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Gascolator Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for the GAS-1 and GAS-3, 4, 5


For years we have sold the GAS-1 gascolator. Although we have a better mousetrap now, we are still supporting the GAS-1 with replacement parts.

The GAS-3, 4 and 5 all use the same "O" ring gasket and screen.

Ordering Information

GAS-1 Bowl gasket
Part Number = GAS-1 GASKET
Price = $8.00
GAS-1 Bowl screen
Part Number = GAS-1 REPL SCREEN
Price = $5.00
O Ring Gasket GAS 3,4,5
Part Number = GAS-3-4-5 GASKET
Price = $1.00
Screen for GAS 3,4,5
Part Number = GAS-3 REPL SCREEN
Price = $2.50
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