Van's Aircraft Total Performance RV Kit Planes

Builder Support

An extensive support network exists to help you with building your RV.

Van's Technical Support

Every RV builder has access to official technical support from Van's Aircraft. We do not charge an extra fee for this support, it is included with the cost of the kit.

Telephone Support: 503.678.6545
Van's Aircraft technical support hours are Monday thru Friday, 7:30-9:30 AM and 3:00-4:00 PM Pacific Time.When calling, please have your questions thought out and any applicable plan numbers readily available. This will help us support as many people as possible and keep your phone bill at a minimum.

E-mail Support:
Van's will answer technical support questions via our e-mail address. Please describe the problem and include any drawing reference numbers. Usually, most questions will be answered with 24 hours, often times quicker. Just make sure to give us a valid return e-mail address!

Builders Groups

We encourage you to check with those who are already building or flying RVs. RV builders often band together to provide each other assistance in building and flying their aircraft. There are currently about twenty builders groups world-wide. For more information, please visit the
Builders Groups page.

Other RV Builders

With more than 8000 people building and flying RV aircraft, it might surprise you how many might be near your area. Many an RV builder has been surprised to learn of an RV project under construction in his or her neighborhood.

Upon request, Van's Aircraft will provide you with the names of other RV builders near you. Simply provide us with a list of zip codes in and around your area, and we will send back a list of names and addresses. We encourage you to check with those in your area. Many friendships have developed around RV projects.

For those still considering an RV project, contacting a builder near you can be an excellent way to get a hands-on introduction to the building process.

Other Internet Sources

There are a variety of resources on the Internet helpful to the RV builder. Although these are spread somewhat randomly throughout the internet, we have collected links to some prominent sites. View our links.

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