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Aircraft Batteries


Concorde's recombinant gas design means superior charging and better cold starting performance than traditional gel cells. The battery dimensions are 7 1/2" length by 7 1/8" tall by 5" deep and with a weight of 23.5 lbs. Sealed lead-acid design will not leak.

The Odyssey battery has excellent cranking power (600 amps) in a small, light battery with dimensions 7 3/16" long by 6 1/2" tall by 2 7/8" deep and with a weight of 14.5 lbs. Dry cell technology means no leaks and longer shelf life.

These batteries are 12 volt. RVs do not typically use 24v batteries.

The ES PC680 INSTALL KIT below is included in Firewall Forward kits for the RV-6/7/9.
The RV-12 and RV-14/14A kits include parts to mount the PC680.
The RV-10 typically uses the 25RG battery.

Ordering Information

Concord 25RG-XC battery (23.5 LBS)
Part Number = ES 25RG-XC
Price = $280.00
Odyssey Battery (14.50 LBS)
Part Number = ES PC680
Price = $140.00
Installation Kit for Odyssey battery
Part Number = ES PC680 INSTALL KIT
Price = $50.00
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