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Manual Aileron Trim Kit

Trim Kits for Balancing Due to Fuel Burn and Loading


Kits are usually ordered with the fuselage kit, but are easily fitted to the finished aircraft. A real convenience for cross-country flying, trimming out uneven fuel burns, etc. Simple light springs connect to the aileron controls, unnoticeable through the stick. Installs entirely within the cabin. No need to remove wings or ailerons. Small lever mounts on the stick (RV-3,4), between the seats. The manual aileron trim mechanism on the RV-8/8A is a sidewall mounted adjustment to the left of the pilot's seat. It is a spring bias system that manually applies trim forces directly to the control column. RV-7/7A,9/9A is the same however, it mounts between the pilot and passenger's seats.
This kit is NOT intended to compensate for aircraft with rigging problems. See Chapter 15 of Construction Manual to balance aircraft prior to installing trim.

Ordering Information

Manual aileron trim for RV-3,4
Part Number = AIL-T43
Price = $16.00
Manual aileron trim for RV-6/6A
Part Number = AIL-T6
Price = $44.00
Manual aileron trim for RV-8/8A
Part Number = AIL-T8
Price = $60.00
Manual aileron trim for RV-7/7A,9/9A
Part Number = AIL-T79
Price = $46.00
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