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As of July 18, 2014 8,738 RV aircraft have been completed and flown!3

Listed by Model
RV-3           280
RV-4         1368
RV-6/6A    2529
RV-7/7A    1369
RV-8/8A    1247
RV-9/9A      918
RV-10         694
RV-12         332
 RV-14/14A      1 

You will sometimes see the numbers of flying RVs on this list rise without a corresponding number of first flight reports from builders. Why?

Well, we learn of flying RVs in many different ways. Ideally, a builder will email us with a photo of his or her personal "RV grin". Sometimes, they call on the phone, which is great, but doesn't provide us with anything to publish on this web page. Sometimes, we find out incidentally; for example, when a customer calls to order new tires, and we wonder why someone who is still building (so far as we know) would need them. Or we may discover a first flight announcement on an RV web forum. On other occasions, we learn of a new batch of flying RVs from "RV factories" overseas, but without individual details.

We'd like to see more RV grins here, so send in the pictures of your new "baby", or we may never know of your success. Click the link below for how to do it.

 Submitting First Flight Reports


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Date sent: Wed, 16 Jul 2014
Subject: First Flight RV-9A #91894
From: Bruce Hill

I started this slow build back in August of 2009 and was able to get it completed and in the air on April 18, 2014.

The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming O-320 E2D modified with higher compression pistons to get 160 HP, Dual P-Mag ignition and Airflow Performance Fuel Injection. I'm using the ground adjustable Sensenich Composite propeller. The panel is a full Dynon Skyview with single 10" display, EMS, COM, Intercom, GPS and ADS-B, with power handled by Vertical Power VP-X Sport.

I've kept an online photo journal of the build process and have documented my project at I'm still working my way through Phase 1 and hope to start using it to go places and travel soon.

I could not have done this project without the support and help of my family, friends and online forums.
The RV-9A is a delight to fly for this low time pilot just getting back in the air after over 20+ years hiatus while raising my 3 kids.

Thanks Van!


          Bruce Hill
          RV-9A N5771H
          [ bruce.hill at ]


From: Jan Hanekom
Subject: ZU-JVR
Date sent: Tue, 15 Jul 2014

Just to let you know that there is another new RV-10 flying!

It took me about a year and a half and 1300 hrs. It is mostly standard with two Dynon Skyview panels, Oxygen, Central locking, My own plenum and my own intersection fairings. It is also sporting Aero Sport panels. This is the 5th build I am involved in!

Again thank you for a wonderful kit to build.

Multiple RV builder and RV fanatic
RV-7, ZU-JRV in storage
RV-10, ZU-JVR flying
RV-7, ZU-LOL flying
RV-10, ZU-RVI flying
RV-7A, ZU-MER flying
RV-7A, ZU-JAD flying


           Best regards,
           Jan Hanekom
           The Coves, South Africa
           [ webmaster at ]


From: Andrew Long
Subject: RV-10 VH-OBY First Flight Achieved
Date sent: Tue, 15 Jul 2014


RV-10 VH-OBY has now achieved first flight.

The inaugural day was Wednesday 2/7/14 and occurred at Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia. Test pilot and builder was Andrew Long (i.e. Me J ). I have had a lot of help throughout the 3 ½ years I have been constructing. My wife and daughter (Jacquie and Jamie), my father, Geoff Long, Paul McVitty, Andrew McIntosh, Dan Pearson, Peter Clark, and the whole of the VAF forum. Thanks to everyone for their help and thanks to Vans for such an amazing kit.

The aircraft has the following configuration:

Date Commenced: Jan 11
Date Completed: Jul 14
Duration 3 ½ years

Vans RV-10 Quick Build kit.
Thunderbolt YIO-540 with Airflow performance purge valve
Approach FastStack Pro-X Hub
Vertical Power VP-X Pro
Dual AFS 5500 EFIS
AFS Autopilot
Garmin GTN650
PS Engineering PAR100EX
Dual Alternators
Dual Batteries
Secondary Electrical system
TSO’d Winter Altimeter
TSO’d RC Allen RCA2600 Series Digital Horizon

Interior hand crafted with leather seats.

Build Log:

Youtube video first flight

                After CofA obtained               After First Flight……..the smile      

           Andrew Long
           [ Andrew.Long at ]


Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2014
Subject: First Flight
From: Joe Kollar

N729K, Vans RV9, serial number 91504 after six years made its first flight on October 17, 2013 from the Ashland County Airport (3G4).

Jan Bussell provided the transition training and the first flight was uneventful other than a slightly heavy right wing.

N729K is equipped with a Superior io-320 with cold air induction, one Slick Mag and a lightspeed. Catto supplied the Three blade prop. The cowl and plenum are Sam James. The avionics include A Dynon D100/120 and Garmin SL40, GTX 327 transonder and 396 GPS. Abbey (Flight line Interiors) provided the seats and carpet and I applied the paint using PPG products.

When I needed an extra pair of hands I relied on Bill Renninger, to help with all the riveting. I intend to paint a name on the nose to honor my wife who passed away in December 2012. She was my biggest supporter and gave me the inspiration to finish this fantastic airplane.

The attached photo's were taken about 10 days after the first flight over the colorful Ohio landscape.


           Joe Kollar
           [ jckollar at ]


Subject: RV-10 N125AM. First Flight July 2, 2014
From: Alan Muhs
Date sent: Wed, 9 Jul 2014

Thank you Vans Aircraft for making it possible for me to build this wonderful airplane. Thank you to all of my RV friends for their advice, help, and loaner tools.

On July 2, 2014 N125AM took off from the Tucson International airport (KTUS) for the first time. The airplane flew just about perfect aside for some High CHT's because I chose to climb way to steeply.

With an RV8 as a chase plane I circled south of the airport getting a feel for the plane. My wingman confirmed that nothing was falling off, no smoke was coming out of the engine and we didn't have any gas or oil streaming out of the fuselage. My nervous wife was very glad to hear that things were going well over the radio.

Thanks to Alex at RV Training for getting me prepared for the flight.

What a great day. I am pretty sure I had that RV grin as I opened the cockpit door after the first flight.


           Alan Muhs
           Customer #41358
          [ awmuhs at ]


Date sent: Sun, 29 Jun 2014
Subject: First Flight Report, RV-8 #82376, HB-YKG
From: Simon Wiedmer

On Saturday 7th of June, the biggest milestone in a 9 years father-son project took place: our RV-8 lifted off the ground for the very first time. The plane didn't fly as expected, it did better! No heavy wing, impressive flight performance and a very direct and well balance stick control over the entire speed range. What a great airplane! The builders' and pilot's RV grins after the first flights say more than words.

Big thanks go to our family for all the support, to Vans for the fantastic plane design, and to the continuously growing Vans community here in Switzerland for all the helpful tips. A special thanks also to Mike Seager, whose transition training was worth every mile of traveling over to Oregon, allowing me to do the first flight safely.

A few details about the equipment:
- TMX IO-360, Fixed pitch Prince propeller, empty weight 1062 lbs
- Mostly classic instruments, solid state gyro instruments (MGL)
- Collision avoidance device from PowerFLARM (FLARM and ADSB technology)
- Transponder and radio from TRIG

                               Photos by René Biber and Simon Schwab


           Simon and Peter
           [simon.wiedmer at]


Date sent: Sat, 28 Jun 2014
Subject: First flight of my RV-9A F-PHRV
From: Philippe Cordier

I have done my first flight last 02nd of may in Vannes airport France (LFRV).
My RV-9A F-PHRV N°91821 is flying as expected. Cruising speed : 140 kt at 2350 RPM.

Engine :
Lycoming YO320
Panel :
Dynon D100 and D120
GPS Garmin Aera 500
VHF Garmin SL40
Tpx Trig TT31
PA Trutrack Digiflight II
Interior :
Classic Aero Design

Thank you to my friends of Vannes who helped me and also to my wife for riveting and support during those five years and a half (3000 hours) of building time.

Thank you to Van’s Aircraft who have made a such great airplane.


           My website :

           Friendly, Philippe.
           [ philippe.cordier9 at ]


From: Nathan Peterson
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Fri, 27 Jun 2014


RV-8 kit number 82374 is now registered as N888NP. It flew without any noteworthy abnormalities on June 6, 2014.

Empty weight is 1095 CG 78.22 with ECi Titan IO-360 with Vetterman 4 pipe exhaust, Whirlwind 200RV prop and an Odyssey PC-680 battery on the firewall. I painted it myself.

Other stuff: Infinity stick grip, Advanced Flight Systems 4500, Garmin 430W, Garmin 696, Garmin GMA 240, GTX 327, AFS (Trutrak) autopilot, Todds canopy, Bell tail fork, RV Rocket steering link.

Thanks Dad- For getting me interested in flying and taking me to Oshkosh as a kid.
Thanks Paul Poberezny- For founding the EAA and making Oshkosh the "discovery place" it is.
Thanks Richard VanGrunsven- For Van's Aircraft, and bringing your airplanes to OSH.
Thanks America's Aircraft Engines-For letting me bother them while they assembled my engine.
Thanks SteinAir- For not making me worry about a will. Awesome support too.
Thanks Doug Reeves and most of the people who post there- For VAF and info.
Thanks everyone who took the time to talk to me wherever I found an RV parked- For info.
Thanks Alex De Dominicis- For fantastic transition training (and not yelling at me).
Thanks to all the vendors for the great service and great products.


          I guess that pretty much sums it up.
          Nathan Peterson -82374-
         [ jondoe52 at ]


Subject: First flight of N102KT
From: David Halmos
Date sent: Tue, 24 Jun 2014

My RV-10, N102KT, has finally broken the surly bonds after 4.5 years under construction!
As promised, the airplane is a dream to fly and I've enjoyed every flight since.

There are far too many people to thank for making my dream come true but I sincerely thank my family, friends, and all the vendors that made it possible. It was truly a team effort!


           David Halmos
           Builder #41059
           [ dhmoose at ]


Date sent: Thu, 19 Jun 2014
Subject: First flight
From: Stan Bahrns

N618B Ser# 120464 Went airborne yesterday June 18th 2014 & except for a little heavy left wing flew perfectly & just as Vans says. I really like my RV-7A & I think I will like the RV-12 as well.


           Stan Bahrns
           RV-12 2.6 hrs
           RV-7A 358 hrs
           [ stanb at ]


Date sent: Thu, 19 Jun 2014
From: Kenneth Krebaum
Subject: First Flight S/N 82140

Sorry for the late input:

RV-8 S/N 82140 first flight March 2010
Dynon D180 and D100
TruTrak 385 autopilot
Bronze Lindy Oshkosh 2011
Sport Air Racing League 2013 Experimental Bronze


           Kenneth Krebaum
           [ krebaum at ]


From: Mike Howard
Subject: RV-12 #120755
Date sent: Thu, 19 Jun 2014

RV-12 #120755 had its 1st flight on June 10, 2014. It’s a little heavy at 753 pounds but its got all the bells and whistles that Van’s offers.

It flew straight with no flaperon or rudder trim needed. Dumb luck!
I got to get used to slowing down after flying an RV-6 for 17 years.


           Mike Howard
           [ acepilot59 at ]


From: Mark Donahue
Subject: RV-9A first flight
Date sent: Wed, 18 Jun 2014

Hi Vans,

You can add another 9-A to the list. My plane fly last Saturday (6/14/14) with low clouds but I couldn’t wait any longer. The plane flew well and no squawks to speak of. I have flown it twice since so the first flight is a brief memory and a good one, but some of the specifics are based on the subsequent flights. The plane is well balanced and gentle in its approach to stall. It is forgiving and lets me know when I am doing something wrong. The first few landings were great, more a credit  to the plane than the pilot, but we’ll take it.

My thanks to Wally Anderson where I started this project almost 8 years ago. Wally and crew introduced me to the different tools and techniques required for this type of construction. It was a great start to allow me to go on with a lot of confidence. After building the wings with my building partner/son Nolan, which went well, I could see that I needed a boost to make sure I got the project done before I couldn’t renew my medical anymore, so a quick build fuselage was next.  Nolan was my QA man…whenever I thought something was good enough, Nolan would check my work and if it didn’t meet his standards…and that was often, I would begrudgingly redo it. The end result was a better plane….thanks Nolan.  We have Van’s 0-320 from Lycoming, with Sensenich FP prop. We have an old school/new school panel, built by me, with Vans round gages for engine monitoring, air speed, altimeter and whiskey compass. And then new school with (now discontinued) Tru Track EFIS with 2 axis auto pilot, and Engine monitoring system. (My thinking was if the EFIS went blank, we could still fly the plane.) VFR set up for day and night. Paint was Sherwin Williams Acry Glo applied by me, seats and interior by Abby @ Flightlines. MT weight with the above was 1081 lbs.

What a great project, and it took more than twice as long to do than my first project, a Kitfox, which I still have and enjoy flying.

I am still learning how to fly this plane, but I can tell it is a nice and forgiving plane, and one that I know my wife will like to fly in with me…after phase 1. My thanks to my wife Jenny for her support and encouragement thought out the long project.

Thanks for designing a great plane, I hope to see other RV folks soon.


           Mark Donahue
           RV-9A N 459MJ
          [ ]


From: Robert Ashey
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Wed, 18 Jun 2014

At long last, that first flight. After retiring from the airlines my wife and I decided to build the 10. It only took 6 years and a lot of help from the techies at Van’s, Stein at Steinair, Geoff at Aerosport, Abby at Flightline Interiors and vendors all over the world. Thanks for helping Ineke and I. We literally knew nothing of rivets, fiberglass nor electronics (what’s an ethernet hub ?).


           Stay safe,
           Bob and Ineke Ashey
           Builder #40802
          [ romper at ]


From: David Domeier
Date: June 16, 2014
Subject: RV-8 N37DD First Flight 6/16/2014


Decided today was the day to do it.

With Frank Baldwin and Gale Derosers acting as flight advisers, I took off at about 9 am. Climbed to 3000' over the airpark, check flight controls (very sensitive but stable) did a clean stall (51knots) and with full flaps
(47 knots). Conferred with Frank on an approach speed and settled on 60 knots over the fence.

Proceeded to Frank's 3000' grass strip at Sylex, Missouri (about 7 miles north) for the first landing as previously planned. Decided if I survived that landing, do 180 on the runway and head back to Troy Airpark. The Silex landing went well, no bounce, much more pilot friendly than with the RV-6, did the 180, reset the flaps to 10 and launched again.

We have 2200' of hard surface at Troy and about 1700' of nice grass. It was previously decided to land on the grass, it is more forgiving for sure. That's what I did, it worked out OK and I did not bend any metal. :)  The approach speed of 60 knots is about right for calm conditions. My personal evaluation of the flight is be less aggressive on the controls, especially the forward pressure after touch down. I did not give the 8 a chance to bounce. Estimate the touch down speed at about 50-55. I should have held it off longer. As one RV driver on VAF mentioned, the learning is just beginning.

The engine (BPE Superior XP0360) performed with no contrary indications. Max CHT was 357, max OT was 163 after the second take off at Silex. WOT at 3000' showed 2670 rpm, IAS 157 KIAS. This is with no wheel pants or fairings. After the engine is broke in and the machine cleaned up, I believe it will turn up over 2700 rpm and the speed will be faster.

First flight gross weight was 1326 lbs with the CG at 79.71.  Empty weight is 1029 lbs.  It performs very well!!

Feels good to be alive and have done this. :)


          [ davidd010 at ]


From: Bill Schoen
Subject: Another RV-7 first flight
Date sent: Sat, 14 Jun 2014


Short note to let you know a bit late that another RV-7 has made it's first flight. I flew N727BN for it's first flight on May 5th, 2014. No issues on the first 30 minute flight and it has since flown 2 more flights. One of 50 minutes duration. Delightful airplane.

Thanks for the wonderful standard build kit. Can't say enough good about it.

           Bill Schoen Builder # 71235
           South Fork, Co.
           [ flybill2us at ]


From: John Clark
Subject: First Flight of RV-8A N988RV
Date sent: Mon, 09 Jun 2014

After nine years of building, there was nothing in the way to prevent N988RV from flying. So on May 22, 2014, power was applied and off she flew for the first time. What a thrill!

Power, acceleration, smooth control response. Flew stable and hands free. I want to thank my sons for being there when I needed their help. But most of all, I have to thank my wife for her whole-hearted support throughout the long building process. It was her support that helped me to achieve my dream.

N988RV is a RV-8A with an Eggenfellner E-6 engine, MT Electric Constant Speed Propeller, Vertical Power VP-200 System, Dual GRT Hx EFIS Displays, Approach FastStack Cable System, NavWorx ADS-B In/Out, Fuel Guardian, VoiceFlight System, GNS430W, SL-40, GTX327 and PS 5000EX Audio.


           John Clark
           [ jhclarkfl at ]


From: Richard Noel
Subject: RV-8 83097
Date sent: Mon, 9 Jun 2014

Dear Van's people,

This is to inform you that RV-8 83097 did it's first flight on June 7. Flies great, strait and easy.

Thank you again for making this wonderfull kit available.

           Richard Noël
           Quebec, Canada
           [ richardnoel at ]


From: Allan ‘Sam’ Jespersen
Subject: RV-12 First Flight
Date Sent: June 8, 2014

RV-12 (#120347) N419AJ – flew for the first time on June 3, 2014 at TVY – Tooele Valley Airport, Tooele, UT. It was a clear evening, light winds and just the right time to fly. First time builder, 4+ years to build, 30 minutes to develop the RV grin.


           Allan ‘Sam’ Jespersen
           [ sjespers at ]


Date sent: Sat, 7 Jun 2014
From: Colin Crittenden
Subject: first flight VH-YXC serial # 72306

Bit long winded getting this one in. RV7 VH-YXC took to the sky on 1st November 2013. Standard kit purchased still in the boxes from another builder who ran out of time. The build took 14 months and about 1000hrs, paint by myself, assistance by my wife Yvonne and bucking bar man Ben Kinsela thanks to both for assistance.

This is my fifth RV previously having built an RV-6, two 7A's and a 7. superior O360 with fixed pitch prop. 2 x 7" dynon skyviews, trio autopilot, garmin SL40, PAR100EX radio - audio panel. 10" ipad. I made and fitted a centre consol with throttle quadrant, works really well and is very comfortable to operate.

Thanks to Vans for a well designed and great kit.


           Colin Crittenden
           Hervey Bay
          Queensland, Australia
          [ ycritter at ]


Date sent: Fri, 6 Jun 2014
From: Rick Carr
Subject: RV-7 Completion

RV-7 kit 73504 became an airplane on April 26th 2014 after 3 years of construction.

Thank you Vans Aircraft for the kit and excellent support on the "tech line". My questions were always answered very professionally with possible solutions or alternate work arounds.

The Van's community (builders and vendors) was also essential to the completion of the project. Started in April 2011, and airworthiness certificate awarded April 26, 2014. First flight May 7, 2014.

What an experience!!!


           Rick Carr
           [ wrcsongbird at ]


From: Wuorinen, William (STP)
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Wed, 4 Jun 2014

Hello Vans,

I am proud to report that my RV-7A, serial number 74094 was flown for the first time yesterday.

           William J Wuorinen
           Inver Grove MN
           [ william.wuorinen at ]


From: Daniel Rovey
Subject: RV-8 First Flight
Date sent: Tue, 3 Jun 2014

RV-8 N55AZ s/n 81827 first flight was May 23rd.
Superior O-360, Hartzell Constant Speed Prop.
Grove aluminum landing gear.


            Daniel Rovey
            Ryan Airfield
            Tucson, AZ
            [ daniel.rovey at ]


Date sent: Wed, 28 May 2014
From: Shawn Li
Subject: RV-7 N168LW first flight

After 3 years and 2 months, N168LW took its first flight on 5/27. The first flight lasted about 40 mins, everything worked well. The only tweak needed is the stall warner, it came alive too early. It's a great airplane, flies hand off after slight trimming. N168LW is a RV-7 (S/N 73916), with Lyco YIO-360-M1B and Hartzell C/S prop, dual Dynon Skyview displays.


           Shawn Li
           [shawnli2003 at ]


Subject: first flight
From: James Rore
Date sent: Sun, 25 May 2014

N116KR flew today,I am very pleased with the flying qualities. It sports a IO-540 from vans and a G-900 panel from Steinair. The Avionics need some work and calibration but airplane flys straight and true. All temps normal this is my third RV and second 10 and thats enough, building becomes a way of life.

Thanks to my understanding and helpful wife Laura, also I could not have completed the project without all the help and advice fromJoe and all the guys at Top Gun.


           James Rore
           [ pilotdds at ]


Date sent: Wed, 21 May 2014
Subject: N798HJ takes to the sky
From: John Trollinger

Kit 40923 flew yesterday for the first time. Here is a video of the second flight.

           John Trollinger
           [ john at ]


Date sent: Tue, 20 May 2014
Subject: first flight
From: Craig Knox

Our first flight of N903CM (R9A, serial #0003, built by Craig &Mark) was 10/23/13, almost 13years since the kit was ordered. It is now flying regularly with a long waiting list of passengers. Many comment on the funny sound of the engine as it is powered by a 200HP E6 Subaru driving a 3 Bladed Sensenich prop. Hope to transit the factory in June/July.


           Craig Knox and Mark Leckenby
           [ tlrcknox at ]


Subject: N24EV
From: Myron Nelson
Date sent: Mon, 19 May 2014

RV-10 N24EV first flew from KFFZ (Mesa AZ) on May 10th, 2014

IO540X by Barrett Precision Engines

Dynon SkyView with Approach Fast Stack

Air conditioning by AirFlow Systems

Seat covers by Fliteline Interiors


           Myron Nelson
           [ woxof at ]


Date sent: Wed, 14 May 2014
From: Harmon Lowman III
Subject: now flying N323HL


FYI my 9A flew today for the first time.

Thanks for all your help.

           Harmon Lowman III
           builder number 91128
          [ hlow3333 at ]


From: Richard Fisher
Subject: First Flight RV-3A
Date sent: Sun, 11 May 2014

First flight today for RV-3A, N23TX, kit 01122. I got the kit from a man named Guy Trammell. He had purchased the kit to build an RV-3 when a fellow offered to trade him his RV-3 for Guy's Swift. Said it was the best decision of his life. I digress, I bought the engine, prop and strobe lights from Guy to become my future RV-9 plane. The condition that Guy placed on me was I had to take the plane that the hanger had crushed as well. So, in picking up the broken airplane I got to know Guy pretty well...he told me to come to his house and surprised me with the RV-3 kit as a present. As I and my build buddy Terry Hice were driving back from Ohio to Huntsville Alabama I decided that I would build a RV-3 first since I had owned a family model airplane (Beech Bonanza) and after learning the ropes I could always get another RV kit. After the first flight today I think I am happy with my choice and may not get around to building another anytime soon....very happy and impressed. Heck of a time slowing it down for landing...just did not want to help.


           Richard Fisher
           [ fisherrk at ]


From: William Shook
Subject: RV-8 first flight
Date sent: Wed, 7 May 2014

Hello Van's,

21 months after buying a project in quick build stage from another builder, on March 14th 2014, RV-8 project 81417 took to the skies above Rocky Mountain Metro in Denver Colorado. In the 7 weeks since then, I have completed phase one and can report no heavy wing and no rudder trim needed.

There are many people that helped along the way and I owe a dept to all of them. In particular though, there are three people without whom this day would have been much delayed or never at all. Scott Taylor (RV-8 build in process) whose help and heckling during the build was absolutely selfless, constant and much appreciated. Scott and his 12 thousand hours of flight time also keeps my Ready, Fire, Aim tendency in check when airborne. :-) Jim Gray (RV-8 Flying) who donates his time and advice like they are in endless supply and whose gorgeous plane is always available for me to pattern mine after. Jim is also Flight Lead of the Renegades formation team and a constant source of much needed advice. And last but not least, Ryan Bendure (Rocket Flying) my all things aircraft guru who keeps me from building anything dangerous....a task that is far too demanding of his time. Thank you gentlemen! Special thanks to Scott Taylor, Jim Gray, Sean Thomas(RV-7 building) and Bob Markert (RV-8 building) as my first flight ground crew and videographers as well. Bob also owns the gorgeous hangar I've had the pleasure of finishing up in.

First Flight was 1.2hr with the majority of that wide open for engine break in. CHT's never crested 325 and oil temp stayed at 182 thanks to the cold Denver morning. Engine is an angle valve built by Ryan Bendure and I, 10:1

Van, you changed my life. It was good's better now. Thank you for such an amazing plane!


           William Shook
           [ william at ]


From: Robert Cutter
Subject: N516RC #72779 first flight!!!!
Date sent: Wed, 7 May 2014

N516RC, #72779, RV-7, TW, Slider, flew for the first time at about 8pm on Saturday, May 3, 2014. After 7-3/4 years of building by my wife (aka Moonpie) and me (aka RVRC), Moonpie II took air beneath her wings over KCUB. As dark was rapidly approaching, I only flew for 0.2 hr. The Y0-360-A1A and blended airfoil Hartzell prop had it leap into the air almost before I was ready. WOW what a thrill! The landing was fine, straight forward, no problems.

There are so many people to thank for assistance in building this plane. First would have to be my wife. She has bucked 99% of the rivets and did 99.9% of the fiberglass work. This has definitely been a joint project. Ken (Lurch) Harrill (RV-6) was my tech councilor and backed up by James (Chatterbox) Clark (RV-6, 6A, 8). James also flew chase on my first flight. Ken was Mission Controller. Other RV people involved were Tom and Don Roberts, Mike Hoover, Scott McElroy, Eduardo Irizarry, Mac Burton, Steve Richardson, Clark Schadle, Melinda Harrill, Bill and Carol Deane, Rick Morris and DAR Vic Syracuse. Many thanks to every one of you. Also thanks to some non-RVers, Jack, Ron and many others from EAA Chapter 242.

Thanks to everyone at Advanced Flight System for a wonderful product and support, Stein and crew at SteinAir. Are you happy Stein? I’m broke! :-) Cleaveland Aircraft Tool, Avery Tools, Vertical Power, Aircraft Spruce, Classic Aero Designs for a great interior and of course Van’s Aircraft for a great airplane!


           Robert Cutter
           [ robertcutter at ]


From: Andrew M. Turner
Subject: N784JC
Date: Wed, 7 May 2014

I am writing to report that you can add another RV-10 to your list of completions. N784JC took flight from Clarion, Pennsylvania, on May 6 and performed even better than expected. It flew straight, hands off, and the only squawk was a small seep of oil from the engine.

One of the wonderful aspects of experimental aviation is the opportunity to shape an airplane that reflects our own priorities and tastes, and to that end, my RV is simple and light, but built with attention to detail. Empty weight, including oil and interior but unpainted, is 1563 lbs, powerplant is the usual IO-540 / Hartzell combo, and avionics are built around a Garmin G3X system. Construction time was 6-1/2 years of chipping away on a slow-build kit. Mike Seager provided valuable transition training and Wayne Gillispie was my go-to person when I had questions. Vans staff provided valuable support on the few occasions that something didn’t line up right. Building this airplane was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I thank Van’s for providing us with such an opportunity.

I began construction the year before my twin sons were born, so they have been raised with an airplane in the garage. The boys spent many evenings in the shop with me, building their own little projects alongside the airplane or sitting in the seats, flying to destinations in their imaginations. Our family enjoys long-cross country explorations by airplane, and we have crisscrossed the continent a number of times in our old Skyhawk.
The RV-10 will allow us to fly to distant locations with relative ease, and leave us with more time for exploring when we get there!

My Web Page

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           Andy Turner
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Subject: First flight RV-7
From: Bill Sallee
Date sent: Tue, 6 May 2014

N381WS made its first fight on 5/6/14. She flew for one hour with no squaks. What a great airplane!

She's powered by O375 aerosport power, whirlwind 74RV prop, day, night vfr panel, duel g3x, auto pilot, serial#73800.


           Bill Sallee,
           Sylvania, Ohio
           [ billsallee33 at ]


From: Roger Heisdorffer
Subject: Finally got the paint done..
Date sent: Sun, 4 May 2014

RV-9A, Serial 90502, N942P, first flew in Dec. 2013. Finally got the paint done..

Panel has two Skyview screens with Dynon’s com, intercom, transponder, auto pilot, and ADSB.


           Roger Heisdorffer
           [rogerkwh at ]


From: Tom Callender
Subject: RV-9 1st flight
Date sent: Wed, 30 Apr 2014

Van's team,

Pleased to report successful first flight Dec 17th 2013 of RV-9 N793TJ at Sugar Valley airport 5NC2, Mocksville NC. Performance as expected, except little heavy left wing. Pictures taken by Deborah Leighton. Good job, thanks.

Engine is ECi OX-320-B4 kit, assembled by Lester, Bob, Louie and myself. Big thanks guys and to everyone who helped complete the project. Engine equipped w/one Slick, and one E-mag . Prop is wood/carbon fiber 68 x 76 by Prince Aircraft Co. Panel has some round gauges and Dynon D180 EFIS/EMS. Trio EZ Pilot and Trio Altitude control. IC-A210 radio and Bendix-King transponder. Empty weight painted is 1025 lbs.

Thanks to Van's for a well designed kit that makes a beautiful airplane.


          Tom Callender
          [ tcallender at ]


From: The Maker Technician
Date sent: Mon, 28 Apr 2014
Subject: First flight Vans RV-6


I would just like to report that Vans RV-6 # 21429 has completed its first flight on Friday 25/04/2014.

I have been building this RV-6 for just over 2 years after purchasing the kit from another builder.

Perth, Western Australia (Bindoon airfield)
AJ Wessels
o-320 E2D (160HP) with fixed sensenich 79 prop
MGL avionics EFIS, radio, transponder
2 axis auto pilot
Aviator interior

Complete RV-7 tail feathers.

Video of the first flight

Thanks for such a wonderful kit, she performs just as advertised.


           AJ Wessels
          [ technician at ]


Subject: RV-10 N814PD 1st Flight
From: Pete
Date sent: Tue, 22 Apr 2014

On Sunday, April 13th, 2014, N814PD took the skies above KRYY on its maiden voyage, flown by Pete Dillard.
Many thanks to Brian Unrein, Chris Sands, DAR Vic Syracuse, Keith Ward, and many others who made this project become a real flying RV-10. Words cannot express the thrill and excitement of making this 1st flight a reality.

N814PD is an incredibly capable airplane, and I look forward to many years of family fun.


          RV grins to all,
          Pete Dillard
          RV-10 N814PD
          Phase1 4.8hrs
          [ dillardpete at ]


From: Sunit Wahi
Subject: First Flight D-ESVM, RV-9A
Date sent: Sun, 20 Apr 2014

Dear Vans Team,

Herewith, we are reporting the successful first flight of our RV-9A that was accomplished on 19/04.

After the first flight was done by the test pilot Rolf, who is a professional flight inspector, the two of us (the builders: father Vinod & son Sunit) lifted her up and got airborne.

Thanks to all the supporters, first our family and of course the fantastic global Vans Society! This has been a long project for us (8 years, 24 days) and a fantastic one as well, father and son building the plane.

RV-9A, tip-up, EFIS/EMS, Autopilot, based in EDHS (Stade, next to Hamburg, Germany).


          Blue Skies….
          Vinod & Sunit
          [ Sunit.Wahi at ]


From: Randy Pflanzer
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Fri, 18 Apr 2014

Just a quick note to let you know that my RV-12, N417E, serial number 120711, made its first flight yesterday April 17, 2014. Veteran RV builder and friend of Dick and Jerry, Jim Winings, was at the controls. Heavy left wing and need for right rudder trim were the only issues noted.

I flew it for the first time this morning. Again, everything was great.

Thank you for a wonderful airplane. I am really looking forward to getting around the country in this now that I am retired.

           Blue Skies,
           Randy Pflanzer
           Martinsville, IN.
           [ pilot at ]


Date sent: Tue, 15 Apr 2014
Subject: RV-10 2014 N824E First Flight
From: Bill Thomasson

RV-10 with standard engine/prop. Aerosport panel and overhead console. 1 Mag, 1 Lightspeed ignition. G3X, GTN 650, VP-X and Approch FastStack for wiring.

All slow built kits. Did all the building, wiring and paint myself. About 50 hrs of helpers, and 2350hr for the build 450hr for the paint. Build took 3 years 1 month and 16 days.

First flight on March 30, 2 weeks after moving to airport. Plane flew great! Now have 3.4 hr and hope to accelerate flight testing this month.


           Bill Thomasson
           Suwanee Ga.
           [ bill at ]


From: Stanley M.Ruggles
Subject: First Flight N9MV, Cortez Colorado
Date sent: Tue, 15 Apr 2014

RV-12 - N9MV flew first time Saturday, 4-12-14 at CEZ, Cortez Colorado, #120308. Its ELSA with all options. First time builders Johnny Warren and Marty Ruggles, worked 4 years to complete.

Would like to thank all of the Vans staff, Dwight Chamberlin for talking us into the Vans aircraft and loaning us tools and help, also thanks to Jeff Buchanan, pilot on first flight and will be doing phase 1 testing. Jeff said the left wings heavy and needs right rudder shim. We are happy! Also thanks to Mitch Kidd for the beautiful paint. Lots of grins at CEZ last Saturday.


           Stanley M.Ruggles
           [Stanley.Ruggles at ]


From: Kurt Wooten
Subject: RV-9A First Flight Report
Date sent: Tue, 15 Apr 2014


I'm pleased to report that my RV-9A, N425KW (kit number 91970), successfully and safely made its first flight today.

I'm still processing the fact that I flew an airplane I built in my garage. It still seems surreal.

Thanks for a great design and a great kit. I look forward to many thousands of hours in the air and many fabulous destinations with my wife, who can't wait for me to fly off the Phase I hours.

            Kurt Wooten
           [krw5927 at ]


From: Wayne Pedersen
Subject: First flight C-GOOH
Date sent: Tue, 15 Apr 2014

RV-10 C-GOOH put its nose into the wind and roared off into the sky for the 1st time Friday April 11th. IO-540, 2 blade Hartzell prop, Aerotronics G3X & GTN 750 glass panel, Dual Lightspeed ignitions & a Flightline interior made this a complete aircraft.

Only thing left is the paint, but I figure that I’m going to fly it for a while then let the painter remove the bugs :-)

BIG thanks to Doug & Susan Murray for their great work &assistance. Now the hard choice will be….fly
my -10 or the -7 eh?

Keep building, its worth it !


          Wayne Pedersen
          Rocky Mountain House, AB
          [waynepedersen4 at ]


From: Dawie Van Staden
Subject: ZU-ISC Kit73761
Date sent: Fri, 11 Apr 2014

ZU-ISC RV-7A Kit#: 73761 Flew it’s maiden flight on 1 Feb 2014 at Kitty-Hawk South-Africa
The RV-7A has a 180HP Superior IO-360 fitted with Dual Plasma III elctronic ignition and a Hartzell prop.
Avionics consist of MGL iEfis Explorer and V6 radio. Transponder is a Becker Mode S. MGL auto-pilot is also fitted.

She flies like all RV’s ! Beautiful !!!

This was my second built! Aircraft is owned and operated by my Brother in Law, Francois Vetter.


          Regards Dawie Van Staden
          Centurion, South-Africa
         [ dawie1970 at ]


Date sent: Thu, 10 Apr 2014
Subject: N184RM 2013 RV-8
From: Chris Michael

N184RM RV-8 81124
First Flight June 12 2013 1.5 hrs greatest hour and a half ever
Showplanes cowling, Grove gear
Lycon IO-360 roller technology, Hartzell C/S, superior cold air induction, Electroair ignition
Dynon Flightdek 180, Dynon autopilot, Dynon heated pitot and AOA, Garmin 300XL GPS/Com, Garmin 796
This aircraft is a pilots dream. Aircraft has about 60 hours on it now and plans for the paint shop are being made. Best decision I ever made.


           Chris Michael
           [ n184rm at ]


Subject: RV-7 first flight April 6th, 2014
From: Robert Cox
Date sent: Tue, 8 Apr 2014

N109bj, IO360 from Lycon, Vasalia, CA, MT three blade prop, James cowl with plenum, extended range fuel tanks, Stein Air Garmin glass panel, Classic Aero interior.

Three and half years of building and she flies great! Thanks for all of the mentoring and help Chuck Brietigam!


           Bob Cox
           [robertcox11 at ]


From: Jean Pierre HUCHET
Subject: First flight RV7 F-PJPH
Date sent: Sun, 6 Apr 2014

Hi team Van’s

April 02th 2014 RV-7 F-PJPH
IO-360 M1B Propeller 3 blade VALEX
Double Dynon Skyview 1000
Vertical Power Pro
Classic Aero interior

I made my first flight in my completed RV-7, after 6 years of building kit number 73145, it was a perfect day. Some perform 3000ft, 175kts / 2450Rpm in descend 200ft by minute, the duration of this flight 50 minute.

You can see on the photo, my wife, kids and friends. Thankfully I have a wonderful wife and kids that supported the project throughout.

Thanks to Van's for a fantastic design and support!


          Jean Pierre HUCHET
          [ jean-pierre.huchet at ]


Date sent: Thu, 03 Apr 2014
From: Chuck Brietigam
Subject: N58WJ

Today at the Caldwell Industrial Airport, Caldwell, Idaho, Don Suggs flew his "snail" built RV-6 for the first time.

The RV-6 plans and kit (kit number 21739) were purchased in 1991 but due a a myriad of challenges along life's way, the build process encountered several set backs. But, tenacity prevailed, and the red, white and blue Six was airborne after twenty-three years of construction. This is probably not the longest build time to date, but I would imagine it's close to it!!

Powered by a Lycoming O-360 and Hartzell constant speed propeller N58WJ performed just like all the other
RV---very nicely.

Thank you Mr. Van!!!

For Don, Chuck Brietigam
[ ctbrietigam at ]

From: Don Suggs
Date sent: Mon, 7 Apr 2014

A huge thanks to fellow rv owners. Darrell Kubik and Chuck Brietigam. Without their encouragement and assistance this airplane would still be unfinished and collecting dust.


         Don Suggs
         [ dsuggs at ]


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