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Aluminum Sheet

2024-T3 Sheet Aluminum by the Square Foot


Our 2024-T3 sheet aluminum has a plastic coating on both surfaces. Cut to your dimension. An additional $7.50 cutting charge will be applied to your order in addition to the cost of the aluminum sheet. Place your desired cut dimension in the notes area which is Step 5 of your final order.

The 2024-T3 sheet aluminum is priced per square foot. This page does not allow ordering quantities that are not whole numbers. As a workaround, please select the default value of 1 which equals (1sq.ft.), then change the quantity to the desired amount when your shopping cart is displayed.

Remember to click "recalculate" after changing a quantity in your cart!

Here's a brief example of ordering some 2024-T3 sheet aluminum. Ordering a piece of 2024-T3 with a thickness of.016 The size of the sheet is to be cut to: 2'6" X 3'6" which is: 2.5ft. X 3.5ft.= 8.75sq.ft.

1. Select the default value of 1 which equals (1sq.ft.), of " AS3-016 VV CUT"
2. Click "add item" which will take you to the shopping cart.
3. Change the quantity to the desired amount when your shopping cart is displayed to: "8.75".
4. Click recalculate.

The final order in your shopping cart after clicking recalculate should appear as:

Part Number AS3-016 VV CUT
Qty. 8.75

In the notes area of Step 5 of the final ordering process, place the message:

Cut AS3-016 to 2'6" X 3'6"

You may want to search elsewhere in the webstore to find a standard size sheet under AS3-XXXxY"xZ" as the least expensive alternative.

Ordering Information

AS3-016 VV CUT0.016"$4.70
AS3-020 VV CUT0.020"$5.55
AS3-025 VV CUT0.025"$6.05
AS3-032 VV CUT0.032"$7.53
AS3-040 VV CUT0.040"$8.30
AS3-063 VV CUT0.063"$12.25
AS3-125 VV CUT0.125"$23.60

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