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Van's Series Fuel Pressure Gauge

2-1/4" Lighted, Uses Transducer; Carb or Injected Available


Carb and fuel injection systems use different instruments. Carb gauge range 0-15 PSI. Red lines at 0.5 and 8. Green arc from 0.5-8. Injection gauge range 0-50 PSI. Red lines at 15 and 45. Green arc from 14-45. Both require transducer.

Ordering Information

Pressure Gauge For Carbureted Engines
Part Number = IE VFP15
Price = $37.00
Carbureted Transducer
Part Number = IE 411AB
Price = $40.00
Pressure Gauge For Injected Engines
Part Number = IE VFP50
Price = $37.00
Injected Transducer
Part Number = IE 411L
Price = $50.00
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