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Seems like here at Van's, we're always a little behind the power curve when it comes to technology. We still form the flanges of our firewalls by hand using a 'lead stick' and we use 50yr old machines to form fuselage skins for our most modern Kits. It's part of what makes us successful. However, there comes a time when you must yield to the pressures of progress and technology. That time came in regards to our newsletter, the RVator. In first quarter of 2011, the contents of the RVator was moved to an electronic format only and will be hosted on a Van's Aircraft Facebook account. This allowed real time (or much closer to it) dissemination of important and interesting information from Van's. Our customers no longer wait two months between information updates!

Check out Van's on Facebook and see what's really new!

You can still download the 2008 through 2010 RVator issues FREE! Click here

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