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Hartzell Constant Speed Propellers

New Constant-Speed Propellers


Van's Aircraft has an OEM agreement with the Hartzell Propeller Company which enables us to offer brand new constant-speed propellers for RV aircraft at very attractive prices. This agreement requires that propellers purchased from Van's be used in RVs.

These props weigh 50 to 55 lbs. They require a "constant-speed" cowl. Since mid 1994, this has been the standard cowl shipped with all kits. These props go to a flat pitch (take-off position) with no oil pressure and go to maximum pitch with maximum control pressure, which is supplied by an engine driven prop governor.

The C2YR hub propellers for the (I)O-360 engines are the newer "blended airfoil" aluminum blade design. The 74" blade diameter propellers are applicable to the "A" or tricycle gear aircraft except for the RV-8, while the 72" blade diameters are recommended for the tailwheel aircraft to ensure adaquate ground clearance.

A Hartzell three blade composite propeller is available for the RV-10. Must be bought with the polished aluminum spinner, as the Van's kit spinner will not work with a three blade propeller.

A 74" two blade composite propeller for the (I)O-360 180/200hp engines is also available. This prop has an extended hub for blade/cowl clearance, and therefore the kit spinner will not work. Builders who choose this prop must also use the appropriate Hartzell spinner.

We have no performance data to compare these composite propellers with the aluminum blended airfoil type.

No testing has been done that suggests any performance difference between the 72" and 74" propellers.

Please review propeller application restrictions on the Hartzell website.



If a new propeller and an Experimental Lycoming engine are ordered at the same time, Van's can offer a special "package" discount on the combination.

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Ordering Information

Compact hub Constant-speed prop for (I)O-320 72"
Part Number = PROP C2YL-1BF/F7663-4
Price = $7970.00
Compact hub Constant-speed prop for (I)O-360 (180/200hp) 74"
Part Number = PROP C2YR-1BFP/F7497
Price = $8035.00
Compact hub Constant-speed prop for (I)O-360 (180/200hp) 72"
Part Number = PROP C2YR-1BFP/F74972
Price = $8035.00
Compact hub Constant-speed prop for (I)O-540 (260hp) 80"
Part Number = PROP C2YR-1BFP/F8068D
Price = $8255.00
Three-blade Constant-speed prop for (I)O-540 (260hp) 78" dia
Part Number = PROP C3Y1R-1N/N7605C
Price = $18275.00
Spinner for three-blade PROP C3YR-1N/N7605
Part Number = SPINNER C-4582-P
Price = $1255.00
74 dia. Extended hub composite 2-blade. Use with (I)O-360 180/200 hp
Part Number = PROP G2YR/N7605W-2X
Price = $13095.00
Polished spinner. Required with G2YR/N7605W-2X composite 2-blade prop
Part Number = SPINNER D-4798-P
Price = $1345.00
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