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None of us are born knowing how to build an airplane. There are a number of ways to learn. Most builders buy the kit and dive in, knowing that, if they make a mistake, ordering replacement parts is quick and relatively cheap. For those who prefer a more formal introduction, builders classes are offered in several locations around the USA.

Classes are usually quite small, no more than eight or ten people. This allows an abundance of individual attention and instruction.

A typical class may last two or three days. After the initial introductions and donuts (why did you decide to do this highly intimidating thing?), the first short sessions are usually spent describing and explaining the basic tools involved in building a metal airplane. Rivet guns, dimple dies, rivet squeezers, deburring tools and drills are fondled, explained and demonstrated.

The next session usually involves a small, basic project designed to introduce the fundamentals of handling aluminum. Parts are measured, drilled and deburred. When these parts are fully prepared, they can be riveted together. About this time, the students begin to realize that the operation they worried about the most (usually riveting) is actually the easiest, but operations they never considered (all the preparation work) take more time and effort than they’d imagined.

After a few more small projects, each emphasizing some specific operation, the final day is spent building the "graduation project." This is more involved and brings together all the new skills acquired in the last two or three days. A typical last day effort might be a section of control surface, where skins, stiffeners, ribs and spars are all prepared, fitted, drilled and riveted.

The end of each day is usually spent in a question and answer period with wide ranging discussions of everything from specific building topics to company history.

While formal instruction is certainly not necessary to the successful completion of an RV, it can certainly get the builder off to a faster, more confident start. The best comment an instructor can receive as the class departs is "I can do this!"

Construction Classes are offered in the United States as well as other countries.

United States


Provider: EAA SportAir
Location: Corona
Phone number: 800.967.5746


Provider: Grov-Air, Inc.
Location: Watkins,CO
Phone number: 317.919.6594


Provider: W&C Aircraft Works
Location: Boone Municipal Airport (BNW)
Phone number: 515.432.2749


Provider: EAA SportAir
Location: Frederick
Phone number: 800.967.5746

Ohio/ West Virginia

Provider: Ohio Valley RVators Builder Assistance
Location: Mid Ohio Valley Airport (PKB)
Phone number: 740.350.5188


Provider: Synergy Air
Location: Eugene
Phone number: 541.603.8175
Class Dates: posted on web site
website :


Provider: Mix Aircraft Solutions llc
Location: Mulino
Contact: Tim Mix
Phone number: 541.399.2731
website :


Provider: Bend Builder's Assist and Maintenance
Location: 63032 Powell Butte Hwy Bend, OR 97701
Contact: Mike Robertson
Phone number: 509-998-1793


Provider: Jay Pratt's RV Central
Location: Hicks Airfield
Phone number: 817.439.1220


Provider: Axsys Air
Location: North of Seattle at Lake Stevens, Washington
Phone number: 800.260.6054 or 360.243.4220


Provider: EAA SportAir
Location: Oshkosh
Phone number: 800.967.5746

* Other Non-RV specific EAA SportAir workshops are also available.
Please see their web site for more information.


Other Countries


Provider: Sport Aircraft Association of Australia
Location: Narromine, New South Wales
Phone number: (61) 2 6889 7777


Provider: DavideFlyer di Rosa Davide
Location:Palazzolo Vercellese (VC) 13040 Italia
Contact: Davide Rosa
Phone number:(39) 366 3388116


Provider: Aviecom
Location: Igualada, Spain
Contact: Joan Comas Garrigos
Phone number: (34) 628214444


Provider: Asociation Construction Amateur Aircraft
Location: Cambrils, Spain
Contact: Alfonso Hernández Garcia
Phone number: (34) 645 11 33 57

United Kingdom

Provider: Light Aircraft Association
Location: UK
Contact: David Dale
Phone number: (44) 1280 846 786

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