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Misc Fittings and Plastic Tube

Metal, Plastic and Rubber Hose Fittings


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F 1/4 PIPE PLUGSteel Plug1/4$0.50
F 1/8 PIPE PLUGSteel Plug1/8$0.40
F 1/8 PIPE PLUG BRASSBrass Plug1/8$0.88
F 63-PT3-25Brass Insert$0.66
F 69-F-04X02Brass Elbow1/4tube-1/8pipe$3.20
F F-60CBrass Ferrule1/8$0.28
F FERRULE 1/4"Brass Ferrule1/4$0.30
FLF-00008Push-in straight1/4 tube - 1/8 pipe$5.00
FLF-00007Push-in Elbow1/4 tube - 1/8 pipe$5.00
FLF-00004Push-in Tee1/4 tube - 1/4 tube - 1/8pipe$6.00
F PLASTIC TEEPlastic TeePitot static$0.80
PT 1/2ODX2 CLEARPlastic Tube1/2x2"$1.40
PT 1/4OD TUBEX10'Plastic Tube1/4x10'$4.40
PT 1/8 CLR X 5'Plastic Tube1/8 IDx5'$3.00
PT-035X1/4X4'Plastic Tube1/4 ODx4'$4.30
PT-035X1/4X9'Plastic Tube1/4 ODx9'$9.00
PT-062X1/4X9'Hi-Pressure Tube1/4 ODx9'$9.60
PT-062X1/4X15'Hi-Pressure Tube1/4 ODx15'$16.00

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