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(I)O-540 Magneto Booster System


Lycoming recommend that new (I)O-540 engines sold by Van's use the SlickSTART™ magneto booster system, which integrates solid state electronics with conventional ignition hardware to deliver optimum spark energy for improved engine starting under all operating conditions. SlickSTART™ delivers over 400% more spark energy during start than conventional impulse-coupled or retard breaker systems. This added energy enables the magnetos to fire partially fouled spark plugs, ignite less than optimum fuel mixtures, improve hot engine restarts, and improve starting performance during extreme cold weather operations. SlickSTART™ is also approved for use with Slick impulse-coupled magnetos to enhance engine starting performance. Must Be Used With Slick 4200, 6200, 4300, 6300 Series Magnetos.

Ordering Information

For New (I)O-540 ONLY
Part Number = EA SLICK START
Price = $820.00
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