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Info Pack / RV Story

Includes a Complete Brochure and USB Flash Drive


Van’s Info Pack/USB Flash Drive includes a complete brochure and "The RV Story". The brochure contains extensive performance and specification charts, a corporate history and many photos taken during the construction of various RVs. Updated inserts including kit order forms, information about classes, insurance availability, engine and prop order forms and more are included. All models are covered.

"The RV Story" on USB Flash Drive covers the capabilities of the various models. Some are pretty impressive! It also illustrates design theory and construction technique. Many builders have played the "RV Story" many times, just for the inspirational value, and they’ve ordered a second copy before their airplane flies!

The USB Flash Drive may be ordered with the Info Pack, or individually.

Shipping and Crating charges do not apply to Info Packs or Info Pack/USB Flash Drive combinations when you select "Domestic: Regular" or "International Mail" listed under USPS (United States Postal Service) shipping.

There is an additional shipping charge if you select expedited or other types of UPS, Fed Ex, etc.

You must select a specific means of shipping in order for Van's to process your order.

Some information is also available online. Click on Aircraft(link above) and choose The aircraft you would like more information on.

The RV Story is also available in the Downloads Section.

Ordering Information

INFO PACK W/FDInfo Pack with RV Story USB Flash Drive In USA$16.00
INFO PACK W/FD INTLInfo Pack with RV Story USB Flash Drive Outside USA$22.00
INFO PACK (DOMESTIC)Info Pack Only In USA$8.00
INFO PACK (INTN'L)Info Pack Only Outside USA$11.00
FD RV STORY DOMESTICRV Story USB Flash Drive Only In USA$10.00
FD RV STORY INTLRV Story USB Flash Drive Only Outside USA$13.00

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