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Shades provide 86% UVA and 86% thermal protection to reduce the harmful effects of the sun. Still provides visibility to see outside. Protect yourself and your aircraft.

Attaches with suction cups which allow easy repositioning. These screens can be left in place day or night, while your plane is parked or flying. Durable, flexible, and light weight fabric. Rolls for compact storage.

Full set (8 pieces) available for the RV-10 (includes 2 general purpose shields)

RV-8/8A overhead protection (4 pieces)

One piece general purpose shield (9"x16") for spot protection on any RV

Ordering Information

Sunshade 9"X16"
Part Number = CA SUNSHADE
Price = $30.00
Sunshade set of 4 pieces for RV-8/8A
Part Number = CA SUNSHADE 8/8A
Price = $110.00
Sunshade set of 8 pieces for RV-10
Part Number = CA SUNSHADE SET 10
Price = $225.00
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