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Van's Series Tachometer

2-1/4" Lighted, Uses Transducer


Range 0-3500 RPM. Green arc from 500-2700. Red line at 2700. Requires transducer. Installation in aircraft with vacuum system requires the tach with 12 inch extension cable. Works with all magneto systems, whether Bendix, Slick or any of the Electronic systems. Does not have an hour recorder function.

Available separately is hour meter activated by oil pressure switch, records engine time. System requires ordering both components (Meter and switch) separately. Optional oil pressure switch can be wired to run Hour Meter and illuminate a panel light if the oil pressure drops below 15 psi. Besides being a monitor should you lose oil pressure, this effectively works as a warning to turn the Master Switch off when the engine shuts down provided a large enough red light is mounted on the panel.

Ordering Information

Tach Gauge
Part Number = IE VTACH3500
Price = $45.00
Transducer for systems without vacuum pumps
Part Number = IE VTACHGEN 2
Price = $88.00
Transducer for systems with Vacuum Pump Equipped Engines
Part Number = IE VTACHGEN 12
Price = $90.00
Drive extension if you add a vacuum pump later
Part Number = IE VTACH EXT12
Price = $23.00
Replacement drive key for VTACHGEN 2
Part Number = IE 104152X2.625
Price = $11.50
Hour Meter
Part Number = IE R8864
Price = $21.00
Oil pressure switch for activating Hour Meter and light
Part Number = IE SPDT PRES-15 SW
Price = $35.00
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