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Panel Mounted Com Transceiver


The Icom IC-A220 is a feature-packed panel mounted com transceiver. Includes a built-in voice activated two place intercom with independent volume and squelch controls, 14v or 28v operation, instant 121.5 emergency button, active/standby flip/flop frequency selection, powerful 8 watt transmitter, and NOAA Weather channels. The IC-A220 also allows you to listen to the standby frequency, and can interface to most GPS's so you can transfer frequencies directly from a GPS database into the radio. The OLED display offers many advantages in brightness, vividness, high contrast, wide viewing angle and response time compared to a conventional display. Auto dimmer function adjusts the display for optimum brightness at day or night. Can be programmed for 25 or 8.33khz frequency spacing.

Size (WxHxD): 6.3" x 1.34" x 10.67" (160x34x271 mm).

Weight: 2.2 lbs.

Ordering Information

Com Transceiver
Part Number = AV ICOM IC-A220
Price = $1250.00
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