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Electric Trim Components

Switches, Servo Motors, Servo Relay Deck, Wire


Ray Allen Company trim components have been used in RVs for many years. Electric trim requires the use of a small motor, a switch, interconnect wire and in some cases a special purpose relay and a speed controller to slow the response if desired. The servo motor is supplied with a switch which can be mounted on the panel, pushrod/clevis hardware, and an LED position indicator.
  • MSTS-6A Servo. Small, light and powerful. Used to drive trim tabs. 12v DC. 40 lb thrust, 0.95" stroke, 11 second travel for aileron.
  • MSTS-8A Servo. Small, light and powerful. Used to drive trim tabs. 12v DC. 40 lb thrust, 1.2" stroke, 18 second travel for elevator.
  • MSTS WIRE. Five conductor wire for installing servos and servo indicators. Twenty foot length.
  • MSTS-4-SW. 4-Way Switch for stick grips. Controls both elevator and aileron tabs. Switch comes with wooden MASTER GRIPS in our catalog. Requires relay deck.
  • MSTS-SRD (servo relay deck). One required for each axis of trim between the 4 way switch and the servo motor.
  • SERVO SPEED CONTROL. Allows builder to adjust trim servo speed.
  • ES MSTS POS-12. Position sensor used for flap position input to EFIS displays.
  • MK-111 RELAY/SPEED CONTROLLER. For use with Ray Alllen servos. Combines realy and speed control in one box. Reduces servo speed without reducing torque. Allows use of multiple trim switches, so you can install trim for both seats. 12v DC. One required per servo.

Ordering Information

0.95" stroke servo motor
Part Number = ES MSTS-6A
Price = $290.00
1.2" stroke servo motor
Part Number = ES MSTS-8A
Price = $305.00
Interconnect wire for servo [5 cond. X20']
Part Number = ES MSTS-WIRE
Price = $24.00
4 way trim switch-(Coolie Hat)
Part Number = ES MSTS-4-SW
Price = $80.00
Servo relay deck
Part Number = ES MSTS-SRD
Price = $46.00
Speed controller
Part Number = ES MSTS-SSC
Price = $47.00
Position Sensor for Flap
Part Number = ES MSTS POS-12
Price = $36.40
Combination speed controller and relay deck
Part Number = ES MK-111
Price = $68.00
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