoppe
                Builder # 41485


From: Bryan LaPlante
Subject: RV-6A #60345 N980RV 1st Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wanted to drop you a line that N980RV, RV-6A #60345 has made its first flight.

Bryan LaPlante and Jeff White have been working on this quickbuild for the last 4.5 years (while working jobs). It was occasionally a puzzle as we aren't the original buyers... things like finding the fuselage was made as a tip-up but the finish kit was a slider. Various parts long since mislaid by the prior owner (it was an estate sale)... etc.

Engine is O-320-H2AD converted to fuel injection with a Bendix RSA-5. Dynon D10A PFD with two axis autopilot. Modified with the late style rudder and VS.

Photo of the DAR inspection sign-off, Bryan pictured.

                Thanks for your help over the past years,
                Bryan & Jeff


From: Doug Kott
Subject: First flight report, RV-9A Serial No. 92198
Date sent: Thursday, February 11, 2016

Under balmy blue skies on February 10, 2016, RV-9A No. 92198 shrugged off the chains of gravity and leapt into the sky. A fantastic and non-eventful first flight, as she flew pretty much hands off with the ball centered and no heavy wing. The only squawks worth noting were coolish temps on the No. 2 cylinder and a lumpy-feeling brake on landing roll out.

Starting with QB fuselage and wings, I spent 19 months building her in the garage, and then about 3 months of final assembly at Cable Airport in Upland, CA. A simple lightweight build (1025 lb. empty), my day/night VFR RV-9A is very consistent with the Van's minimalist philosophy. She's got a Lycoming YIO-320-D1A with 160 hp, a Catto 70x70 FP prop, Classic Aero cloth upholstery and a panel mixing old and new, with a GRT Sport SX EFIS, two steam gauges and a whiskey compass.

                Doug Kott


From: Greg Niehues
Subject: Another first flight!
Date sent: Sunday, February 07, 2016

After just over 8 years and 1900 man-hours in process, kit number 91691, tail number N16GN, took her first flight from a private strip near Garden City, TX. She flies beautifully, hands off without a heavy wing, and the performance is absolutely amazing! Thanks for engineering such an awesome airplane!

                Greg Niehues
                "Facts do not cease to exist simply because they are ignored" - Aldous Huxley


From: Goretzki
Subject: First flight report RV-7 S/N 74340
Date sent: Sunday, February 07, 2016

It's Feb-06-2016 and she is flying. I'm more than happy

After ordering my RV-7 QB kit after the AERO 2014 at Friedrichshafen everything went smooth. Thanks to all involved in this little but important project. All did a great job. A wonderful plane. And now, let's go flying... :-)

Lyco 180 HP IO 360 M1B, Hartzell 2 Blade CS, 2x Dynon Touch, 2x ADAHRS, 2 Axis Dynon Autopilot, TRX-1500 (Traffic, FLARM) etc.

                go at


From: José Pedro Almeida
Subject: First flight report RV-9A S/N 91884
Date sent: Thursday, February 04, 2016

Hi folks.

I gladly would like to report that after 5 years 2 months and 3 days of building, the first flight of my RV-9A SN 91884 took place today, Feb 4, 2016 at 13:15 UTC at Luziania airport (SWUZ) Brazil.

It was a successful 10 minute flight around the pattern to check engine, systems and controls.

The engine configuration is very unique: It is Viking 110 with a Warp Drive 72 in prop. This "tuned down" configuration enabled a very light aircraft with empty weight of 930 lbs. Take off and landing numbers were close to the specs. The avionics are iLevil AW Efis AHRS linked to an iPad 4 for all primary flight instruments. Engine monitor is a Viking View (GRT EIS-4000 adapted). Special thanks first to the Lord Jesus who conceeded me the abilities to finish this project, to all the guys at Vans Aircraft, Vans Air Force and Viking Aircraft Engine Forum, lots of folks here in Brazil who support this excellent aircraft and of course my wife who also almost became "Rosie The Riveter".

                José Pedro and Clélia Almeida
                Brasília, Brazil


From: Alex Grzelecki
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2016

We are excited to report the successful first flight of our RV-7A! N2875V first flew around 1pm on Saturday, January 23, 2016 at Bishop Municipal (07R, 3200 x 50 ft) near Bishop, Texas. The project was 9 years, 2 months, and 23 days in the making (in between our work and school duties). She flew great; no problems to report. The first flight consisted of a few circuits over the airport at 3000 ft AGL, switching fuel tanks, then another few circuits were completed to verify all systems were functioning correctly. A safe landing back at Bishop followed. A thorough inspection of the firewall forward revealed no leaks. The only anomaly was that the (adhesive) label on the oil cooler had fallen off; I guess it wasn't supposed to be there. Found a bit of oil underneath from the breather tube but that is to be expected from a new engine.

This undertaking has been a father/son effort ever since the beginning, when the empennage kit arrived on October 31, 2006. It would not have been possible to finish without our combined effort. All kit components were built from standard kits except for the wing kit, which was Quickbuild. We chose the sliding canopy option to cope with the Texas heat. The Ray Allen electric elevator trim works great and is much better than the typical Cessna wheel. The empty weight came in at just 1,152 pounds (paint and all). The first several years of construction was done in the garage at home. Completed sections were then moved to the hangar before the fuselage and wings (and a lot of tools) were moved in January 2015.

  • Engine and propeller

  • Lycoming YIO-360-M1B (180 hp) and Sensenich fixed pitch prop, both from Van's
  • Avionics/electrical

  • Vertical Power VP-X Sport electronic circuit breaker system
  • Custom instrument panel, all done by us
  • Dynon Avionics Skyview system (one 10", and one 7" screen), with backup batteries, and single ADAHRS
  • Heated Dynon Pitot/AOA
  • Dynon Mode S transponder
  • Garmin GNC255A NAV/COM with VOR/LOC/GS antenna on vertical stabilizer
  • MGL Avionics TC-3 engine monitor for CHT and EGT monitoring (used in lieu of Dynon EMS, to declutter screen space)
  • Flight Data Systems FC-10 fuel totalizer with impeller type flow sender
  • Van's engine instruments: Tachometer, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Manifold Pressure, Fuel Quantity, and Fuel Pressure gauges
  • Ray Allen secondary flap position indicator

  • AeroLEDs strobe, position, and landing lights in the wingtips and tail
  • Red LED map lights on the side panels
  • Panel light dimmer
  • Low oil pressure light
  • Paint and interior

  • Light tan interior polyurethane on visible surfaces and instrument panel
  • Custom seats by Oregon Aero
  • Custom paint scheme, all painted by us in the garage as subassemblies
  • Vinyl striping made by AeroGraphics
  • Future upgrades

  • ADS-B 2020 compliance (Dynon GPS upgrade)
  • Two axis autopilot
  • Equipping for IFR flight
  • Backup/stand-alone EFIS
  • Secondary gear driven alternator on the unused vacuum pump pad
  • IFR GPS navigator

Special thanks goes to...

Fellow RV-6A builders/pilots Bill and Mattie Marcum of Corpus Christi, Texas for their help and advice in preparing for the first flights. Mr. Mike Seager of Vernonia, Oregon for providing us with nosewheel RV transition training (May 2014) Designated Airworthiness Representative Carl Newton of San Antonio FSDO for helping us with our airworthiness certification and paperwork. Inspection was on December 29, 2015. Our phase I test flight period was set at 25 hours.

                -Dan and Alex Grzelecki, Corpus Christi, Texas


From: Martin Bossart
Subject: RV-8, LV-X558 First flight
Date sent: Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sorry for the delay, (I Have been too busy flying it) but for your records, RV-8 Kit N 82163 took off for the first time about a year ago!

It has an IO-390, Hartzel constant speed, a Dynon sky view and inverted flight system.

Thanks to Vans for the aircraft of my dreams! It actually has over 120 flight hours.

Special Thanks to Nicolas Givancin that helped me on the construction.

                Martin Bossart


From: Ronald Blunck
Subject: RV-12 #120602 (N44TT) First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I would like to report that RV-12 #120602 (N44TT) took to the sky for the first time on October 7th 2015, just as the beautiful Wisconsin sun was setting. The build took a little less than four years, but the plane was basically fabricated during the first year. The second year was devoted to the designing and painting, and it's amazing how much you have to take the plane apart to paint it. The third year was finishing up all the details before FAA final inspection. The plane is now happily tucked away back into my shop at home for another hard Wisconsin winter. However, before I trailered it home I was able to put 47 hours on it's hobbs, visited all 13 airports within the 50 mile radius of my home airport, gave nineteen individuals their first general aviation experience (eight of which were Young Eagle flights), and made a total of ninety-four successful landings.

Being a retired manufacturing research and development engineer from the aerospace industry, I gave a critical look at the instructions and workmanship of each part throughout the build. I was amazed at the clarity of the instructions and quality of the parts and materials provided. I want to thank the whole Vans Aircraft team, from the designers, shippers, accountants, and the great help desk for all of your support. It was a great experience!

I need to also thank the only person who helped during the build, my dear wife Sandy. She allowed me to hide away in my shop day after day, and was always there to give a helping hand. I lovingly call her my "Wing Flipper".

                Ronald D. Blunck
                EAA Chapter 706
                Wisconsin Rapids, WI
                ronblunck at


From: Mike Harris
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Monday, January 04, 2016

I flew my RV-7 for the first time Jan 2, 2016. S/N 72194 N155MH YIO-360 with Hartzell CS GRT HxR. It flew straight as an arrow, hands free. Thanks for a great kit!

                Mike Harris
                Milton, FL 32583
                wskimike55 at


From: David Otero
Subject: First Flight N505RV
Date sent: Monday, January 04, 2016

N505RV Segundo Veinto

My RV-7 project started on January 5th, 2014. As with most airplane kits, it started with the empennage kit. From the moment I opened the first crate, I knew this would be a plane that I would complete and fly. One week shy of two years came the first flight.

On Wednesday December 30, 2015 at about 11:30 Mountain Time, Segundo Viento (Spanish for Second Wind) took off from Albuquerque's Double Eagle II's (KAEG) runway 17. The plan I had coordinated with the Tower was to orbit the airport above pattern altitude (6800') and 8500'. At that altitude I contacted ABQ Approach who gave me a squak code and cautioned me to keep below 8500'. This happened just as I saw my altimeter blasting right through 8500'. The flight lasted about 25 minutes, the RV grin lasted a couple of days.

I wish to thank all of the members of Illinois EAA Chapter 461 but primarily:
Rich Tichy (RV-6) for looking over my shoulder (even when I thought I didn't need it). Rich's knowledge, experience, skills and sometimes tools were put to the test on all phases of the project. And, all it cost me was beer.
Other important people include: Tony Sabos, Mike Weimer, Arnie Zimmerman, Josh Jones, John Steichen, Ron Bradley, Wayne Brazinski, Colin Koebel From The Albuquerque group: Norm Schippers (Rv-6), Jon Farley (RV-8), John Nystrom (Rv-7A, Rv-3), Chris Olsen (RV-3)

  • Specs:
  • RV-7
  • Empty weight: 1031lbs
  • Lycoming IO360-A1A
  • WhirWind GA200L Prop
  • Dynon Skyview Touch 10"
  • Aero Classics Seats
  • Vertical Power VP-X Sport Electronic Circuit Breaker

There is no question as to why the series of Van's Aircraft are so popular and plentiful. They are a fantastic kit with unparalleled support from both the factory and the builders community.

While it may be possible for the truly ingenious person to build an RV-7 all by them selves, this builder did need the help and support from family and friends. I have been very fortunate during the past couple of years to have the support and help of several people to make this project happen. Primary thanks go to my wonderful and patient wife Margie. She help me pick which model of RV to build, picked the interior colors and registration number and even did a bit of drilling, clecoing and riveting too. Most importantly, she encouraged me, gave me space when needed, put up with the strangeness of the flying community that would consume much of my time, focused me, sometimes refocused me. I am proud that she was there when the project became an airplane.

                David Otero
                RV-7 N505RV
                daoteronm at
                Albuquerque, New Mexico
                Double Eagle II Airport (KAEG)


From: Jeff Reins
Subject: First Flight RV8
Date sent: Saturday, January 02, 2016

My Vans Aircraft RV8, N37HR, S/N 82310, was inspected on December 31, 2015. First flight was January 2, 2015. Flight was performed by Jay Pratt of RV Central, Saginaw, Texas. The plane is powered by an OX-340S-A1A2N, propeller is Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BF weight is 1043 lbs. Jay was excited about the acceleration on take off. Thank you Vans for the experience!

                Jeff Reins
                Canton, Texas
                hobjogus at


From: Jan Lawson
Subject: Rv 12 first flight #120075
Date sent: Wednesday 30, December 2015

My RV-12 (120075) first flew on October 5, 2015, runway 4, at Bolton Field (KTZR) Columbus, Ohio. My bride filmed the event and I posted it on YouTube. I purchased this partially completed kit in April, 2014. I could not have completed this project without my mentor Dave Gamble, who has a nearby hangar which houses the RV-12 he built. Dave gave me advice, assisted me in construction and provided me with transition training in his RV-12. Dave has a very interesting website (Schmetterling Aviation) in which he tells "The Saga of 075". Probably the longest build time of any Rv-12. Ninety percent done when purchased with only ninety percent to go.

I flew two 300 mile round-trip cross-countries before flying 075 to its new home in Florida. A 600 mile trip with my bride as navigator. This plane flies great and I look forward to hours of fun flying.


                Jan Lawson


Subject: RV7 First Flight HB-YRM
Date sent: Monday 28, December 2015


After three years I have completed the build of may 2. RV7 SN:74151. First Flight at 18. December 2015. HOBBS is now showing 10.5h. All Test Flights done. Everything is working fine. A lot of fun flying that plane.

Under the hood is an new Lycoming YIO-360 M1B with dual P-Mags and a 3-Blade MT Constant Speed Propeller. Two Dyonon SkyView EFIS. and an old stayle airspeed und altimeter for backup.

Empty weight 1124Lbs/510Kg.

                Yvar Vonlanthen, switzerland
                yvar.vonlanthen at


From: Jose Lins
Subject: RV7 C-FMZE SN.72279 Miss Tress First Flight!
Date sent: Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hello Van's Folks..

Merry Christmas to all of you.! And here attached I am reporting that the RV7 C-FMZE SN.72279 "Miss Tress" has flown for the first time last November 9th /2015! Since then I have flown her six more times and have now 7.2 hours on the clock without any issue whatsoever, she flew strait and level from the first time.

I want also to thank you all for your great help during this journey building my dream aircraft!

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year!

  RV7    "Miss Tress"  C-FMZESN.72279Builder: Jose LinsPort Coquitlam, BC Canada
START DATE: May 15, 2005
TOTAL BUILD TIME:4112 Hours over weekends, vacations, holidays, etc., in my home office & garage.
FIRST FLIGHT: November 09, 2015 from Langley Airport, BC
POWER:Aero Sport Power / Superior Lycoming 180HP carbureted, 1 mag, 1 LSE Plasma II electronic ignition, fixed pitch Sensenich propeller.
INSTRUMENTS:Dual Dynon Skyview 10"with 2 axis autopilot & transponder, GPS AvMap EKP V, COM 1 ICOM A200, COM 2/intercom PS Engineering PAR100EX Radios, VAN's airspeed, altimeter & compass round gauges.
INTERIOR:Classic Aero Designs leather seats, floor & side panels with Hooker 5 points harnesses.
EXTERIOR:Taxiway Yellow Sherwin Williams with dark Navy blue vinyl decals.

My kit started as a slow build kit but after the tail and wings been built I ordered a quick built fuselage to speed things up. The airframe was completely primed inside before riveting with Super Koropon epoxy, in my "backyard paint shop" sunny days, except the fuel tanks of course and the fuselage that Van supplied already primed; I did most of the riveting alone but in several large components I had a handy helper to buck rivets, and they were quite a few to name and they know who they are, to whom I thank each and every one helping me complete this project and also to my patient family. Everything else from plumbing to wiring to panel design & installation of all electronics to engine/ baffles /probes, etc., I did myself in my garage. Ah, the canopy too and all the fiberglass fairings.I can't forget that. This project went through two pre-cover and a final inspection by the MDRA delegate without any issue; the first flight day came along on the afternoon of last November 9th /2015 with me piloting it and Scott Jackson, ATP, CFII & RV builder & instructor as a safety pilot, we took off from runway 01 at the Langley Airport in BC. The chase plane was another RV7 built & flown by Chris Cox & co-pilot Elisabeth Jackson, also a pilot, who took all the in-flight photos as they both observed closely what was happening on my back and below. As nothing abnormal was noticed we overflew Langley airport for about 50 minutes checking systems functionality and engine parameters culminating with a perfect landing on runaway 25 and the big RV grin in the face.Unforgettable and Fantastic!


                All the best!
                Jose Lins
                jlinsjr at


From: Gary Livesey
Subject: First flight of my RV-12 Serial # 120799 N915DG
Date sent: Monday 14, December 2015

Selfie during first flight (I couldn't resist) She left the ground for the first time this past Saturday Dec 12, 2015. it handles great. Beyond my my expectations. I did not have to tweak anything! Thank you Vans Aircraft! Great company...Great people!

                Richard (Gary) Livesey


From: Monte Dauncey
Subject: First Flight RV-7A 72711
Date sent: Sunday, 13 December 2015

Hello Vans,

Just a note to let you know that those boxes of rivets, screws and pieces of aluminum that you sent me a few years ago are now flying in very tight formation. RV-7A 72711 first took to the skies on October 2, 2014 unpainted, and August 21, 2015 was the first flight with paint.

Powered by an Aero Sport Power (BL) IO-360 with a Hartzell C/S prop and a Superior cold air induction sump, it performs exactly as advertised, even though it weighs in a bit heavier than many others (1162 lbs). Instrumentation is by Dynon (D-180, D-100, AP74, HS34) and Garmin (GPS 560, twin SL30 Nav/Comms, transponder, intercom) and meets basic IFR requirements (no de-ice). The Archer internal Nav antenna works exceptionally well, picking up VORs over a 100 nautical miles away at altitude. Complete upholstery including carpet throughout is by Classic Aero Designs.

The first flight was exhilarating to say the least! Everything performed exceptionally well with the exception of a slightly heavy right wing which was easily rectified. Performance numbers are exactly as advertised by Vans. Now, with almost 60 hours on the hobbs, every take-off and landing still comes with the RV grin. What a delight to fly!

A big thank you to Vans for a tremendous design and a tremendous kit. Also a big thank you all staff at Vans for all of the assistance they've provided over the years, and especially to the staff in the builder assistance department (thanks Ken for the frequent reminders that I was building an airplane consisting of nuts & bolts, not a Swiss watch). Also, a big thank you to all of the fellow pilots and other folks at the Kamloops BC airport for all of their help, especially Inland Communication Services who taught me how to wire my panel to a professional standard, and to Rick West who was always ready to lend a helping hand when a helping hand was needed. Thank you also to Mountainaire Services for a great job on our paint scheme. And my biggest debt of gratitude goes to my wife, Moira, who encouraged me to begin the project in the first place, who was accepting of my mistakes and redos, and who was exceptionally patient during the 7 years it took to complete. Thank you, to everyone, for helping me build a great airplane that is now so much fun to fly.

                Many thanks,
                Monte Dauncey
                RV-7A C-GWMD


From: Vic Baker - Pyramid
Subject: First Flight N366KJ
Date sent: Tuesday 8, December 2015

  • First flight 1Dec15.
  • RV-7
  • 0360-A1A (new from Vans)
  • Skyview
  • Garmin Aera 500 (backup)
  • Garmin Com
  • Quickbuild kit started Dec 2011.
  • 1800 build hours to date.

Ground handling good.

Airspeed failed shortly after liftoff (safeair tube not fully inserted)

Left wing a little heavy

CHT climbing towards 500F shortly after liftoff. Throttle back a little, lower nose to increase airspeed, temps finally dropped into the high 300's.

Aircraft is a joy to fly, still need to get those high CHT's under control.

Did 10 hours with Mike Seager first of Oct. Invaluable!


                Thanks Vans!
                Vic Baker
                vrbaker at


From: Brian King
Subject: Group build -12 video link
Date sent: Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Hello there Vans - Five Brothers Flying Adventures completed our group build during the summer and have 102 hours on #12-820 already. We completed assembly in 17 months to the day taking our time. Our group ranges from 70 hours of flight experience to 25,000. We are beyond thrilled with the kit and the way she flies -not to mention the economics of the whole situation. One of our members went 50 years between  PIC flights!Two years now since  we formed our group and not one bad word between any of us. Please be sure to share the link with Ken and tech-support. Thank you Vans! January one she goes to the paint shop.  


                Brian King
                Sent from my iPhone


From: Scott Millhouse
Subject: First Flight 120515
Date sent: Tuesday 8, December 2015

N319RV, kit 120515 had its first flight yesterday. The weather broke so it was time for more testing. I took the runway for a fast taxi test. All felt good and the plane wanted to fly so I aborted at the first turn to taxi back for the whole runway. After a short typical RV-12 take off I did a few circuits around the airport to confirm all was in the green and the plane maneuvered well. I checked in with the controllers to get a transponder code so they could watch my back and climbed to the practice area. After about a half an hour of turns, climbs, descents, slow flight, flap flight and approach to stalls I returned to land. There was an 8-10 knot direct cross winds so the landing was safe but firm, not a greaser. After a quick ground check I took it up for a second flight for more testing including a brief full power jump to 120 knots. After two more cross wind landings I shut it down with 1.6 hours total of flight. The plane flies straight and level but needs a little left rudder so I'll take out some trim tab bend and the wires need reversed for the trim. As others have noticed the instructions are confusing. Flies like a 12 with no surprises. My 4th first flight and the smoothest.

Plane weights 764# painted but without vinyl graphics with single screen Skyview with autopilot and control option, lights and wheel pants kits. Standard interior with only carpet inserts and just the arm rests and baggage carpet. 17 months for construction and painting.


                Scott Millhouse, PE
                Project Manager/Civil Engineer
                Timberline Environmental Services
                256-724-3457 (new)
                cell 256-975-2348
                scottmillhouse at


From: Jim Winings
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Sunday 6, December 2015

First flight of RV-4 (Kit 4431) was on November 6, 2015.

                Jim Winings


From: Tim Johnson
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Sunday 6, December 2015

Friday December 4, 2015 was the date my RV-7A made it's first flight. The day came after 8 years and 2 months of on and off construction. The engine is a freshly overhauled 0-360 A1F6 with dual EFII electronic ignition. The panel is old school guages with a panel mounted GPS, radio and transponder. The plane trimmed nicely and flew hands off.

I want to thank my wife Cindy for hanging in there through this project and my kids Brooke and James for their support and occasional help. I want to thank Jan Bussell for excellent transition training and would recommend him for anyone needing training.

                Tim Johnson


From: Gil Obradors
Subject: First flight RV9-A S/N 92091
Date sent: Thursday 3, December 2015

After 4 years and more than 2000+ hours building this wonder plane, We are happy to announce that RV-9A S/N 92091 is in flight test process.

I attached some pictures to this mail.

Owner and builder: Daniel Carrillo from Spain

                Best Regards


From: Ken Boyd
Subject: first flight
Date sent: Monday 30, November 2015

My RV9A flew for the first time on November 14, 2015 with a build time two days shy of fourteen years. I would like to thank my family and friends who had a part in building this airplane without all of you it would not have been possible.


                Ken Boyd
                kboyd59 at


From: Charlie
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Wednesday 25, November 2015

Good morning,

Joe Blank suggested I send a quick note regarding first flight.

My RV-7A project, serial 73676, received it's airworthiness certificate on Friday, the 13th. First flight was a week later on Saturday, the 21st. Great plane, my face still hurts from the "RV Grin".

It was a standard build kit, it took me 2600 hours over almost six years. It was a major undertaking, I owe thanks to many people who gave me support and encouragement along the way. My biggest supporter was my wife, who not only was encouraging, but put up with our garage being taken over (cars outside), me spending so much time with the "aluminum mistress", and allowing me to neglect some household chores. I owe her big time! The members of our local EAA Chapter, 324, were always available to run an idea by or to give me an opinion. My good friend, Gil, was a huge help with riveting and fiberglass work. I had five EAA tech counselor inspections along the way, these helped, as I didn't have any issues the day the FAA came for the final airworthiness inspection. Of course, the staffs at Van's, Grand Rapids Technologies, Whirlwind Propeller, AeroSport Power, SteinAir and others, were always available to help me with questions along the way. Also, a huge thank you to everyone who participates on the Van's Air Force on line forum. They provide a huge amount of information and opinion.

The plane is equipped with a tip-up canopy, AeroSport Power IO-395, Whirlwind 74RV prop, dual P-Mags, dual GRT HXr screens. Empty weight came in at 1104 lbs.

Flies great, handles well. I'm thrilled with the plane, and am looking forward to traveling with it!


                Blue skies,
                Charlie Luke
                charlie at


From: Michael Burbidge
Subject: Belated first flight report...
Date sent: Wednesday 25, November 2015

Model: Vans RV-9A

Serial Number: 91681

I've never got around to sending in my first flight report. I've been too busy flying!

My RV-9A first flew on August 18, 2014. Well known aerobatic pilot and mechanic Terry Burch did the first flight. There were a few squawks on the first flight among which were no airspeed, heavy right wing. Terry had no problem dealing with these though. We got those fixed in short order and I did my first flight a few days later. I was nervous, but it was so amazing. It was a beautiful evening and while taxing back to the hangar I said to myself, "I need more". I went back out and did a few more touch and goes.

This past summer I flew my airplane from Seattle to Texas to have Grady paint it. It was an adventure and was by far the furthest I flown.

I love my airplane! It is wonderful to fly.

The airplane is a frugal build. All standard Van's gauges and a used O320-D3G from Wentworths and a Catto three blade prop.

She's flown 115 hours in the past year!


                Terry Burch getting ready for the first flight.
                At Grady's just before flying her home from Texas.
                mburbidg at


From: Bruce Peters
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Saturday 21, November 2015

After nearly 11 years of slow building, N7756B, an RV-9A, took flight for the first time this morning, November 21, 2015 on a beautiful sunny day at Shafter (MIT) Airport in California. The plane performed beautifully and take off and landing would have been almost non-events had I not been a little nervous. I was well prepared after transition training with Mike Seager two weeks ago.

The engine is a Lycoming YO-320-D1A with a three blade Catto prop, dual P-Mags(I can't tell you how well the engine starts!), and Dynon Skyview dual 10" displays with backup batteries. It also has the Dynon transponder, ADS-B module, autopilot, dual ADAHRS, dual GPS antennas, and the heated pitot with AOA. A Garmin SL-30 and Garmin GMA 350 Audio panel round out the instruments.

I could not be happier, thanks for building a great airplane Van!

                Bruce Peters
                Builder #91009
                rv9aplane at


From: Bob & Shaun Redman
Subject: First Flight RV-6A #60483
Date sent: Sunday 22, November 2015

G'day Vans Webmaster,

Vans Aircraft RV-6A (#60483) first flew on 24 Oct 15. The kit was purchased about 12 years by Michael Cuppari of Hobart Tasmania. In August 3013, John Murphy and David McDonald purchased the unfinished project from Michael, and towed the kit to Newcastle NSW Australia after crossing Bass Strait by ferry. John and David completed and painted the aircraft.

The RV-6A registration is VH-MCI, day VFR, tip-up, 0320 D1A engine, Sensenich FP metal prop, simple analog instrumentation, manual elevator and aileron trim. Basic weight (complete and painted) is 1069lb, CofG 68.89" aft of datum.

Seven uneventful flights so far: smooth, crisp and delightful handling; impressive performance and economy; all reflecting the care and competence of the three builders, and especially the inspired design and kit.

This report was submitted by Bob Redman (RV-7 # 72450) on behalf of John, David, and their families.

Photo of David McDonald (left) and John Murphy with RV-6A VH-MCI:

                Bob Redman


From: John D. Williams
Subject: RV 12 first flight - - KJGG (Williamsburg, VA)
Date sent: Monday, November 16 2015

Finally, in the air for the first time.

Started March 2, ready to fly September 5, FAA paperwork took two additional months to resolve. First flight: November 15, 2015. Performed as expected, no problems, no issues. All systems in working order: avionics, auto pilot, landing & nav lights, cockpit light, radios, transponder, engine, GPS. Fun kit to build; great partner to work with. I'd do it again.



From: Dale Lochinger
Subject: RV 9A first flight
Date sent: Sunday, November 15, 2015

RV9A serial # 90084 first flight in November , great flying airplane!

Engine O320



                Builders Dale Lochinger, John Klink
                Photos by Gary A. Sobek


From: Hank Cheng
To: Gus Funnell
Subject: Fwd: SCMP (Nov 15 & 16, 2015)
Date sent: Monday 16, November 2015

Dear Gus,

First RV in Hong Kong!  I am proud to submit the first flight report through you, please spread the news for us at Vans.

The first RV in Hong Kong, registration B-KOO, took 7 years to construct, with the help from the students of St. Paul Convent School and local aircraft engineers.  The aircraft is fitted with a Titan IOX-360, Catto Propeller, dual Dynon Skyview touch, Dynon Autopilot and radio, as well as a Garmin GTN650.

The aircraft departed from Hong Kong International Airport at 0615 local time, flew for 30 minutes, climbed to 5000'.  She's slightly right wing heavy, but otherwise very healthy.  The aircraft landed and taxi back to the hanger for a quick check, then departed for her second flight at 0720L, this time with the presence of family, students and friends, for 15 minutes at 3000'.

B-KOO is the first homebuilt registered under Hong Kong registration.  Unfortunately due to local regulations, it is unclear whether if the plane is allow to fly in Hong Kong again.  It is our plan to take her on an around the world tour once we can find a location for her to complete phase 1.  We aim to start the tour in the summer of 2016.

Thank you Van's for making such great kit, thank you for all your support throughout my build.

                 Read the Full Artical



From: Veatch John
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Wednesday 4, November 2015

Attn: Ken

We would like you to know that RV-12, S/N 120862, N412SB, has successfully made its maiden light here at the Bremerton National Airport.  The flight occurred on October 8, 2015, the same date that an airworthiness certificate was issued by the DAR.  The test pilot was John Veatch, one of three owners of the aircraft.  The other two owners are Keith Sudac, who was the lead in the entire construction effort ... we considered him anal, which was extra good, and this characteristic clearly showed itself in the meticulous high quality you can see in the plane.  Bob Brusa was chief financial officer and kept track of all of the finances, handled organization of all parts, and assisted Keith.  Construction began on July 11, 2014 and was completed just 3 days shy of 15 months later.

John has begun conducting the tests outlined in the Production Acceptance Procedures, but this effort is hampered by weather conditions in the Puget Sound area.  

                John Veatch, Keith Sudac, Bob Brusa
                Bremerton WA
                jveatch at
                (360) 850-8891


From: Solomon, Steven D CTR (US)
Subject: Flight1
Date sent: Wednesday 4, November 2015

After 11 years of building and life events, N51 SM, my RV-9A exceeded the force of gravity on 24 Oct at Newport News International. The plane lifted off in about 450 feet, climbed to 3000 over the field for a 28 minute test card checkout. It is equipped with an 0-320 -E2D, dual radios, Dynon Skyview with dual axis autopilot and a Garmin GPS back-up. Special thanks to Kent Stitt (RV-7A) my building mentor, John Bright who bucked the bottom skins, Pete Pearson, weight and balance and Ray Stevens who helped me locate and overhaul the engine. Thanks also to Mr Jan Bussell who let me checkout in his RV-6A and of course to Van's aircraft for a great kit and super tech support.


                Steve Solomon
                RV-9A, Newport News VA
                Serial #90953
                steven.d.solomon.ctr at


From: Jim Edwards
Subject: First Flight RV-9A, SN 91492
Date sent: Tuesday 3, November 2015

First flight was smooth and predictable other than a heavy left wing. Empty weight with no paint or wheel pants/fairings was 1053 lbs.

Build time of my slow-build kit was just shy of 8 years. And, yes, I'd do it again.

Engine: Aerosport IO-320 with dual P-mags.

Prop: Catto 3 blade.

Panel: Dynon Skyview with Dynon autopilot servos, Dynon transponder and Dynon ADS-B.

Thanks to Dan, Dennis, Dick, Frank, Greg, Mike, Lowell, Ron, Scott, Wally, and, of course, Van's tech support.

                Jim Edwards
                Reno, NV
                First Flight May, 2015.


From: Brad Smith
Subject: First Flight, RV-7A, N957BW
Date sent: Tuesday 3, November 2015

Van's Aircraft;

I'm pleased to report that I successfully completed the first flight of my RV-7A, SN 74124, registration N957BW, on October 24, 2015. After 39 months of construction she took to the air without a hitch and flew beautifully straight and level. I have about 10 hours on her now and no major issues to report. Flies like a dream. I equipped her with a Superior XP-IO360-B1RD2 engine, dual P-Mags, a Whirl Wind RV200 constant speed propeller, dual touch screen Dynon Skyview panel and leather interior from Classic Aero.

I want to thank Van's for making such an outstanding kit, my wife for her incredible patience and tolerance throughout (and help setting quite a few rivets), the encouragement and help from friends and family, and Chris Droege for the excellent transition training.

Attached is the requisite RV grin photo.

                Best regards,
                Brad Smith
                N957BW based at KOGD


From: Jake Thiessen
Subject: First flight RV-12 - N609SJ - Steve Johansen
Date sent: Monday 2, November 2015

Steve Johansen made the first flight of his RV-12 at Salem, OR airport on October 27, 2015. Steve reports the first flight went well with no surprises. The owner did his own first-flight after receiving two hours of dual in the factory -12 in Aurora using a local CFI.

This is the fourth RV Steve has built & owned, and performed the first-flight on. First an RV-6A, followed by an RV-8A, then an RV-3 (still owned by Steve) then this -12.

The -12 is equipped with a Dynon Skyview including ADS-B In and Out.

While the LSA is not as spritely as his RV-3, it's still a nice flying RV.

                sent at request of owner
                Jake Thiessen
                Independence, OR


From: Bill Sewell
Subject: First Flight Report N753RV
Date sent: Saturday 30, October 2015

After 4 years and 11 months of work my RV-7, SN 73832, made its first flight on Oct. 31, 2015. The flight went well and the airplane handles great.

Model: RV-7

Registration: N753RV

SN: 73832

Engine: YIO-360-M1B

Prop: Fixed pitch metal

Avionics: Dual display Dynon Skyview with GPS, com radio and transponder

Empty weight: 1098 Lbs


                Bill Sewell
                billsewell at


From: Icaza Francisco
Subject: RV-12 flys for the first time in Chapala, Mexico.
Date sent: Tuesday 27, October 2015

RV-12 serial # 12-0826

Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP

IVO prop in flight adjust 3 blades 68"

My RV-12 flew for the first time on October 5, 2015 at Aeroclub Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.

I want to thank Alberto Barba, the engineer that built it in 18 months. This is his 6th RV-12 completed!

He made the first test flight and everything was great. Oscar Naranjo, Alberto´s assistant, and Chuy Reyna, the painter, made a great job. I´m sending also a photo of Chapala Lake, the largest in Mexico, during the first time I got aboard, after several hours of testing. RV-12 is a great plane!


                Icaza Francisco
                franicaza at


From: Dean Wallace
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Monday 26, October 2015

Dear Van's team, my RV12, VH-YOT, built from Kit 120679, had it's first flight on 30 September 2015 at first light at the Sunshine Coast airport, Southeast Queensland, Australia. It flew beautifully, with just a slightly heavy left wing, & a balance ball hanging slightly out to the right. Both easy to correct. The aircraft felt very light & responsive in the cool, calm morning air, - I suspect it will be a bit more agile in some late afternoon turbulence! More fun to come..

my thanks to Van's Aircraft for a great & easy to follow kit, & special thanks to many friends for their help & encouragement during the 2 year build.


                DEAN WALLACE
                dwal at


From: Frank Dombroski
Subject: RV-10 N46VT First Flight
Date sent: Sunday 25 October 2015

RV-10 Kit 80136 became N46VT on 7-17-2015. First flight and Phase 1 completion followed quickly. This is my second RV-10, the plane was painted and ready for long term enjoyment at completion. What an incredibly capable aircraft and great design.


                Frank Dombroski
                frankdombroski at


From: david perl
Subject: first flight report for G-CILG
Date sent: Saturday, 17 October 2015

After nearly 5 years of building, the day of reckoning had arrived. The winds were light and variable, clear October skies and at last it seemed like the plane gods were aligning. Well not quite, when the time came to fire her up for her maiden flight, we had drained the battery by playing around with the Skyview system. Nothing a quick charge wouldn't sort out.

The day before, whilst running some final checks, the Dynon trim module that had been returned once to the USA for repair started playing up again with the same intermittent fault. Mendelsohns the UK importer came to the rescue sending a new unit down by overnight express delivery. Dynon also stepped up upon hearing of the recurring issue. The past 6 months were a lesson in patience with multiple avionics and people failures conspiring to test my patience.

That morning I texted Tim Jenkinson, my test pilot to say I was feeling anxious, and to ask how was he feeling? I felt a responsibility for his wellbeing, even more so as we had become friends over the past 20 years, having met at the local radio control flying club. It was Tim that planted the seed of building an RV when we visited Oshkosh together in 2002. At that time I had no PPL and other priorities in my life.

So with battery charged and reinstalled, and a quick lunch, at 14.00 with pilot strapped in, the engine was fired up. We had been up to the tower to seek the cooperation of the duty controller as Tim wanted to remain overhead the ATZ but below the 2,500 foot ceiling in case a quick return to base was needed.

A slow taxi up to runway 08, power and prefight checks completed saw my thousands of rivets, hours and pounds v(both cash and weight) lined up ready to defy gravity. What looked like no more than a few hundred feet of tarmac saw her leap into the sky and climb steeply. Tim's aim was to get as much height as quickly as possible due to few areas for a safe off-field landing . At that moment I let out a whoop of mixed emotions - joy, relief and pride. 5 years of hard work realised in 10 seconds. 20 minutes later after flying up and down above the zone, Tim came in for a smooth landing. It was good to see his RV grin whilst taxing in and reported only one minor issue, a slightly high tick over of 750 rpm. Apart from that all systems were functioning as advertised and Tim saying I should feel very proud of the job I had done, building the plane to a high standard and that she handled beautifully.

So how did I get into building a full sized plane? I've always been aviation mad, starting with Airfix kits, KeilKraft gliders and JetEx tissue and dope covered Jets that always seemed to self-combust before they took to the skies. My graduation gift to myself was a radio control trainer which I too k to the local flying club to learn how to fly. With time these models got larger, the most recent being a 42% scale Decathlon that whilst completed has never flown. I'm curious as to where these obsessions originate - one of my earliest memories being taken for a helicopter flight at Biggen Hill air show when I must have been 6 or 7 years old.

I suppose the seed was sown when I made that trip to Oshkosh. At that time I was distracted by building up my business. It was either a case of having the money but not the time of having the time but not the money to learn to fly. It wasn't until 2010 when I had been in psychotherapy grappling with my mid life existential crisis that my therapist suggested I take a flying lesson as part of my homework. By that time, I had run out of excuses and loved the flight. I went onto complete my PPL and IMC. I then purchased a quarter share in a Cessna 182 but was frustrated by the high running costs and antiquated avionics. I can't remember how that seed became germinated however in late 2010 having visited a couple of RV owners mid way through builds I decided upon buying an empennage kit to see what all the fuss was about. A day with John Michie taught me the basics of metalworking. I now had the perfect excuse to indulge in buying a new suite of tools that were nice and shiny and felt good to the touch.

Why an RV and why the 7 A variant with a nose wheel? It's the most widely built kit aircraft with a great pedigree and a wide user base. I wanted a side by side arrangement to encourage my wife to come flying with me and the nose wheel as I'm still with low hours and prefer the better forward visibility on the ground. I went for the 7 over the 9 as I wanted the more powerful engine and the capability for some mild aerobatics if and when the fancy takes me.

Following the plans was relatively straightforward. There were some excellent builder sites and builder's forums for when I got stuck. My inspector Matt Dovey gave of his time freely and generously and I learned that building a plane is not the occasion to "just wing it". Edge distances were there for a reason and I quickly learned that measure twice, cut once meant just that.

I had to learn an entire new skill set of working with aluminium. I took to it easily. The same for wiring the avionics and plumbing the engine. Little different to wiring and plumbing a house, tasks that I had experience of from various house renovations. Just a little time, and forward planning was all that was needed. I think the biggest challenge was project management, anticipating when items were needed that were not part of the kit and forward thinking issues that may be impacted by tasks that were a year of two away.

I was determined to do as much of the build solo and I achieved this. Matt helped with some of the very difficult to rivet places under the front panel, volunteering to fold up into a ridiculously small space. One of my daughters with a little financial inducement helped with some of the less arduous riveting, her with the gun and me with the bucking bar as that seemed to produce the best results and was the quickest for her to pick up. She also helped with the sanding of the fibreglass parts, a job I grossly underestimated the time and effort required., and leaving me with RSI (repetitive strain injury) that took months to settle.

I was fortunate that I had plenty of spare time on my hands and a large comfortable workshop. To undertake such a project is no small commitment. I would rank it as one of my most challenging undertakings with regard to making things. I have done more challenging things, more on the emotional front, but that's a topic for another article and likely of little interest to this readership. For every hour spent on building, I must have spent two hours on researching, reading around the topic and reviewing how other builders had approached things. At times one question would illicit ten ways of doing something. If it was a mission critical question, an email to the good mother ship at Vans would usually elicit a response.

The only job I outsourced was the painting. Murray Flint did a fantastic job and I have had many positive comments on the quality of his work. Murray was knocked out by a superbug which caused a 3-week delay. This knocked onto other areas with a consequential delay in me submitting the paperwork to the LAA, which then hit the summer holiday season with people away. And then just before the test permit was authorised, our test pilot was involved in an accident and we had to find a replacement. The avionics also caused some headaches with both Dynon screens needing to be returned for repairs along with the aforementioned autopilot/trim head and the VPX electronic circuit breaker developed a fault necessitating return. Whilst frustrating, both companies gave great after sales support and now the systems are working, I am impressed with the functionality of both systems and their integration.

As for flying her, I've only been in the right hand seat helping with the 7 hours of test flying. She flies like a dream, climbs effortlessly and the controls are light and responsive. The glass displays are a delight to use, highly intuitive but with a danger of information overload. I also really like the AOA indicator that is part of the Skyview system, than again I love machines that go beep and the AOA indicator beeps a lot when approaching the stall.

It seems tradition to end such an article with a list of thanks and it would be churlish of me not to do so. Firstly to Tim for planting the seed and stepping in to take over the role of test pilot. To Andy Hill who gave graciously with his time and extensive knowledge throughout the build. Andy was one of the two builders I visited before commencing upon this project and he was lined up to be my test pilot. To Jon Viner at the LAA who responded to my emails immediately and helped me understand the MOD process and its intricacies. To Matt Dovey, my long-suffering inspector who taught me the art of detail. To Riad and Paul at London Elstree Aviation who put up with me in their hanger whilst I undertook the final assembly, with me scrounging more than the odd nut and bolt. To John Baines and Steve Jones that taught me the art of flying. Finally and not least, my long-suffering wife, Ruth who allowed me this five year indulgence and my daughters who lost me to my man-cave.

To conclude, would I do it again? Not an RV as I've BTSTDT (been there, seen that, done that) . If I had the time and money I would look at building a Falco (I love working with wood) or perhaps something exotic like a Lancair turbine Evolution. Anyone got a spare million quid? Oh well, I better get back to earning some money or doing the lottery if that dream is to come true.

A link to all photos is here    

                david perl
                david.perl at


From: Graham and Kevin Gibbens
Subject: First Flight RV-7A
Date sent: Thursday 15 October 2015

First flight of RV-7A quick build was like so many of the first flight testimonials, our flight was without any incidents. engine Start up to a few test runs over the airfield, smooth, fast and fun to fly.

This plane has lived up to its reputation and we will have many happy flights in the years to come.

My son and I owe a great deal of thanks to Sean Fleming (Owner and Operator of Kit Plane Builders of Brampton Airport, North of Toronto Canada) Sean's aircraft knowledge, patients and hands on experience has created a RV to Last us a lifetime. We will be more knowledgeable pilots for this building experience.

Eng. Aerosport I.O. 375
Prop. Prince Aircraft 68" tractor carbon fiber P-Tip
Avionics. EFIS-MGL-Odyssey G2 and Auto Pilot
with Garmin VHF comm. SL-40
  Garmin 240 Audio Panel
  Garmin SL 30
  Garmin 327 Transponder
  Garmin AP 2 Axis
Empty weight 1084 lbs.

With so much extra space on the instrument panel we added a glove box and incorporated a iPad in the door, which can be removed on landing.

Thanks to all those pasy submitted 1st Flight e-mails to van's. We enjoyed reading them.


                Purchased kit 2005
                First Flight Feb 2014


From: David Essey
Subject: First Flight 74155
Date sent: Monday, 12 October 2015

To all at Vans,

On the 14th August my RV7A, serial no 74155, registration ZU-IDU took to the air for the first time with Andy Lawrence at the controls.

I would like to thank the following people Andy, my AP and test pilot for all his help and advice over the thirty three months. Peter Lastrucci for his help and advice. Andy and Peter 's help simplified the project immensely. My family for their support and the Vans Team for their backup and advice.

The aeroplane is powered by a IO-360 Lycoming with a constant speed propellor. The panel is a twin screen G3X.


                David Essey
                djessey50 at


From: michael axelrad
Subject: first flight RV-4 3890
Date sent: Thursday, 15 October 2015

RV-4 Plans # 3890 flew this morning. Powered by a GM Ecotec 2.2L engine and custom instruments by builder.

I'm grinning


                Michael R. Axelrad
                maxelrad at


From: Norm Tatz
Subject: First flight report
Date sent: Wednesday, 14 October 2015

After a ten year build, RV-7 C-GNGL (72256) , had a successful first flight on October 15, 2015. Thanks to Mike Seager for the transition training and all who helped throughout this project. My RV-7 is equipped with a Lycoming IO390, Hartzell blended airfoil prop, dual GRT HX EFIS, Garmin radios, Classic Aircraft interior. I am equipped with a great big grin!

                Norm Tatz


From: Shannon Hicks
Subject: 41153 First Flight
Date sent: Wednesday, 14 October 2015

I am writing to let you know that kit 41153 officially had it's first flight yesterday morning around 11AM.

Our first flight was quite short as we had one cylinder running a bit hotter than the rest.  After a quick inspection of the suspect cylinder's injection port, we found the problem and were back on our way.  Our second flight was perfect and lasted about 30 minutes orbiting the airport.  We then landed and performed a full inspection to make sure everything was still tight and leak free.  After this, we took off on a short cross country hopping airport to airport.  All told, we put 2.0 on the tach and are ready for more!  Attached is a photo of 41153 just prior to the first flight. 

Thank you so much for making such an amazing aircraft kit.


                Shannon Hicks


From: James Jula
Subject: First Flight N713JL
Date sent: Tuesday, October 13 2015

I took my RV-7A up for its maiden voyage on Monday Oct 12, 2015! It just floated right off the ground as smooth as can be like it was finally where it was meant to be. The test flight went as perfect as one could hope except for one small event at altitude that caused me to cut the flight short 10mins early. Turns out that event was determined on the ground to be the GoPro camera falling from its suction mount and BANGing the baggage floor :(. At least it makes for a more interesting story to tell :).

It has a Superior IO-360 engine with a Catto 2-bladed prop, one magneto, one e-mag, 60A primary alternator and 30A secondary alternator. I designed and built the panel with an Advanced Flight Systems 5600T coupled to a Garmin GTN650. The empty weight came in at 1116 lbs ready for night and IFR eventually.

Many thanks to my wife Lori for all her help both at home and with the riveting, Roy Thoma from whom I stole a lot of ideas and received much support, and to Steve Payne, Dan Benua and Travis Shultz for key help along the way.


                James Jula
                jmjula at


From: Robert & Carol Brusa
Subject: First Flight N412SB
Date sent: Monday, October 12 2015

RV12 started on July 11, 2014, and received pink slip on October 8, 2015. Also flew first flight on same day. Built as an ELSA. Empty weight 763 lbs without wheel pants. Dual sky view touch display. Short video attached.

The photo shows it with wheel pants installed.


                Bob Brusa
                Carol M Brusa
                 jpobob at


From: Wilhelm Geradts
Subject: Firstflight report of RV7A Reg. D-ETTA
Date sent: Sunday, 11 October 2015

Firstflight Report RV7A Registration D-ETTA

After 2 years of construction our RV7A becomes a bird. Testpilot Wilhelm Geradts at the controls performed the maiden flight under CAVOK conditions in the vicinity of Trier Airfield (EDRT). The RV with a Lycoming XIO360A1B6 (210HP) and MT-Prop left the ground after 150m. The plane flew straight and level without any malfunctions. Many thanks to Manfed Neufeld und son Christian, who did a lot of work together with me. This was my fourth QB-kit. After RV9, RV10, and two times RV7, I must say that all these planes make a lot of fun to build and to fly. Many thanks as well again to vans aircraft.


                Best Regards
                Wilhelm Geradts
                wilhelm.geradts at


From: Randy Thorne
Subject: RV-12 120276
Date sent: Thursday, 8 October 2015

Would like to report that #120276 (N86FS) first flight was on October 7th, 87 year old Frank Storm at the controls. Only issues are the trim quit (bad crimp at the motor) and the Volt and Amp values are at "0". They both worked last time we ran the engine before the flight a few weeks ago. King at Dynon talked us through a pin move on the EMS 220 a couple of months ago when there was an "X" across the Amp indication bar. Looking for any advise as to where to go, and why both may have dropped off at the same time. Tomorrow I will look for Voltage at pin 1 and 24 on the EMS 220 37 pin connector. You can respond here or my phone is 209 337 8331, my name is Randy.

                 Randy Thorne


From: Peter Otoole
Subject: First flight RV7 # 72487
Date sent: Thursday, 8 October 2015

Peter O'Toole's RV-7,(#72487)

ZU-IAG roared into the air for the first time on the morning of October 5th 2015, 9 years and a few months after construction began in May 2006. Mike Spence did the initial build supervision including the wing inspection when I was still resident in Krugersdorp while Richard Nicholsen took over supervision for me from 2010 after I moved to Polokwane. Richard was also kind enough to do the momentous first flight and will continue to help me with the test phase going forward. Richard reported a few minor issues including some radio interference and that the trim switch polarity needed reversing. At the time of the 1st flight I had recorded 1876 hrs on my build log. After the test phase I'll add a little more weight and some more build hrs with spats, leg fairings and an electric blue and silver paint scheme. The craft is equipped with a Superior IO 360, 180-hp kit motor that was expertly assembled by APCO in Wonderboom Pretoria last year. The prop is a Hartzell constant speed as recommended by Vans. The panel is a combination of steam gauges supplied by Vans aircraft and the MGL Explorer iEFIS. An Icom A210 Transciever and Trig Transponder are also installed. The empty weight as the plane stands now is 1048 lbs.

             from left, Richard Nicholsen (AP and test pilot), myself (builder) and Pieter Gousaard (Instructor who will do my conversion).

                 Peter O'Toole
                 Builder owner


From: duane tims
Subject: First flight N331PT
Date sent: Monday, 28 September 2015

John "Jack" Pickering achieved the RV Grin for a second time on September the 12th 2015, In his RV-12 ( Jack's first offence occurred in 1996, with his RV 6-A ).  It took Jack a little over 2 years to build his plane, with help from the RV cult at Hemet-Ryan and French valley Airports.  Thanks go out to Alex, John, Dick, Duane, Wayne and Buzz...(yes that's his real name and a great guy).  Congratulations Jack.


                Duane Tims


From: Chuck Brietigam
Subject: Van's calendar event day at the Caldwell, Idaho airport---a red letter day!!!!
Date sent: Sunday, 27 September 2015

Darrel Kubic ( on the left) and Don Crocker (on the right) flew their initial flights today (Saturday, September 26th) from the Caldwell, Idaho airport! Both beautiful RV-9's flew exceptionally true and balanced--a strong testimony to Van's design and kit manufacturing qualities.

The planes have identical fuselage paint schemes but in different colors and represent several long years of collaborative help and support. Darrel has previously built an RV-4 while Don has completed an RV-6 and RV-10. Both new RV-9s represent exceptional workmanship throughout.


                respectfully submitted by Chuck Brietigam
                RV-4, RV-3
                and RV-6XXL builder!


From: Dave Paradis
Subject: First Flight Report RV-8 N814DP
Date sent: Sunday, 27 September 2015

First Flight 9.26.2015 out of Lenhardt's Airpark 7S9, N814DP, RV-8, s/n 82483 after a little over 9 year slow build.  Lycoming O360, 180 HP Overhauled, Catto 3 blade fix pitch, Dynon 7" Skyview with a few back up steam gauges.  Both the aircraft and pilot wear an unmistakable RV Grin.  Nearly flawless 45 minute flight.  Oil door popped open at cruise but just stayed put and was not an issue for aborting flight.  Aircraft painted similar to US Navy trainer aircraft T34 and T28.  Flew T34s at Saufly Field in 1975, 40 years ago.  Thanks to wife Susan for her patience in letting me continue hiding out in the shop while building, son Robert who bucked a bunch of rivets. And to Van Patton a former RV8 builder for his invaluable guidance throughout the project and flying his Cessna 185 as chase plane.  Thanks to daughters Sara for photo work, Kirsti for planning a post flight celebration and to son Ryan for designing the paint scheme and seeing it come to life.  And special thanks to Mike Seager for great transition training and advice on conducting that first flight.


                Dave Paradis
                PO Box 31
                Hubbard, OR 97032


From: Stephen L. Murley
Subject: First Flight N745LM
Date sent: Monday, 21 September 2015

After somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 years of construction, RV-7 serial number 70346 has finally flown.  First flight was on September 9/13/2015 and lasted 30 minutes.  Since then, I have flown the airplane about 3.5 hrs.  It is powered by a carbureted 0-360 with dual P-Mags and a Hartzell blended airfoil prop.  Instrumentation includes a Dynon FlightDek 180, PS Engineering audio panel, Garmin SL 40 and a Garmin GTX 327 transponder.  The panel is also wired and ready for a Garmn 430.  The airplane flies as advertised meeting Vans published performance figures. I do have a little bit of a heavy left wing to correct, so it's not totally finished yet (but are they really ever?)

Thanks to my wife Jackie and my children Sam, Emily and Claire for putting up with an RV builder for such a long time.  Thanks to my hangar neighbor Ron Carson (RV 7 owner / builder) who helped me throughout the build.  Thanks also to all my Boerne Stage Airfield flying buddies who were always there to help and offer encouragement.



                Stephen L. Murley
                Boerne Stage Airfield
                Boerne, TX
                sjmurley at


From: Andy Lawrence
Subject: First Flight - RV 10
Date sent: Sunday, 20 September 2015

  • Vans RV 10
  • S/N 40789
  • ZU-LRV

To the team at Vans,

On September the 4th, a cool cloudy day, I successfully test flew my RV 10. Pete Lastrucci, my AP, accompanied me. All went well and the aircraft flew beautifully!

The build process, in my garage at home, started 7 years and 7 months ago when I received the empennage kit.

The engine prop combination is the standard Lycoming IO 540 and Hartzell 2 blade blended aerofoil. Instrumentation and avionics are all Garmin, with two G3X screens. So far, I've found the Garmin kit to be absolutely awesome! The interior panels are from Aerosport Products.

Of course I must thank Margie my wife for her continued support in my aircraft building hobby, Pete Lastrucci for his ongoing help and advice, Steven my son who is the experienced ( and sometimes reluctant!) rivet bucker and all my other friends, family and EAA members who supported and assisted over the years.

LRV now has 10 hours on the clock and I'm enjoying every minute!

Kind Regards


                Andy Lawrence
                Krugersdorp Flying Club
                South Africa
                 (2nd time offender)
                ZU-RRV RV 6
                ZU-LRV RV 10


From: Paul Reavis
Subject: RV-9A 90944
Date sent: Tuesday, 15 September 2015

RV-9A 90944 N64GR had its first flight March 1st 2015. No squawks, everything perfect. Thanks to all at Vans.


                 Paul Reavis


From: Scott Thompson
Subject: First Flight of RV-8 N9324Z
Date sent: Thursday, 10 September 2015

RV-8 N9324Z (s/n 82932) first flew on Sunday, August 30, 2015. Slow build kit started in January 2009 equipped with YIO-360-M1B and Hartzell constant speed propeller. Avionics include the Skyview 1000T and Garmin GTN-650. Spartan interior with Classic Aero seats, empty weight at 1136 pounds. It is based at Lincoln, CA (KLHM). Built with help from family and friends including wife Lisa and sons Adam, Lucas, and Nathan. Transition training with Mike Seager at Vernonia, Oregon. Flies sweet.


                 Scott Thompson


From: luca perazzolli
Subject: RV-8 83341 : FIrst Flight
Date sent: Thursday, 10 September 2015


I'm writing this e_mail in the name of my friends that had a 'first flight' event.

Thank you

                 Luca Perazzolli, 82317.

Our RV-8 sn. 83341 made its first flight on August 28, 2015 at Sassuolo Airfield near Bologna (Italy) with Francesco 'Franz' Dante at the controls.

The airplane sports a brand new Lycoming IO-360-M1B, Propeller Hartzell Two Blade HC-C2YR-1N/N7605-2 with Hartzell 15" Spinner , ShowPlanes cowl and canopy with fastback conversion kit, EFIS Garmin G3X touch GDU 460, 2 axis AP and XPDR Garmin GTX-23ES, Skyrich Battery Lithium Ion Battery, COM Radio Icom IC-A210, two E-MAG P.Model Magneto with Ei Commander monitor, PS Engeneering PM1000II Intercom, GPS Garmin 795, ACK-04 ELT, Seats from Aero Classic Design with 5 points Hooker Harness safety belts.

She weighs 1120 lbs (empty CG 77,87 inches). We spent 2,5 years with a QB kit working together in a small but suitable hangar in our airfield. We want to thank Luca Perazzolli (RV-8 I-LUKE) for his Invaluable help and support as Technical Counselor, Francesco 'Franz' Dante (RV-8 I-EIGT) for test flights and Paolo Bastianelli inspector from CAP Toscana. VAF community was a must in this building process and, yes, you designed an incredible airplane !


                 Vincenzo Palumbo, Massimo Carani, Fabrizio Giovanardi
                 Sassuolo (MO) - Italy


From: Darrell Bivens
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Thu, 3 Sep 2015

Vans Aircraft

  • N112AD
  • RV7  Slider
  • S/N 73496
  • 4.5 Years
  • Interior is TBD as well as paint.
  • IO-390X  Built by Barrett Precision Engines
  • Whirlwind 74RV
  • Twin - Grand Rapids Tech HXR 10.5"  EFIS Panel - With control input via Android Tablet in the middle of the panel
  • All the inputs/radios/transponder etc are located in the tail section.

8/12/2015  First Flight  a full 12 minutes of flight time at KLVJ.  Had some Com & Roll Issues,  after resolving those issues, the A/C is performing very well and as of 9/3/2015, I'm at 11 hours of pure enjoyment as I continue test flight phases.

Thanks to Nick as the Safety / Test Pilot / Builder Support /Transition Trainer etc

Thanks to Steve Sundstrum flying his RV7 alongside to get an outside perspective

Thanks for all the support from the Lone Star Flight Squadron in Houston, TX

Thanks for the building support from Dave Grover & Nick Nasfinger.

Thanks to my wife for all the support, the willingness to sacrifice my time & our hard earned $$$ to complete the project & I'm very thankful to GOD and my country that I am able to have the freedom to buy, build and fly at my discretion.


                 Darrell Bivens
                 darrell at
                 Owner / Manager / Behavior Consultant
                 The Pet Palace


Subject: Serial Number 90917 First Flight!
Date sent: Monday, 31 August 2015

Hello Vans!

I am happy to report that on August 2, 2015, N917VF (S/N 90917) took to the air from KFTG for the first time after a very slow build of 10 ½ years!

She is powered by a Lycoming O290-D2 swinging a Sensenich fixed-pitch metal prop. Empty weight with Classic Aero seats was 1018 lbs.

This first flight was un-eventful with surprising performance at 5500' from the smaller engine!

The panel is Van's stock pre-punched with Van's round instruments, an Icom A210 radio and a Garmin GTX327 transponder.

Thanks to my wife, son and daughter and family friends for helping build, and putting up with the airplane in the house, for all of those years.  Also many thanks due to members of EAA Chapter 301 for all of their support and encouragement during this lengthy build phase!


                 Vance Franks
                 airfranks at


From: Kranz, Ed
Subject: RV10 41347 First Flight!
Date sent: Monday, 31 August 2015

On 8/29/2015, RV10 N829EC took its first flight. It was skillfully flown by test pilot Doug Weiler, and it flew well right off the bat.

829EC is a slow built kit, and took almost exactly 3.5 years and about 2300 hours to complete. It has a factory new IO540, Hartzell 2 blade prop, and a full triple screen Garmin G3X touch avionics system. It has a very nice full interior kit from Aerosport Products, and is going to be a very comfortable cross country cruiser for me and my family! It did come in a little heavy (1700 empty) with all the creature comforts, but it's still has enough useful load to do anything I need it to!

Some unique features are:

  • Custom designed interior lighting system - works like a car. When you open a door, the lights come on!
  • Custom overhead switch panel for all aircraft lighting controls
  • Dual Lightspeed electronic ignition
  • Electric cowl flaps
  • Custom backlit switch labels
  • Throttle quadrant mounted in center console, from Aerosport Products

                 Ed Kranz,


From: muj deen
Subject: RV-12 first flight
Date sent: Sat, 29 Aug 2015

Dear Team at Vans,

G-MUJD, kit No 120576 made its maiden flight on Thursday 27/8/2015 from Henstridge airfield in Somerset, U.K. It flew like a bird, great machine. Thank you so much for the best design and kit supplied. A dream came true!

I enjoyed building this little bird over the last three years, slowed down a bit by my full time job and two young children.

Thanks to all my friends and the team at Vans who helped me throughout the build.

Rotax 912 ULS, Sensenich prop, Dynon D1000, back up dial ASI, ALT & Compass.

                 Mujahid El-Deen
                 mujdeen at


From: Gielie Loots
Subject: Reporting First Flight
Date sent: Monday, 24 August 2015

First Flight Report: RV10, serial no 41354

RV10 serial no 41354, registered in South Africa as ZU-ICS, had its first flight on Saturday, 15 August.

Gielie Loots was the homebuilder of this aircraft. It was delivered October 2012 and after 1370 hours of building it was ready for the first flight on 15 August 2015.

This RV10 is equipped with the new Garmin G3X avionics and have redundancy on all instruments to be registered for IFR flying:

Item Manufacturer
Engine Lycoming AE10-540-D4A5 TC 295
Propeller Hartzell constant speed propeller
Primary Instrument System Garmin G3X - GDU 370 Duel Screen
Audio Panel Garmin PMA8000B, 5 headsets system
Nav/Com 1 Garmin GNC 255 Radio/Transponder
Com 2 Garmin GTR 225 Radio
Remote Transponder Garmin GTX23
Engine Monitoring G3X Sensor Kit, 6 Cylinder
Auto Pilot Garmin GMC305 Auto Pilot

The approved person to inspect all my work was Andy Lawrence and he was mostly accompanied by Peter Lastrucci. I would like to thank them for their regular 2 ½ hour flights from Johannesburg to Sishen and all the knowledge they have shared with me during this visits. Without their support I would not have managed.

             Taxing for the flight              Flying for the first time              My wife, Anna-Mart, and me celebrating

                GIELIE LOOTS
                gielie at


From: Doug Rutherford
Subject: Doug Rutherford RV-12 first flight 8/21/15
Date sent: Saturday, 22 August 2015

N412DR kit #120797 completed it's first flight yesterday 8/21 at KGVL(Gainesville, GA). Flew for .9 hrs with no issues, except for a slightly heavy right wing. I was able to complete flight test card #1 during the flight. I would like to thank my wife Susan for all her support.  She didn't pull a single rivet, but she managed all the monetary aspects.  I did transition training with John Albury and his guidance allowed me to confidently conduct the flight. What a great aircraft!  Thanks also to all the people at Van's Aircraft for the great customer service and the finely engineered kit. 


                Doug Rutherford
                susanrutherford712 at


From: Allen Rice
Subject: N822AB First Flight
Date sent: Thursday, 20 August 2015

Dear Vans:

On July 10, 2015, N822AB became airborne for the first time.  After 6 years and 3300 hours of work (I did my own paint and panel) my RV-9A took off from Suwannee County Airport 24J, circled the field and landed without a squawk.  All temps and pressures were perfect.  The plane flies beautifully and almost lands itself.  A world of thanks goes to my wife who bucked all the rivets and spent hours masking parts for paint.  Thanks also to Jan Bussere for the 3 hrs. of transition training in his RV-6A to prepare me for the first flight.  N822AB features all steam gages with an Icom A-210 comm, Trutrak autopilot, FC-10 fuel management gage, a new XO-320 and Sensinich prop from Vans.  Thanks to Vans for designing such a great airplane.


                Allen Rice
                Allen at AllenRice net


From: Bill Schoen
Subject: RV-7 first flight
Date sent: Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Little late report but better late than never.  On May 5th of 2014 I flew N727BN for the first time

727BN is a slow build RV-7 slider with turbo charged Subaru 3 liter engine and Quinty electric C/S prop.  Dynon D-100 all glass instrument panel with an HS34 module and Dynon AP74 AP. Dual batteries and electrical system for the electric dependant engine. First flight went very well and it now has the required 40 hours of fly off time on it.  Still tweaking a few things but it flies straight with a little wedge on the lower trailing edge of the rudder.  Had to squeez the right aileron trailing edge to deal with slight left wing heavy situation. Thanks all of you for the splendid kit, and support, and I enjoyed the roughly 3000 hour building experience. (exception was the canopy)over the 10 year building period. Moved twice and had semi retired work interuptions but it got done!

                 Bill Schoen
                 flybill2usa at msn com
                 Builder # 71235


From: Jean Ivars
Subject: First flight report Vans RV4 N° 4429 F-PIVS
Date sent: Sunday, 16 August 2015


I'm very happy to report the first flight of my RV4 , it took place in the city of Dax (South West of France) on 15/08/15 at 14:15 Z time. All was perfect , a very surprisingly small plane, very fast and agile, that was obiously a great day for me after 11 years of construction. Thanks to all your team for this fabulous aircraft.....

  • Engine : Lycomming IO360
  • Fixed pitch prop from Catto.
  • VP 50 electric device, Dynon Efis.

Thanks again , I know now what is the famous RV GRIN.....!

Best regards,


                 Jean Ivars
                 jean.ivars at gmail com
                 Fixe : +33 5 58 97 03 72
                 Portable : +33 6 14 11 44 94


From: "Bob"
Subject: First Flight RV-7A
Date sent: Friday, 14 August 2015

I forgot to notify Van's earlier.

First Flight - June 3, 2015

RV-7A, N655RB (same N number as my RV-4 #2324)


                 Bob Butley
                 td3000 at att net
                 Builder - 73944


From: Glen Braun
Subject: First flight and RV-12 PAP for N657GB, builder number 120237
Date sent: Wednesday, 12 August 2015


I have completed the build of my RV-12. The first flight was July 7th, 2015, and since then I've completed the flight tests.

Here is a picture of the plane with my wife celebrating seeing her husband someplace other than the shop. Don't worry. She'll tire of me soon enough so I should think quick about my next project.

Thank you for all your support during the build. The kit and airplane are everything I wanted and I feel very happy to own and enjoy such a nice airplane.


                 Glen Braun
                 glen at GLENBRAUN COM


From: Klaus Krah
Subject: First Flight RV 8 / D-EVKK
Date sent: Tuesday, 11 August 2015

  • Owner: Klaus Krah
  • Aircraft-Model: RV-8
  • Tail Number: D-EVKK
  • Location: EDBA, Germany
  • Engine: XIO 360 M1B Standard / Christen System - Inverted Oil / Smoke
  • System SA: 101H by Smoking Airplanes LLC
  • Prop: Hartzell 72" CS
  • Paint: Design by Scheme Designers Inc. / 3 color Base/Clear
  • Instrument panel highlights:
    • DYNON Skyview 10" Touch
    • DYNON dual-axis-Autopilot with AP-Panel and Knob-Panel
    • PowerFlarm Core with Butterfly Display
    • CO Guardian Aero 553
  • Interior Details:
    • Sportsman Seats - Leather
    • Stickboots
    • Arms Rests front&rear
    • masterpiece by Classic Aero


                 Klaus Krah
                 klaus.krah at


From: Diran Torigian
Subject: First Flight N618RV
Date sent: Sat, 8 Aug 2015

First flight of RV-8 quick build kit #83451 at Eugene, OR on July 10, 2015. Empty weight 1,111 lbs. Titan Engines IOX-370-C4A1T, Whirlwind 74RV Prop, and Advanced Flight Systems VFR Quick Panel. Thank you to the staff at Synergy Air and AFS. This plane is a joy to fly.


                 Diran Torigian
                 torigi at aol com


Subject: First flight
Date sent: Wednesday, 5 August 2015

RV-12 #120517 first flew Aug 5th.  N812MM (8 in honor of my beautiful but sold RV-8, 12 to id this bird, and MM for my wife, co-builder and best friend Marcella) flew great.  We built it as an AB with a full-up G3X Touch cockpit, including ADS-B in and out (fully 2020 compliant).  My wife and I, with help from friends John Nys and Dennis Brown whipped this RV-12 out in less than 9 months, which is much quicker than the 6-year effort of my -8.  Van's pre-punched kits and amazing plans/drawings made all the difference.  Also, the help from Garmin was great, thanks Steve.  As always, timely help from Van's staff was needed and very much appreciated.  Now on to the real challenge, to agree on a paint scheme.


                 Ron Dunn
                 rondunn43 at


From: Norman Rathje
Subject: RV-10 First Flight
Date sent: Monday, 3 August 2015

First flight of RV-10 Kit #40711 occurred 5/3/2015 at Tailwind Airpark, Canton, TX.  Empty weight 1646 lb.  Lycoming YIO-540, Hartzel 2 blade prop, GRT EFIS and Tru Trak autopilot. This is a real rocket ship!

                 Norm Rathje
                 Code 1 Flight Training
                 normanrathje at gmail com


From: Scott Long
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Thursday, 30 July 2015

Today was the big day. N629SB is now an official aircraft. The JB aircraft engine performed perfectly. This couldn't have happened with out the help of my great friend Jon Thocker. And a special thanks to Mike Seager for the transition training. It was one of the best decisions I have made when I decided to get the training. This day was a 15 year dream come true. Haven't been building that long but that was when I first laid eyes the RV-8 in a gentleman's living room with the wings resting in his dining room. A few years later he kept his promise and took me up. And probably like most anyone else I was hooked.


                Scott Long
                longscott40 at yahoo com


From: Daan Conradie
Date sent: Thusday, 30 July 2015

RV8 ZU-DJC built from a QB kit s/n 83185 did it's first flight on a bitterly cold Sunday morning 26 July 2015 from Kitty Hawk airfield Gauteng South Africa after a 2 year and 3 month built, coincidently also the last day of Oshkosh 2015. She handles like a dream and flies beautifully straight with no roll.  It is powered by a Superior XP IO-360 engine driving a Hartzell blended aerofoil cs propeller.  Avionics is a single MGL Challenger screen with all the necessarry MGL bits and pieces, a VPX Sport takes care of the electrics. She weighed in at a respectable 1085 lbs (492 kgs)

Many thanks to Dawie van Staden who has completed two RV's, RV8 ZU-FCE and RV7A ZU-ISC for being the big motivator for my built and also for his help and advice during the built.  Also a big thank you to Andre and Nico Burger builders of RV8 ZU-NAB for their advice and support and who were a great help in the final assembly stage.  My very patient wife Henriette can now have her dining room table back and there are no more wings decorating the entrance hall to our house.

What a journey what an aircraft! Thank you Van's!


                 Daan Conradie
                 Kitty Hawk, Gauteng, South Africa
                 djc AT woodlandsnet co za


From: Monica y Peter
Subject: 1st flight
Date sent: Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Our RV12, serial 120709, had her first flight yesterday July 29, 2015, thanks to our friend Alberto Barba who flew her for us! A big thank you to Beto and Oscar who helped us with all the final preparations for first flight.


                Peter Kopasovic
                Monica Piquette
                Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico
                mpinmexico at yahoo com


From: Paul Marskell
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Saturday, 25 July 2015

First flight of RV-10 G-RVVY took place on 16th July at Kemble, UK after just over 8 1/2 years building.  Now completed the Flight Test programme in 7 flights totalling 8 hours and awaiting issue of the full Permit to Fly.

Aerosport IO-540 powering a MT 3-blade prop.  EFIS/EMS Dynon Skyview with a Garmin stack (GMA240, GTX328, GNS430W, GNC255A).  Upholstery and carpets by Flightline Interiors.

Very smooth and crisp with very minor snags and a small trim adjustment to the rudder.  Sweet ride!


                Paul Marskell
                paul_b747 at mailwtt com
                Build No 40652


From: Robert Anderson
Subject: RV-8 First Flight
Date sent: Sunday, 19 July 2015

The morning of April 22, 2015 RV-8, N184GC took to the skies for the first time. Other than some EFIS configuration issues everything went well. It is straight and fast and a real joy to fly. 

Under the hood is an overhauled Lycoming O-360-A1A with dual P-Mags and a Catto 3-blade prop. Instruments include a GRT Sport EFIS with EIS engine monitor and an old style airspeed and altimeter for backup. It now has 36 hours as of this writing and continues to fly great!

Many thanks to David, Will and the local builders for their help, Andy for the transition training, Jim for the use of his RV-7 and my wife Karin for all her excellent riveting help and patience with this project.


                Bob Anderson
                N184GC - 1 (one) 8 (RV-8) 4 (for) GC (Grandpa C)
                skybobby at gmail com


From: Maxwell Anthony
Subject: RV-6 first flight
Date sent: Sunday, 19 July 2015


Just a note to let you know that after 24 years (yes, you read it right) of on-off work my RV-6 G-CIFL (plans no. 22210) took to the air on Friday 17 July at Manchester Barton aerodrome, UK, in the hands of yours truly. It is a pretty standard 6 with a 180hp Mattituck with Sensenich fixed pitch prop, mostly analogue gauges but with a nod to a glass cockpit with a little Dynon D6, and an empty weight of 1050 lbs. Thanks to my dad who helped with the riveting, my inspector Nigel Jones, Sheila, my long suffering wife, and of course Van's for a great design.

Now 5 hours in and no problems so far. Fantastic performance all round. I'm looking forward to some serious UK and European touring in the near future.

Pics of the first take off and the resulting grin are attached.


                Tony Maxwell
                drajmaxwell at gmail com


From: Jeff Quaid
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, 14 July 2015

First flight report for RV7 kit # 70595. The aircraft first flew for 35 minutes on July 4th 2015 at Paso Robles, Ca. Municipal airport. Kit # 70595 is now N52JQ. Powered by a IO-360 EXP from Ly-Con engines of Visalia, Ca.

The aircraft flew well with a slightly heavy left wing. Only a few minor items required attention.

Can't wait to fly it some more!!

                Jeff Quaid
                jquaid452 at sbcglobal net


From: Roger Russell
Subject: First flight RV12 ......120307
Date sent: Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dear Vans,


                Best regards,
                Roger Russell.    (Newport Sydney Aust.)
                rogerrussell3 at bigpond com


From: David Syvertson
Subject: First Flight Info
Date sent: Tuesday, 14 July 2015

N703CE flew for the first time June 26, 2015.  Serial number 40625.  Plane weighted in at 1550 lbs.  Flew at 176 kts at 7,500 ft. Equipment includes - Dual G3X, SL-30, GRT-mini, PS-8000BT, GTN-625, Garmin GMC 305, GDL 39R, GTX 23-ES, 2-axis Garmin AP, Approach Fast Stack and Vertical Power VPX.  Special thanks to 1) My family, 2) Houston area builders, 3) Jesse Saint, 4) Van's support, 4) Tim at Approach Fast Stack, 5) Vic Syracuse, 6) Alex De Dominicis, 7) VAF and 8) Vertical Power.  The first 40 hours are now flown off.

                Dave Syvertson
                Sugar Land, TX


From: Cyril BERGEAUD
Subject: RV7-A first flight
Date sent: Friday, 03 July 2015


Wanted to let you know my RV-7-A is now flying (1st flight 05 May 2014). HOBS is now showing 100 hours. Everything is working fine. Lot's of fun in flying that plane

Lycoming IO-360 A1A with a MT Prop, Dual P-MAG, 2 Dynon screens empty weight 1130 Lbs.

Thank you to the Van's Aircraft team for an excellent design.


                Cyril BERGEAUD, France,
                bergeaud.cyril at gmail com>


From: Peta Piero
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Friday, 3 July 2015

After 6 year I-JUAN,first RV3 in Italy, took off on may 2nd 2015

Engine is Lyc 0-290 D2,prop Tonini GT 68x67, It flew incredibly well absosutely straigh and true.


                Peta Piero Italy
                 Sonerai at libero it


From: Kyle Lee
Subject: First Flights RV120543
Date sent: Tuesday, 30 Jun 2015

Pleased to announce that RAA registered 19-9112, Vans RV-12 kit 120543 lifted off the ground June 30th, 2015 out of Kyneton Aerodrome, Victoria, Australia. Test flown by my father-in-law and build partner Alan Searle. Can you believe it, we still talk to each other after 4 yrs (2162 hrs) of building in my little shed. Thanks for putting up with my dumb questions for so long Al! Special thanks to my very understanding wife, Genevieve and co-builders - Jacob and Amity.

This project was heaps of fun and filled with rewarding challenges. It's unimaginable that the best part of the RV experience is just about to begin!


                 Kyle Lee
                 Ocean Grove, Australia
                 rivethead at bigpond com


From: Wayne Baker
Subject: RV-8 first flight
Date sent: Thurday, 18 Jun 2015


  I made the first flight of N728WB June 25, 2015. The flight went smooth and the plane handles great. I have a O-360-A4A with Prince Prop, Grove gear and a Dynon panel.


             Wayne Baker
             Builder 83445
             rwb877 at hughes net


From: Steffen Gemsa
Subject: First Flight RV-4, Builder Number 4418, D-EKAS, 03.03.2013
Date sent: Saturday, 20 Jun 2015

Sorry for the late announcement, i didn´t realize the possibility.:

Flawless first flight, what an awesome airplane to fly!!!!!!!!!! 


                 Steffen Gemsa
                 steffen.gemsa at me com


From: Walt Jazun
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Friday, 19 Jun 2015


Wanted to let you know this morning June 19 RV-7  N116CW, kit number 73385 flew for the first time at the Front Range Airport, Watkins Colorado.

Lycoming O-360 A1P with a Whirlwind 200RV prop, 2 Tru Trak screens, Garmin SL-30, empty weight 1043 Lbs.

Thank you to the Van's Aircraft team for an excellent design and to Mike Seager for awesome training in preparation for the first flight.


                Best Regards
                Walt Jazun
                mmo727 at comcast net
                Parker, Colorado


From: Chris Golden
Subject: Belated First flight report - RV-10
Date sent: Thurday, 18 Jun 2015

N930M first flight March 25, 2015.
RV-10, 40741, EFII fuel injection and ignition (no mags), Triple Dynon Skyview Touch with all the bells and whistles (AP, ADS-B, wifi, comm, etc), dual alternator, dual battery.

                Enjoying it greatly!
                chris at


Date : Tue, 16 Jun 2015
Subject: 1st Flight - Lance Sorenson

Lance Sorenson, who lives in Selah WA,  stopped by the mothership today to show off his new RV-9A.


               Congrats Lance on a fine job!


From: Andy Hill
Subject: RV-3B G-HILI First Flight
Date sent: Mon, 15 Jun 2015

Dear Vans

RV-3B flew for the first time today... 2nd RV for Andy & Ellie Hill after RV-8 G-HILZ. A slow build both in kit and time (6 years).

IO-320, 2x P-Mag, MT C/S Prop, Inverted Oil & Fuel. Built for lightweight so limited avionics and comforts resulting in 733lbs unpainted Basic Wt – Beringer Wheels/Brakes and a Narrow Deck engine help towards that.

3 flights and ~1hr – and flies straight and negligible heavy wing – now down to the proper testing, tuning and performance measuring, subjectively however goes like .....!

Thanks again to the Vans team for a great kit and service.


                Andy & Ellie Hill
                andy at


From: Markus Mix
Date sent: Monday, 15 Jun 2015
Subject: First Flight

Dear Vans-Team

the great day with the first flight of my RV-8 D-EMIX was on 12. June 2015:-)

Thanks for your great support so far!

Best Regards,

                Markus Mix
                mix.m at
                Hamburg, Germany


Date sent: Sun, 14 Jun 2015
Subject: first flight N953KM
From: Ken Morris

The first flight for my RV-10 on Jun-13-2015.
Barrett Precision Engine IO-540-X turning a Hartzell Blended Airfoil
prop. The panel consists of a dual-screen AFS 5000 series EFIS, SL 30
NAV/COM, SL 40 COM, Sandia remote transponder, PE PMA8000BT audio
panel, NavworX ADS-B, TruTrak RV10 A/P, and Dynon D6 backk-up PFD.

Thanks for a great kit. Flys like my Rv-7A only larger, very stable.

Thanks again,
Ken Morris
ken at


From: Rick Maury
Date sent: Thurday, 13 Jun 2015
Subject: First flight RV 7

Today was the first flight of RV7, 73161, N658RM at the Rock Hill-York County, SC Airport KUZA. Flight lasted 18 min, but was cut short do to loss of Dynon Skyview EMS. Skyview network cable to EMS fell out. Landed, fixed then flew a second flight. It is powered by IO360 A1A with Dynon Skyview system, Day/night VFR. Plane flew left wing heavy, but performance was fantastic.

Want to thank everyone at Vans, Vans Air Force dot Net, and EAA chapter 961.

As a side note, it was 3 days shy of the 41st anniversery of my first power solo on my 16th birthday. Got to go to work and fly to LAX tonight.


                Thanks again.
                Rick Maury
                Rock Hill, SC
                maury4 at


From: Tom
Subject: First flight, ELSA RV-12 N121TK, #120845
Date sent: Wed, 10 Jun 2015

06/10/2015. Launched early, the weather was perfect in Deland, Fl. Flew an hour, no gripes at all. Lots excitement & lots of fun. This is a great little airplane.

The build time came it at 1128 hrs, I was anticipating about 1200 so that was great. It was a really fun build and now I'm looking forward the flying. Empty weight came in at 754 pounds without wheel fairings and paint. Did the entire build in my two car garage with the final assembly at the airport. Worked out great.


                Tom Kodey
                Port Orange, Fl
                tom at


To: Gus @ Van's
Date sent: Wed, 10 Jun 2015
Subject: RV-8 #83172

Finally, after six months of paperwork and discussions and no alterations, the first flight.

Many thanks for all your fantastic and speedy help. It made the build a pleasure.



                Lord Rotherwick
                Cornbury Park

webmaster note:
Images above are from screen captures of two movies. "landing" and "take off".


From: Ben Barron
Subject: RV-12 first flight
Date sent: Fri, 5 Jun 2015

120035 completed it Phase 1 testing 6-3-15 thanks to Glenn Howell (Axsys Air), Dave Knutson, Jeff Hamlin, Darin Anderson, Jim Scott (Aircore), Troy Dorn (Gorilla Vinyl Wraps), Tony Tessitore, all the guys at Dynon.

A extra special thanks to Art Loring my 82 year young A & P (and RV-7 builder) who was by my side every rivet making sure I did it right and learned why.

I will now go on to learn to fly in this amazing machine…I built!


               Ben Barron
               thefourbarrons at


From: Ken Brooks
Subject: RV-8 First Flight Report
Date sent: Fri, 5 Jun 2015

RV-8 N1903P flew for the first time on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 at 44C (Beloit, WI AP) on a calm, sunny morning. It flew as we expected and just needs a slight adjustment on the idle RPM. She's not a show plane, but she's well built with the oversight of Pilot and A&P Ed Titcomb.

Kit 80411 was first opened in November 1997, so it may be the slowest QB ever, but that is of NO consequence now. Looking forward to the next chapter in the adventure. Many thanks to my wife Donna and now-adult children Sara and Tim whose support was always set at maximum, and of course to the great design by Van and the support of his employees in Aurora. Special thanks to my partner Ed who put up with me throughout the years and always remained the consummate gentleman, even during my frustrated rants! Don't know anyone who had a bigger RV-grin than that of mine in the accompanying photo. For those not yet finished with theirs, keep plugging away. It will be worth it!

                P.S. Yes, that's 68 pounds of dog food in the back seat for CG. ;-)
                Ken Brooks
                kenbrooks at


From: Jack Hoogewerff
Subject: First flight PH-SES
Date sent: Thurday, 28 May 2015

Today the 28th of May 2015 our second RV-12 PH-SES made a succesful series of testflights.

The paint sheme is identical to our older RV12 PH-SEP which has a HOBBS of 450 hours.

It took us 8 months to build and waiting for the airworthiness certificate unfortunately took 2 months.

Apart from some trimming and minor issues it flies like a dream. Great plane!


                 Jack Hoogewerff
                 jackhoogewerff at
                 Airwings-Seppe B.V.


From: Pete Pearson
Subject: First flight RV9A
Date sent: Mon, 25 May 2015

RV-9A S/N 1072 (N27PP) took flight on Memorial day at 7:20 Am following a long gestation. Test pilot John Andre report that she is a delight to fly.

27PP has a stock O320- E3D with a Sensenich fixed pitch prop and a full blown Dynon Skyview system. The “Niner” weighed in at 1064 pounds with a mix of King and Garmin avionics.

Many thanks to my friends at EAA chapter 339 who shared moments of joy and agony during the build. Special thanks to my very supportive wife Jan, John Andre EAA 339 Flight Advisor, Eddie Sanders my top wrench man and Allan Goins for his keen eye providing support throughout the project.


                pete.pearson at


From: Mike Hillger
Subject: N302RM First Flight
Date sent: Wed, 20 May 2015

N302RM RV-7, SN #71594, made its first flight May 15, 2015, in Big Spring, Texas!

Equipped with a Lycoming IO-360 B1E, Hartzell Blended Airfoil CS prop, Duel Dynon 10” glass panel with auto pilot, and a Classic Aero interior. Empty weight with paint is 1123 lbs..

Thanks to my wife, Nancy, for being supportive and so helpful. Thanks to Van’s Air Force, I could have never attempted this project without the help and guidance there. And a big thank you to Vans Aircraft for producing a great kit plane and helping me along the way!

               It flies GREAT!


               Mike Hillger
               mikehillger at


From: Wayne Johnson
Date sent: Tue, 19 May 2015
Subject: RV-12 First Flight

On Sunday, 4/26/2015 RV-12 kit #120642 flew for the first time from S50 in Auburn WA.

Some minor rudder and aileron adjustments needed but everything works as expected. Many thanks to all who helped along the way especially Kathy, Tony, Marv and Andy. Looking forward do completing the Flight Test Cards and a paint job.


               Wayne Johnson
               wcjohnson11 at


Date sent: Mon 18, May 2015
From: Bob Markert
Subject: First flight #82190

N747BM RV-8 #82190 flew for the first time at 05:35 am May 17, 2015.

IO-375 inverted fuel and oil, Garmin G3X. Flew straight with no heavy wing. Amazing aircraft.

               Bob Markert
               bobmarkert at
               Littleton, CO


Date sent: Mon, 18 May 2015
Subject: G-OJLD First flight
From: John Dixon

Just to let you know I flew my RV-7 for the first time on Thursday 7th May.

Flew like a dream straight out of the box.


               John Dixon
               jld300 at


Subject: Another RV-7A Flying in Australia
From: Rowlands Family
Date sent: Mon, 18 May 2015

Just for your records. I first flew my recently completed RV-7A on the 16 May 2015. Registration VH- RDW.

              Jeff Rowlands
              jkrowlands at


From: Andrew Herbert
Subject: First flight of RV-7 ZU-IDP serial no.73938
Date sent: Sun, 10 May 2015

Maiden flight of ZU-IDP Serial no.73938 Date of flight: 8 May 2015
Built by John and Andrew Herbert (Farther son build)
Standard build kit with a build time of 3 years 4 months

Engine: Lycombing IO360-A1A with Inverted fuel and oil systems
Prop: Hartzel constant speed
Equipment: Dual 10” Dynon Touch Skyview, with Dual ADHARS, AP controller, Garmin 430W, GMA240 Audio Panel, and GTR200 Radio all wired on VPX sport.

Both Father and Son are commercial pilots, and wanted to build a RV with a full IFR platform, but also with the Inverted oil and fuel systems to have some fun. We completed everything on the build our selfs, from the Engine, avionics, painting and interior panels. We wanted the plane to have some presence so we made the bold decision to use Metalic and pearl colours, the base colour is a 3 part pearl White, with a Metalic blue and silver.

The first flight went smoothly, where we flew for 2 hours to help with the engine break in, with remarkably few Snags. The handling of the plane was flawless.


             Andrew Herbert
             pilotandrew at


Subject: Another RV-9A First Flight
From: Lars Eif
Date sent: Thurday, 7 May 2015

Chalk up another RV-9A on the Hobbs meter.  Serial #91982 flew for the first time on May 7, 2015.  Construction of this slow-build kit started in October 2010 and finished in September 2014 .  It took until February 2015 to get all the paperwork and inspections in order.  I decided to wait until the warmer weather to go flying.

The first flight was marvellous.  The RV-9A is fast, yet very well-mannered.  Slow flight at 60 knots with full flaps is rock solid.  All the engine temperatures and pressures were right where they should be. And no heavy wing! Even my landing was pretty good.  I just have to remember to keep my toes off the brakes at touchdown.

C-FSLE is powered by a TMX IO-320 engine swinging a Sensenich ground adjustable prop.  Electric power is managed by a VP-X Pro.  Instruments are dual Dynon Skyview 10" screens with auto-pilot, mode S transponder and ADSB.  A PS Engineering audio panel provides com 1 and com 2 is a Garmin GTR 225. Interior is synthetic leather by Classic Aero Designs.

I would like to thank my wife Sandy for bucking all those rivets and driving many of them herself.  EAA Chapter 245 members Matt Pearson and Terry Peters generously donated their time and their aircraft to give me transitional training.  Ken Potters, Mike Lamb and Sandy formed my ground crew for the first flight.

I want to thank Van for designing this fantastic cross-country aircraft, and the people at Van's aircraft for fabricating and shipping the great kits. Finally, all RV enthusiasts owe a huge debt of thanks to Doug Reeves for providing us with information and entertainment in


              Lars Eif
              Ottawa, Ontario Canada


Subject: RV-7A
From: Mark Thibodeau
Date sent: Wed, 6 May 2015

A lot has happened over the 10 years since the empennage kit purchase. One thing remains true, these are great flying planes. While there are not as many in the Northeast as other parts of the country I know this build has inspired a few more as others have inspired me.

Many thanks to my family, Vans staff, Vendors and other builders whose websites, calls or emails have made ALL the difference.

While I never thought I would finish (and I did), my motto has alway been, "sooner or later I'll run out of things to do"...


               If you have any question, feel free to email me at markthibodeau at

               Mark & Jamie


From: John D'Arcy
Subject: RV-7A first flight
Date sent: Tue, 5 May 2015

My RV-7A (VH-DYC) just had its first flight. A friend of mine, a very experienced pilot and current owner of multiple RVs and other aircraft types conducted the first flight and reported that no adjustments were required.

I then took the aircraft up and found it a delight to fly. I had done very little flying during the 11 year build period but i was just as comfortable in the RV as I had been flying our V35 Bonanza for 20 years prior to commencing this project.

The aircraft is fitted with an IO390 and MT 3 blade propeller with a simple instrument panel layout which includes an Trutrak and Altrak autopiolot system. The finished aircraft weighed 1100 lbs unpainted. The IO390 / Mt3 blade combination produced impressive ground acceleration and the prop looks good.

Looking foward to fitting the fairings and having it painted.


              John D'Arcy
              Builder No 72030
              southport_hifi at


From: Robert Melis
Subject: RV-12 First Flight
Date sent: Mon, 4 May 2015

RV-12 VH-YRT (#120346) took to the skies over Serpentine airfield (YSEN) in Western Australia on 3 May 2015, more than a year after I thought it was `nearly ready’.

However, with the last of CASA’s paperwork finally completed, our very experienced and gifted test pilot `JB’, taxied it past the two Erikson Aircranes that have been stationed here during our bushfire season (Georgia Peach and Ichabod), and took it around for a couple of initial circuits. The small group of enthusiastic onlookers who watched the first flight all had very large Van’s grins, including me. Now the real test flying begins.

Thanks to Vans for a fantastic aircraft, and to the many VAF contributors from whom I’ve learned so much over the past 4½ years.


                Robert Melis (rgmwa)
               melis at


From: Rob Montgomery
Subject: VH-MyRomeoVictor
Date sent: Mon, 4 May 2015

Hi All,

Sunday, May 4th 2015, RV-7A (73567) transformed from a kit to a flying aeroplane. Slow Build with a gestation period of 5years 8 months.
Slider with IO-360, dual p-mags, Full Classic Aero Designs Interior, VP-Pro and Dual Dynon avionics.

Interior and exterior design and colours by my wife ( one of her many hats is “Interior Decorator”).

Flew beautifully, first off, in rough and tumble cross wind conditions … no vices, just well balanced and responsive, just as Van intended. Still smiling!


                Cheers from Downunder,
                Robert Montgomery
                robmont at


From: Robert Norton
Subject: First Flight Report, N44RN
Date sent: Sun, 3 May 2015

My first annual Condition Inspection is almost due, so I should stop flying long enough to file a First Flight report:

RV-9A #9-1819, now N44RN, first took flight on May 31, 2014, after five and a half years. It climbs fast and flies straight and perfectly, and lands as easily as anything I have flown. My RV Grin is still embarrassingly evident, but much more important is the smile of my wife, as in the picture attached.
Her loyal support, in spite of this peculiar mental obsession I have with aviation, has turned into genuine enthusiasm for RV travel, and now almost a hundred hours of copilot time for her. An RV is truly worth all the years of rivets and sandpaper.

I would especially like to thank Wally Anderson at Synergy Air for his excellent classes and extremely helpful head start; my friend, Joe Cameron, for hundreds of hours bucking rivets, installing engines, building air baffles, trimming Plexiglas and invaluable advice and assistance; and Mike Seager for his amazing aviating and teaching skills, and for performing the first test flight.


                Robert H. Norton


Subject: first flight #82891
From: Franz
Date sent: Sun, 3 May 2015

Good morning,

Yesterday May the 2nd 2015 I completed the last test flight in presence of my dar, Mr. Del Favero.

The aircraft flew for the first time on the 22 of November 2014, it flew perfectly and I completed all the testing process without corrections or adjustment.

I installed a 180hp horsepower with injection, inverted oil sys and fuel pick up, with a fixed pitch two blade GT propeller.
Avionic is analogic with a dynon d-10a and a ubg16.

Flying a van's plane is pure joy, it's a perfect mix of speed, aerobatic performances and easy handling characteristics.

Many thanks to my mentor Luca Perazzolli, my family and my friends.


               Francesco Dante
               Fradante at


Date sent: Sun, 3 May 2015
Subject: RV-10 N728TT First Flight
From: Todd and Toni Stovall

Our RV-10, N728TT, took to the skies today 3 May 15 after 8 ½ years of building.

We have a Barrett Precision Engine IO-540-X turning a Hartzell Blended Airfoil prop. The panel consists of a dual-screen Garmin G3X EFIS, Garmin GTN-650 GPS/NAV/COM, SL 30 NAV/COM, GTX-23ES remote transponder, PE PMA5000EX audio panel, Vertical Power VP-200, TruTrak GX Pilot A/P, and TruTrak Gemini back-up PFD.

I’d like to thank my wife Toni for helping and putting up with this seemingly endless project and Van’s for designing such a fantastic kit.


               Todd Stovall
               Builder # 40631
               tsts4us at


From: Bill Wilkie ( 91568 )
Date sent: Fri, 1 May 2015

Please enter in the completed database that RV-9A 91568 has been flying since June 2012 with Canadian registration C-GWYW.

               Bill Wilkie
               billwilkie at


From: Dan Weyant
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Thurday, 30 April 2015

On 4/30/2015 at approximately 6:00pm CDT N96KD took flight for the first time!

N96KD is a slow build RV-9A, built by Dan and Karen Weyant.  We started construction in early November of 2012.
She consists of an XIO-320 with P-Mags, a Hartzell constant speed prop, a Garim G3X Touch Panel, and a Classic Aero interior.


                Dan Weyant
                dan at


From: Alex Erdelyi
Subject: RV-12 #120758 First Flight
Date sent: Wed, 29 Apr 2015

First flight for RV-12 N912AE (serial # 120758) took place Tuesday, 4/28/15 at French Valley Airport (F70). All I can say is wow, what a blast! The left wing is a little heavy and there is a bit too much bend in the rudder tab, but both are easy fixes. I'm looking forward to flying off the rest of the five hours and getting ready for paint.

Many thanks to my friends and co-builders, and Van's for their support along the way.


                Alex Erdelyi
                aerdelyi at


From: John Swallow
Date sent: Sun, 26 Apr 2015

Good day:

After ten years of not-so-hard work, RV-7A C-FBJV got airborne on her maiden flight at 0925 hours on 24 April 2015 with her builder/owner at the controls from the airport in Vernon, BC. The aircraft sports a Lycoming
IO-360-M1B (180 HP) fitted with a fixed pitch Sensenich prop. A Dynon Skyview handles navigation and situational awareness while a panel-mounted Garmin 196 provides something with which the co-pilot can amuse himself. Communication is via an ICOM A210 radio while ATC can keep tabs through the Garmin GTX 327. "Round gauges" were installed to keep track of engine parameters, primarily because I like them. A close look at the pictures will reveal that the aircraft is flown from the right seat (naturally!).

The aircraft and engine behaved themselves during the flight although some slight left-wing heaviness will be addressed when the test hours are flown off and all fairings installed.

I have nothing but admiration for the folks at the factory who designed the aircraft, the technicians who fabricate the various parts and pieces, and those who fill the orders and send them on their way. Bravo Zulu to you all!

A special thanks must go to repeat offender Rick Thorburn here in Vernon who took me under his wing and mentored me throughout the build process, freely giving of his time even though he was in his own active build stage. In addition, there were many other builders in the local area who gave of their time, information, and even clecoes! I am in debt to all.


                John Swallow
                Vernon, BC
                jonnimart at


From: Richard Welch
Subject: First Flight - RV-6 G-DCOE in the UK
Date sent: Thu, 23 Apr 2015

I'm pleased to tell you that my RV-6 has taken its first flight here in the UK on Friday March 13th.

The Kit was originally sold to John Cranfield, but ended up sitting in a barn untouched for some 16 years. It has been there so long that some of the wall had to be removed to get it out!

It took me 12 months / about 2000 hours to get to the "painting" stage. After that another 6 months for a professional paint job, trimming, inspection, test flights etc.

It's 160hp Lycoming, Fixed Pitch Sensenich, with fuel injection and inverted oil. 1066lb empty.

Looking forward to many happy hours flying her in the coming years.


               With best regards
               Richard Welch
               richard.welch at


From: Guilherme Plassmann
Subject: First flight 74285
Date sent: Tue, 14 Apr 2015

Today on April 14/2015 my RV-7A took first flight. 50 minutes of enjoyable flight and more to come.

It was worth my 11 months 10 days of work!!!!!


               Thanks a lot
               Capt Guilherme Plassmann
               Belo Horizonte, Brazil
               capt.guilherme at


From: Jeff Diewold
Subject: first flight report
Date sent: Mon, 13 Apr 2015

After 6 years N747W took flight on May 2nd 2014.

My RV-7 serial no 73117 is powered by a Lycoming 0360,equipped with VFR steam gauges SL40, transponder, encoder, I-FLY 720,Trutrak, with landing and taxi lights.

I also built a smoke system with the tank under the cowl, I wanted to compete in flour bombing events so I built a bomb bay in front of the fuel selector. It works great for dropping toilet paper on my rural friends grass airstrips.

I painted it with Ranthane tru blue and new insignia white. Empty weight was 1066 with paint.


                Thank You Van for a great plane for travel and just fun.
                Jeff Diewold
                Chapter 700
               jeffdiewoldrv at


From: Trevor Conroy
Subject: First Flight!
Date sent: Sun, 12 Apr 2015

I am happy to report our RV-7 took to the skies today after 5 ½ years of building. It flew incredibly well, absolutely straight and true.

We have a stock 180hp IO-360-M1B turning a Hartzell Blended Airfoil prop. Behind the panel we have dual Advanced Flight Systems EFIS screens, Garmin GTN-750 GPS/NAV/COM, GNC-255A NAV/COM, GTX-33 remote transponder, GMA-35 remote audio panel, ADS-B in/out, and the VP-X electronic circuit breaker module controlling it all.
Our empty weight came in at 1136 lbs.

Thank you Van’s for designing such a well flying airplane and for all your support while we were building!


            Trevor & Dewey Conroy
            Trevor.Conroy at


From: Michael Henning
Date sent: Sun, 12 Apr 2015
Subject: First flight RV-4

SN 2750, N654ML, RV-4, 1033 pounds IO-360A1A, 200hp, whirlwind 150C prop, Dynon D-10A, AFS 2002 engine monitor. Lots of right rudder as power went in, off The ground in less than 700 feet, 110kts in climb produced 2500fpm up. What an aircraft!

It flew great outside of a little Heavy left wing and a bit low oil temp. Perfect first landing with video too. I'm in awe of how well it flew.


              Thanks Van
              Michael Henning
              n654ml at


Date sent: Sat, 11 Apr 2015
Subject: RV-8 N184CS First Flight
From: Christer Stenstrom

After 5 1/2 years of building my RV-8, today was the first flight. Winds were calm, sky clear, temp 38 (warm day in MN) so a perfect day.

The RV-8 performed as expected, awesome. After about 50 minutes of flying, some approach stalls (stalls at 51 kts.) a nice wheel landing culminated the event. A quick check showed all the big pieces were still attached and I can even re-use the aircraft.

I call that successful. The RV-8 is powered by a Titan (ECI) OX-360 180HP, dual P-Mags with a Hartzell blended airfoil constant speed prop. The panel is by SteinAir (who else) and has a Garmin G3X system, GTN-650, SL40, GMA-240, GTX-23ES, GDL39 and a Vizion 385 autopilot. Interior is by Classic Aero.

Empty weight is 1135. It will get paint by Midwest Aircraft Refinishing in June in hopes of having it at Oshkosh in July.

Attached is my RV grin photo along with a picture of the "ugly duckling" only a builder can love.


               Christer Stenstrom
               Builder 81914
               chrisstenstrom at


From: Richard Jason
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Sat, 11 Apr 2015


Completed construction of my RV-8A Ser.# 80716. First flight 2/1/2015 uneventful.

Paint shop reservation mid June. New ECI 0-360, Catto 3 blads prop, Dynon 10” Skyview, empty weight 1053lbs. Todds tinted canopy.


               Dick Jason
               Winter Haven, FL
               rjason1 at


Subject: Project completion, two years ago and not reported! Sorry.
From: Paul Kovalak
Date sent: Fri, 10 Apr 2015

Paul Kovalak
RV-7A, 567PK
First flight about June, 2013
Home airport 8D4

I finished my project after 6 years of sticking to it and taking one bite at a time. Finished just in time to get the hours flown off and OshKosh. No events during the test and performance exceeded my hopes.

Upon arrival to Homebuilt camping, the gentleman who parked me recommended I enter the judging contest and against my better judgement I agreed not knowing anything about it. Long story short, I took home a bronze Lindy and a really good experience.

I now have about 160 hrs TT and will return to OshKosh again this year.

Fantastic airplane and factory / community support is second to none!

Thanks for the great kit.

Paul Kovalak
pkovalak at


Number 9000 on the hobbs

From: "Thomas Schau Damm - TOM"
Subject: FIRST FLIGHT RV-8 80128
Date sent: Thu, 9 Apr 2015

Today my RV-8-project got airborne 9 years and 3 months after purchasing it from a good friend.
It has a Superior XP IO-360 with a Whirl Wind 200RV C/S prop.
Mainly steamgauges + Dynon D1, Garmin 296 & SkyDemon MD GPS.
Grove Airfoiled Gear and Showplanes FastBack/Canopy.
On the first flight she did 170 KTAS @ 5000' with 24' / 2400 RPM

You guys produce great airplane kits!



               Thomas Schau Damm
               Capt. (happily ret.)
               Molleparken 420
               Billund Denmark
               tomair at



From: Ian Corse
Subject: Vans RV-6A 25393 first flight report
Date sent: Sun, 5 Apr 2015

G-RVIC Vans RV-6A 25393 PFA 181A-13319

After 14 years of leisurely slow building on 18-Mar-2015 G-RVIC took to the air for the first time from Perth (EGPT) Scotland in the capable hands of Dai Heather-Hayes, our local LAA test pilot.

The UK’s 5 hour test period was flown off in the first 3 days with no problems other that an INOP auto-pilot servo. Stalls straight with no wing drop, no adjustments require for hands free straight and level. Over the following few days and a few more flights a total testing of 8 hours had been clocked up with 19 landings and the paperwork submitted to the LAA for permit approval.

Empty weight came out at 1090 lbs with an XP IO360 and Hartzell Prop. AFS EFIS, Garmin Radios/GPS & Trio autopilot. Avionics fit is intended for IFR & Night when hopefully cleared in the UK shortly.

Thanks must go to my wife for her support with the project, Peter Murray our LAA inspector, Mike Coutts for painting services, Keith Boardman (RV-12) for the loan of his battery for the first flights as mine was flat, and a few others for helping as and when. Photos taken by Wallace Shackleton.


              Ian Corse
              ian.corse at


Subject: RV-9 First Flight
From: Doug Kajans
Date sent: Sat, 4 Apr 2015

My first flight was officially March 6, 2015.

RV-9, N669SN(Sierra Nevada), Stead Nevada RTS, Normally aspirated 0320, Whirl Wind constant speed propeller, Dynon sky view, D6, Kannad 406 GPS ELT, Vertical power, Sl-30, empty weight 1090, moment 78.4...

Built in my garage. Thanks to all the the local Stead-Tahoe-Reno aviation community. Special thanks to my beautiful patient wife Stephanie. (She got real good at setting rivets).


             Doug Kajans
             Desertsky43 at


Subject: RV10 Durban South Africa ZU-ZOE
From: George Morphis
Date sent: Wednesday, 25 March 2015

To the Van's team,

ZU-ZOE RV-10, SN: 40066 flew for the first time on the 4th November 2014 with test pilot Chalkie Stobbart at the controls. 

The plane has now completed the 25 hours of proving flights and we have just received the initial Authority to Fly.

Building time was about 11 years. I ordered the kit at Oshkosh 2003 when it was first released.

It took a long time to build due to family and business commitments, but so worth going through with it! 

Ecstatic about the performance.
Empty weight is 1620 pounds. Tip-tanks. Dual Electrical Systems. Full IFR Avionics.

             Ready to explore Africa and beyond!
             Best Regards
             George Morphis
             Cell: +27 83 454 9834
             e-mail: george(at)


Subject: First flight
From: Tom Albano
Date sent: Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Rv8 N666TA
Slow Build
Tom Albano /owner builder /painter
Angle Valve IO-360 built by Ly-Con (250 Hp )
Hartzell F7666-2 Prop
Sam James Cowl
Sam James Plenum
Sam James Wheel Pants
Todd's Canopy
AWI 4 into 1 exhaust
Garmin GDU Glass panel
DuPont Chroma Base/Clear Paint
Smoke System
1100 Lbs empty

             Climbs Like a Rocket !
             Tom Albano


Subject: 1st flight N882RV SN 83163
From: William Crissinger
Date sent: Tue, 31 Mar 2015

Dear Vans,
I purchased the quick build rv8 kit SN 83163 in Feb 2011 and spent 2050 hours building it and probably just as many on computer or just staring at it! But as time shows, it eventually will end.
On March 29 2015, and after some transition training with Bill Gill and rv7 and familiarization work from the back seat of Mike Lewis and his RV8, oh and some rt seat time in Bruce's rv6, I was able to take my rv8 for a 30 min flight! N882RV flew with out issue and at 6000 ft was hands off! Nice!!!
Engine is lycoming yo360 with senseich fix pitch. Have Dynon EMS 120, garmin 626 Wx slaved to Trutrak dual axis auto pilot. Some basic steam gauges. Seats are leather done by Abby at Flightline interiors.
Over the last 4 years my wife has spent just as much time at the hanger building this thing and is quite excellent in the use of the tungsten bucking bar! Thanks Brenda! I've had great support from friends at the airport and other on line. It's quite an adventure but I'm ready to start the next one... Flight testing!
Build on!


             William Crissinger
             katocriss at


From: Jamuel Ruiz
Subject: First flight for our RV-12
Date sent: Mon, 30 Mar 2015

Add another one to the hobbs meter! N813J started out in the dining room. At one point, there was an almost completed rear fuselage in our dining room. Quite a site to see indeed. Thankfully my mother gave my father and I her blessing to do this. It took 2 ½ years to complete and her first flight was on August 25, 2014 in the southern Arizona heat at Goodyear airport. To date, a total of 40 hours have been logged. The aircraft is a complete joy to fly and climbs like a home sick angel.

Many thanks to all those who helped us with this project. If it wasn’t for their knowledge and wisdom, we would still be building this aircraft. At times, it was very frustrating, but in the end, it was all worth it. The aircraft has a Dynon Skyview, canopy shade, lighting package, and wheel pants, (for those extra 4 knots!).

We always look forward to flying her to other airports and showing her off. My father and I have a permanent
RV grin.


            Jamuel Ruiz
            jamuel13 at


From: Rolf Hetico
To: Joe at Van's
Subject: 1st Flight --- Picture
Date sent: Sun, 29 Mar 2015

First flight photo of my RV-8A (N2741H, S/N 81180). Flown by Jon Thocker on 3/21/14.


            Rolf Hetico
            hetico at


From: Clark Carroll
Subject: First Flight N412HC
Date sent: Sat, 28 Mar 2015

I am pleased to let you know that on March 25, 2015, after 3 years 9 days my RV-7, N412HC, took to the air! The first flight was out of the airpark I live at, Polly Ranch (7XS0). Since it is only about 24' wide and less than 3000' long, the QP and I elected to take it to Pearland Regional Airport. Takeoff was uneventful. We circled the airport twice then pointed the nose at Pearland, only a few miles away. Flight controls felt balanced and predictable. Once at Pearland, we circled for a while working on breaking in my new Titan IOX-370 engine. At landing, winds were light and variable, so the landing by my QP was uneventful. Thank you Van's for designing such an amazing airplane! Also, your technical support staff was extremely helpful over the years. My family is looking forward to making lots of memories in this amazing airplane! I made this video documenting some of the high lights of the build and the first flight Clark Carroll
RV-7 74069
Titan IOX-370
Whirl Wind 200 RV Prop
Dual EFII Ignition and Fuel Injection
Garmin G3X Touch


              Clark Carroll
              4carrolls at


Subject: RV7 S/N:70783 CS-XCH First flight
From: Pedro Miguel
Date sent: Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Dear Van's

It has passed some months since the RV7, S/N:70783, CS-XCH made its maiden flight in Cascais, Portugal.

It was on 5th July 2014 when it took off for the first time piloted by Jorge Durão and the result was a well balanced aircraft with amazing flight qualities!

It was not necessary any special adjustments and it has completed more than 50 hours of flight since then.

It was built by Abril Lopes, an experienced ultralight builder, but first time building a Van's aircraft, in one year and a half since September 2012 until June 2014.

The engine is a Lycoming O-360 with 180 hp and the propeller is a metal fixed pitch Sensenich. We installed a Dynon Skyview D1000 EFIS as PFD, EMS and GPS.

             Thanks you Van's for this fantastic aircraft!
             Pedro Miguel


Subject: RV-7 First Flight July 26 2014
From: Daniel Langhout
Date sent: Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Better late than never!  RV-7 N528DP,  serial number 73083,  made her first flight on July 26, 2014 at the Courtland, AL (9A4) airport.   7 years and two months of slow build construction - but worth every minute!  Flew for about 30 minutes before the first landing.  No problems other than a prop governor out of adjustment a cylinder head temps a bit high.

Aerosport Power IO-375-M1S engine with Hartzell BA constant speed prop  One Lightspeed Plasma II+ and one Slick Mag for ignition.  Day/Night VFR with Dynon 10" Skyview PFD and EMS, Garmin GDU-375 MFD, Garmin GMA-240 audio panel, (2) ICOM A-210 COM radios, Garmin GTX-327 transponder.  AeroLEDS Nav/Strobe, landing and taxi lights.  Electric pitch and roll trim.  Classic Aero Designs Aviator seats, carpet and Sportsman side panels.

I painted the plane in the shop before final assembly.  All up weight is a bit on the heavy side at 1159 lbs - but it is primed inside throughout and has fairly elaborate paint.

             Dan Langhout
             Madison, AL
             builder #73083


Subject: First Flight RV12 #120766.
From: Anton
Date sent: Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dear Van's

after an exhausting year and two months - with some troubles and delays just before the finish line - I am proude to anounce my first flights of my RV12. Before I give some details I want to thank all who helped and supported me when building this aircraft.

Today, March 19th, 2015, after the final acceptence tests from Austro-Control and test pilot Andreas Winkler, the RV12 passed the first flight without any problem. Because of the wonderful weather, our test pilot couldn't resist and flew two more rounds from LOAG Krems Austria/Vienna. Just for testing ;)

Some technical details:

  • RV12 #120766
  • Ipad - SkyDemon
  • mail    mtoni10 at
  • blog (german):

Thanks to Van's for this kit!



Subject: First flight of N902EN (Eagles Nest 2)
From: Jeff Malcomb
Date sent: Thurday, 19 March 2015

Hi, Joe, thanks for the help this morning. Attached are a few photos of EN2 on the first flight day. The pilot was my 18 yr old son Austin Malcomb.

             Jeff Malcomb


Subject: N620DS (120620) First Flight
From: Dennis Schoenberg
Date sent: Wednesday, 18 March 2015

To the great Vans Aircraft Community-

I'm proud to share that N620DS (RV-12 120620) flew its maiden voyage on Mar12 in Eugene (Oregon). I had the sincere honor to be left seat and had a very successful flight with no significant issues.  It was built as an E-LSA with the Garmin 3X Touch and autopilot avionics package.

Many thanks to friends, family and EAA chapter 105 for believing in me as I  chase my dreams, and a very special thank you to Synergy Air for your mentorship , technical assistance and for your friendship.

Thanks to Vans for designing a great kit and airplane; I truly enjoy flying the -12, especially my -12, and look forward to the many adventures that we'll share together in the future.

             Dennis Schoenberg


Subject:First flight, C-GPQT
From: Terrance Medemblik
Date sent: Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dear Van's:

After 5 years and 3 months, RV-7 C-GPQT slipped the surly bonds and took to the sky for the first time at 1400 EDT on Friday the 13th. S/N 73090 weighs in at 1103 lbs empty.  Powered by a new Aerosport O-375 and swinging a Hartzell 72" blended airfoil propeller, she sports a Steinair dual Skyview EFIS panel and a Classic Aero interior. Friend and colleague, Dave Hadfield, conducted the 25 minute test flight and returned with the RV grin.  Everything was great under the cowling and only minor adjustments needed to trim.

Tuesday, March 16th was my turn for the RV grin and I flew my project for the first time.  Awesome airplane! This project would not have reached the successful completion that it did, were it not for some very special friends of my wife and myself.  Gord Baxter, friend, mentor and repeat offender guided us from beginning to end. The learning curve is now a little flatter thanks to Gord. Art Penner, our friend, and someone who understands things all things electrical and electronic spent many hours with us making sure the electrons travel to where they are supposed to.  Gentlemen, we can't thank you enough!

Mike Seager, thank you for teaching a wide-body pilot not to start rounding out at 30 feet.  Your calm, competent instruction was worth it's weight in gold.  Dave Hadfield, thank you for your time and expertise in a very thorough test flight.

And last, but not least, thank you to my lovely wife, Louie, for her continued support and contribution, bucking rivets, sealing fuel tanks and the other myriad of tasks needed to see this project to it's conclusion.

             Terrance Medemblik
             Can't wait to start the next one!


Subject: First Flight RV-12 Number 120749
From: Angel R. Sanchez
Date sent: Monday, 16 March 2015

Dear Barb, Ken, and all at Van's,

I flew my RV-12, builder # 120749, N84MY, for the first time this morning (3/16/2015). Everything went extremely well!

Aircraft flew great, no flight control issues clean and with flaperons selected, engine parameters all "in the green, looking forward to complete flight testing now.

The customer support I received from you guys at Van's was truly outstanding! Thank you Barb for being so gracious and patient with me, also Ken for his awesome builder support, tour of the factory, and rides on the RV-12 for my wife and I.

We'll see you all at fly in's and air shows, best regards

             A. R. (Tito) Sánchez, N84MY, based at KAVQ, in sunny Southern Arizona


Subject: N367EB RV-8 first flight 7 March 2015
From: Eric Bale
Date sent: Sunday, 8 March 2015

Today I took my RV-8, N367EB up for its first flight.

It was a slow build RV-8, s/n 83085. I built my entire project in my living room and garage. I used a "recycled" AeroSport IO-320D2A, with AFP FM-100 fuel injection, slick mags and a Catto 70/70 prop. This engine was originally installed on a local RV-6. I put new cylinders on it, had the mags and FM-100 overhauled, with the bottom end having 400 hrs on it I started my project 10 March 2010 and did the first flight today 7 March 2015.

Total cost of this project is a little over $45,000.00. I have a Dynon 10" Skyview, transponder, com radio and ICS. Interior is grey paint, with seats done by Cleveland and harnesses by Crow. Empty weight is 1030 lbs. I plan to leave it "natural metal" with a FlyBoy Accessories WWII US insignia decal set so it looks P-51ish.

My current home base is M38, Hazel Green AL.

Initial test data; stall 48 KIAS, 165 KIAS WFO at 6000 with no wheel pants.

             Eric Bale


Subject: First Flight
From: Daren Rose
Date sent: Sunday, 8 March 2015

Dear Vans,

Michael Peare took RV-9A c/n 92106 registration Thailand HS-MAI, for its first flight today 8/3/14 from Nok Airfield. The aircraft is owned by Nok Flying Club, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The aircraft flew beautifully for its first flight,

The aircraft has a Lycoming IO-320-160hp , 2 x AFS EFIS 5600, autopilot Trutrak, 430W, 330GTX, 225GNC.

             Thanks VANS for all your support during the build.


Subject: First Flight
From: Ken Gwyn
Date sent: Saturday, 7 March 2015

First Flight of RV-8 N98KG was made on February 14 by Kenneth R Gwyn (Van's Customer 83002) at Brenham Municipal Airport (11R), Brenham Texas. First flight was uneventful except for the 12 kt 90 degree crosswind which provided a bit of a challenge but alas all went well nothing bent, scratched or broken. What a feeling after 5+ years of a "Labor of Love" now on to completing Phase 1 and beyond Flight Testing.

             Ken Gwyn


Subject: ZK ECE - First Flight - 13 February 2015
From: Pauline & Steve
Date sent: Friday, 6 March 2015

On Friday 13 February ZK ECE (Build No. 73638) took to the sky over Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, N.Z., much to the delight of the owners Pauline Coffey and Steve Carr.  We would like to extend many thanks to Andrew Thompson for his expertise and dedication to the build.  Thanks also to all our friends at the Tauranga Aeroclub for all their advice and support.

  • Vans RV7A., powered by a Lycoming IO-360 with a fixed pitch Sensenich propeller.
  • Christen inverted oil system and flop tube in port fuel tank.
  • Instrumentation is a Dynon Skyview touch screen with auto-pilot.
  • Interior has leather seats and full interior leather trim and carpets by Classic Aero designs.

             Regards  Pauline and Steve.


Subject: N1605A RV-9A first flight
From: Darin Anderson
Date sent: Wed, 4 March 2015

Greetings Van's friends!

I am happy to report that N1605A flew for the first time yesterday.  The airplane is an RV-9A powered by a Lycoming IO-360-M1B with dual PMags, Catto three blade prop, and Garmin G3X touch all glass panel.  She tipped the scales at 1058 lbs and is a little too light in the nose so I am replacing the LiFePo battery with a standard PC680 in the very near future.  The day was somewhat eventful and I can't say I had a true RV grin after my first flight because of some engine concerns.  But after correcting the issue the second flight of the day was textbook and I came back with a huge RV grin, in fact its still on my face and won't go away.

Special thanks to my family for the help and support, my friends Jeff Bloomquist and Harry Nelson for their help, encouragement and for taking the day off to help me do the first flight.  Obviously these people only are the tip of the iceberg for people I need to thank so I will just say thanks to all.

             Darin Anderson


Subject: First Flight RV-12, 120445, N124WB
From: Chuck Carlson
Date sent: Tue, 3 March 2015

To everybody at Van's Aircraft,

RV-12, 120445, N124WB made its Maiden Flight on Monday, March 2, 2015, 10am at Nampa Municipal Airport, ID (KMAN).  At the controls were Chuck Carlson, Builder/Pilot, and co-pilot 'Otto'.

The building of an airplane is really a community project.  And, there are many people to thank.

Good buddy, Chuck Moore, always seemed to appear when I needed encouragement and a helping hand., Doug Reeves, RV-12 blog has many good ideas and helpful hints.  I spent many hours reading this blog.

Vans Aircraft and Dynon Avionics provided a lot of great technical support and help.  And, has a lot of useful engine information.

Sons, Thomas and Joe, came around and provided some heavy lifting.  Thomas, the computer guru, did a lot of builder research for me.

Mike Seager, RV Transition Training Instructor extraordinaire, made the Maiden Flight a lot easier.  I can still hear his words "keep the nose off, keep the nose off".

And, of course, the wife Linda was always saying "Go build an airplane."  How much you want to bet that is now going to change to "let's go fly!"  She is already planning some trips for us.

Thank you to each and all of you.

             Chuck Carlson
             2706 S Teddy Ave
             Meridian, ID 83642
             carlsonchuck at


Subject: Another First Flight
From: Richard Frost
Date sent: Tue, 17 Feb 2015

To everybody at Van's Aircraft,

It is time to advance the complete-o-meter by one. After 15 years, the RV-9A kit you sold as 90065 is now a real air plane! N16RF flies straight and true, with a full-flaps stall at 43 kts. She weighs 1090 lbs including paint, full Flightline upholstery, and Oregon Aero Seats. Power is from a rebuilt O-320 with dual Lightspeed Plasma II+ ignitions and a Catto 3-blade prop.

Thanks for a wonderful design, an excellent kit, and world-class support. I could not be more pleased.



Subject: First Flight N369RV
From: Dean L. Eiland
Date sent: Thu, 5 Feb 2015

I am excited to report the first flight of RV-9, N369RV (build number 91798). The first flight was flown on September 26, 2014 by Jeff Hanson without any issues. Jeff Hanson and Chuck Wilson flew off the first 10 hours and then begin transitioning me into the plane under AC 90-116. I have since flown off the remaining Phase I time. What a great flying machine.

My plane is an RV-9 (yes, conventional landing gear configuration) with an IO-360 originally build by Mattituck, spinning a Whirl Wind 200RV C/S prop. I have installed a full GRT glass panel, TruTrak - 2 axis autopilot and aux tanks by Hotel Whiskey (the test pilot guys).

Special thanks to my wife Heather for letting me do this project, my brother Eddie, test pilots Jeff and Chuck and special counselor Mel Asberry. And of course thanks to Richard VanGrunsven and staff for this wonderful magic carpet.


             I'll send better pictures when my baby get a coat of paint.
             Dean L. Eiland


Subject: First flight of RV-12 120633
From: Jose DEL PESO
Date sent: Tue, 3 Feb 2015

On November 28th 2014 RV-12 120633 flow for the first time. Everything was OK except a light heavy left wing Thank tou very much to Van´s staff and to the people of Van´s Air Force that have taught me a lot of things

            120633 last name is N92RV
            Jose del Peso


Subject: RV9A N721WD first flight
From: William DeLacey
Date sent: Mon, 02 Feb 2015

On Dec 24, 2014 RV9A N721WD took to the Air on its first test flight.  The test pilot was Robin Reid.  No major Squawks in the first three test flights.  I am now in the transition training.
N721WD has a Lycoming YO-233-B2A engine with a Sensenich fixed pitch prop.  The empty weight is 1005 lbs with fairings and wheel pants on.

The panel is a single Skyview SV-D1000 system with AP.


            Thanks to Dan Benua, Robin Reid and Mike Seager for all the assistance.
            William DeLacey


From: Jeremy Schuld
Date sent: Sun, 1 Feb 2015
Subject: 73827 first flight

First flight report. Flew today. Add another to the Hobbs!


            Jeremy Schuld
            [ jeremy.schuld at]


Subject: N671CW First Flight
From: Warren Starkebaum
Date sent: Thu, 29 January 2015

My RV-7 made its first flight this past July 18, 2014 with Doug Weiler at the controls.  1CW is a basic VFR flyer with a Mattituck IO-360, Catto prop, Dynon Skyview w/ ADSB and 2 axis AP, and an MGL V6 com.  She weighed in at 1046 lbs (without gear and wheel fairings) after a 14 year gestation period.  I have about 70 hrs tt now and it is an absolute thrill to fly.    I want to thank my three boys Martin, Peter and Douglas for helping and supporting me through this long process, and the continued encouragement from my wife Cathy.  I also want to extend my sincere appreciation to the Twin Cities VAF community including Tom Berge for his thorough inspection(s) prior to the first flight, Doug Weiler for flying off the first few hours to ensure 1CW was OK to go, and Bob Collins, Bernie Weiss, Pete Howell, and Alex Peterson for their always cheerful suggestions.


            Warren Starkebaum
            Plymouth, MN


Subject: First flight RV-8
From: Ashish Kapoor
Date sent: Thu, 15 January 2015

Hi Cynthia (and folks at VANs),

I happy to report first flight for RV-8 (Builder Number 82731). It flew really nicely and thanks to Mike Seager's transition training, the first flight was uneventful.

I would specifically like to mention Axsys Air here in Seattle (they are builder instruction outfit, where I did my sheet metal course and kept the project). They wereincredibly helpful and perhaps this project would not be completed without them.

Thank you again for producing these wonderful airplanes. Attaching a couple of photographs from yesterday.


            Ashish Kapoor


Subject: RV 7 first flight
From: Tim Newsome
Date sent: Mon, 19 January 2015

I thought I would inform you that my RV took to the air for its first flight on 1-16-15 at its home in southern California.

My name is Tim Newsome, customer # 71897 and it took about 2200 hours to build N213TP.

I can tell you that after flying the plane these first few hours, the plane is every bit as good as advertised and as awesome as I hoped it would be.

            Tim Newsome


Subject: RV-8A - N550EE - Flying
Date sent: Fri, 16 January 2015

This is a Three-Pete! We completed our third RV (yeah, 2 RV-4's you already know about) an RV-8A.

Builder #82123. This is standard stuff with a Lycoming O-360 A1D and Hartzell constant speed prop. My instruments are wireless with 2 ipad minis displaying a Trutrak imonitor and Levil ihud.


            Thanks for a wonderful airplane!!!
            Pete & Dee


Subject: RV-8 - 83115 - Flying
From: Robert Findlay
Date sent: Mon, 12 Jan 2015

Just reporting that my RV8 project sn. 83115 had its first flight on
22nd December 2014 at Devonport aerodrome in Tasmania.

It has been under construction for nearly four years and I am proud of
the end result. I wish to thank Vans for a great design and excellent
kit. It was a pleasure to build and a big learning experience for

After doing the transition training with Mike Seager in Oregon the
test flying has been straight forward. I have now completed over 12
hours in VH-YRF and it is performing as expected considering the wheel
fairings have yet to be fitted.


            Robert Findlay
            robertfindlay at


From: Bill Dicus
Subject: First flight RV-8 N9669D
Date sent: Sat, 10 Jan 2015

N9669D (our Anniversary) finally got its Airworthiness Certificate 11/14/14 after 13 years of sporadic building and a lot of help from this site and other folks. Waited about three weeks for suitable weather with light winds and good ceiling/viz, temp. about 20 degrees. Acceleration on takeoff awesome and lifted off in about 5 seconds after full throttle. Initial climb 2500 fpm and still good rate at 140-150mph ias. Visibility superb and first landing was a greaser. CHT's low on #'s 1 and 2, addressed before 2nd flight with small air dams up front. Now all is good and CHT spread 10-14 degrees. Just need to get the Lycon IO-360 exp M1B (10:1 comp) broken in. Ken at Vans says I'll like the RV-8 even better after a few years, but that's going to be difficult! Garmin 430W, SL30, GMA340 and GTX330,TruTrak Pictorial turn and bank, round Alt, AS, VSI, g-meter, AFS and Dynon AOA's, Whelan strobes and LED leg, taxi lights. Tosten grips with electric elevator and aileron trim (ident, Transmit, freq switch and AP CWS on stick also). Weighed 1110 pounds (no pants, gear or intersection fairings, paint).Special thanks to Tom Stearman, Steve Raddatz, Randy Carson, Doug Woofter, Russ Kotlarek, Mike Schreiber, Dennis Millsap, Jeff Point and especially my wife Jane, who put up with having her car in the driveway for 11 cold and snowy Wisconsin winters. What a ride!

           Bill Dicus


From: Andre Smit
Subject: My new RV9
Date sent: Thu, 8 Jan 2015

Hi All

Attached is my completed RV9 kit number 91877. It took me 5 years of great fun to build her. Thanks to Van’s for a great design and assistance during the build. A special thanks to Mr Noel Drew for all his help encouragement and advice .Thanks to Mr Craig Ralphs for all the time spent helping with the build

To my Wife Collen, thanks love for all the support in helping me reach my dream and may we have many hours of fun flying the RV around South Africa

The first flight went off exactly as per the plan and all the correct temperatures and speeds where achieved

I have flown a total of 50 hours with not one problem


           Thanks Again
           Andre Smit
           South Africa


From: Joe Tierney
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Wed, 7 Jan 2015

#73531 made its first flight on January 3 2015. N887PJ flew great! Thanks to my wife Pam for helping me achieve this goal.


           Joe Tierney


From: Donald Kennedy
Subject: RV-12 First Flight
Date sent: Thu, 01 Jan 2015

RV-12 number 120343 made its first flight at Santa Paula Airport, California on December 29th. The airplane flew beautifully. The equipment is standard ELSA; Dynon D-180 with autopilot and Garmin GPSMap 496.

           (Photo Craig Mailloux)

           Don Kennedy


Thanks for the e-mails.

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