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Firewall Recess Kits

Stainless Steel Recess in Firewalls for Filters/Governers


If you are installing a constant speed prop and your engine has an accessory case mounted governor (most do), you will need to put a recess in the firewall (except RV-8/8A). Necessary for most spin-on oil filters too. We suggest doing it during initial construction. These kits provide the stainless steel material and instructions for the job.

Ordering Information

Folded and ready to rivet box for insertion in RV-6/6A/7/7A/9/9A
Part Number = F-601K-1
Price = $38.00
Flat sheet of stainless steel for covering hole in firewall. RV-6/6A/7/7A/9/9A
Part Number = SS304-26GAX10X12
Price = $5.00
Flat sheet of stainless steel and pattern for RV-4
Part Number = SS304-4-26GA
Price = $5.00
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