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RV-14/14A Control Sticks with Grips

Plug and Play Tosten multi-function sticks


These left and right hand sticks with fitted Tosten grips include:
    Trigger switch for PTT
    Momentary toggle switch for flaps
    Momentary button switch for AP disconnect
    Hat type switch for two axis electric trim.

The grip may be adjusted to a personalized angle in the yaw axis by loosening the clamp screw. 12 pin microMolex connector is included to connect to fuselage wiring at the stick base.

These may be added to the RV-14/14A fuselage kit as an option, and the standard sticks deleted.

The WH-00074 control stick harness is available separately for those who wish to use a different grip, but want the wiring with the 12 pin connector (9 wires are prepopulated). Order two if you wish to wire both pilot and co-pilot sticks.

Ordering Information

Left Control Stick w/Grip-14
Part Number = CS-00008T-L
Price = $235.00
Right Control Stick w/Grip-14
Part Number = CS-00008T-R
Price = $235.00
Control Stick Harness
Part Number = WH-00074
Price = $35.00
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