Van's Aircraft Total Performance RV Kit Planes
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Nutplate is attached with 2ea rivets [3/32 (AD3)] or blind rivets.

Ordering Information

K1000-066-32Anchor Nut, Std size$0.45
K1000-088-32Anchor Nut, Std size$0.48
K1000-3AN3Anchor Nut, Std size$0.58
K1000-4AN4Anchor Nut, Std size$0.85
K1000-5AN5Anchor Nut, Std size$2.10
K1000-6AN6Anchor Nut, Std size$2.25
K1100-066-32Anchor Nut, Dimpled, Std size$0.64
K1100-088-32Anchor Nut, Dimpled, Std size$0.70
MK1000-428AN4Anchor Nut, Miniature$1.20
MS21051-L066-32Anchor Nut, One Leg, Std size$0.75
MS21051-L088-32Anchor Nut, One Leg, Std size$0.75
MS21051-L3AN3Anchor Nut, One Leg, Std size$0.80
MS21053-L088-32Anchor Nut, One Leg, Dimpled, Std size$0.90
MS21055-L088-32Anchor Nut, Corner Type, Std size$1.00

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