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Aluminum Tube & Copper Too

3003 Soft Aluminum Tube and 6061-T6 Rigid Tube


Soft tube for brake lines and fuel lines. Rigid tube for spacers & pushrods. Copper for primer lines.

Ordering Information

AT0-032X1/4X12'Soft AL1/412'$19.00
AT0-032X1/4X14' COILSoft AL1/414'$22.00
AT0-032X1/4X16' COILSoft AL1/416'$25.00
AT0-032X1/4X19'Soft AL1/419'$30.00
AT0-032X1/4X8'Soft AL1/48'$16.80
AT0-035X3/8X18Soft AL3/818"$4.80
AT0-035X3/8X24Soft AL3/824"$5.85
AT0-035X3/8X6'Soft AL3/86'$14.10
AT0-035X3/8X8'Soft AL3/88'$18.20
AT6-058X3/8X4Rigid AL3/84"$3.70
AT6-065X3/8X36Rigid AL3/836"$17.80
AT6-065X3/8X6'Rigid AL3/86'$33.50
AT6-058X5/16X4Rigid AL5/164"$4.00
AT6-058X5/16X9Rigid AL5/169"$4.50
AT6-058X5/16X18Rigid AL5/1618"$7.00
AT6-058X3/4X4'Rigid AL3/44'$24.00
AT6-058X3/4X6'Rigid AL3/46'$34.00
AT6-035X1 1/8X6'Rigid AL1 1/86'$30.00
AT6-035X1 1/2X83Rigid AL1 1/283"$43.20
CT0-125ODSoft Copper1/8As Ordered$1.75

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