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Aeroquip Hose and Fittings

Make Your Own Fuel and Oil Hoses


Van's is a supplier of Aeroquip hose and fittings. These components allow you to custom make quality hoses for your fuel system [3/8" hose]; your oil system [1/2" hose]; and pressure transducers and flex brake lines [1/4"]. These components are specified from -65F to +300F and operating pressures up to 1000psi. Instruction for fabrication of hoses included. Special mandrels or tools are not required.

To fabricate your hose, just order one fitting of the appropriate size for each end. The right angle fitting has about a 1" radius. Then order the desired length of hose. The hose can be cut to final size with a hacksaw or an abrasive disk like the type provided to cut the canopy. From there, just follow the instructions provided. The firesleeve only needs to be used on the 3/8" fuel lines. These hoses retain their flexibility over a long period. The liner is unaffected by alcohols, coolants and solvents commonly used in aerospace systems. Compatible with nearly all petroleum based oils, aviation gas, JP fuels, Skydrol, and synthetic based fluids. A stainless steel wire braid protects the hose from abrasion.


Hose tool greatly simplifies assembly of steel braided hoses. Fits -4 (1/4"),
-6 (3/8") and -8 (1/2") sizes.
Click here to view the Aeroquip Hose Tool in the Tool Section.

Ordering Information

F 816-4Straight Fitting1/4$28.00
F 816-6DStraight Fitting3/8$26.00
F 816-8DStraight Fitting1/2$30.00
F 8891-4Right Angle Fitting1/4$55.00
F 8891-6DRight Angle Fitting3/8$58.00
F 8891-8DRight Angle Fitting1/2$68.00
F AE102-11FiresleeveFor 3/8 & 1/2$10.65
F AE701-4Hose1/4$12.80
F AE701-6Hose3/8$13.00
F AE701-8Hose1/2$16.00

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